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Habs put out the Flames

  • The Canadiens held on to win a wild game 5-4 at the Bell Center against the seldom seen Calgary Flames.

    The win proved the Canadiens can adapt and play any style competitively as they went toe to toe physically with the flames and responded time and again even after losing one of their tougher players to a concussion very early in the game.

    The Habs scored another shorthanded goal, three powerplay markers and killed off several questionable penalty calls to get the win.

    Aaron Downey is in hospital after getting creamed by Robyn Regher early in the game. The hit appeared clean although there is some debate whether or not Regehr left his feet and whether or not Downey even had the puck. There was no penalty called on the play, not even a 2 minute interference call. Downey is a great character player and we hope recovers fully and promptly.

    The Canadiens shelled the consensus best goalie in the league Mikka Kiprusoff. Or maybe last night he was Mikka Kiprusoft. 5 goals including 2 from Radek Bonk and Sheldon Souray.
    Bonk played his best game in Montreal and started it all with a beautiful simple deke to get a shorthanded goal early. Is there a now a chance he’ll get a shootout opportunity?

    Souray despite his defensive lapses proved why he’s still around, by unleashing bombs from the blueline on every powerplay. Converting for 2 goals and an assist while Kovalev did the same and scored the winner on a typical Kovalev ‘cut to the inside’ move.

    What about the depth? Higgins and Ryder didn’t score, but instead of floating around they filled other roles. Higgins has been dynamite whenever he’s been on and has anyone ever seen that much foot speed from Michal Ryder? Ryder was throwing his body around too and doing it effectively but maybe not as effectively as Mike Komisarek.

    Komisarek is quickly proving he’s ready to be a big player in this league. His hustle and energy are always more than whoever else is on the ice, and he sure got under Jarome Iginla’s skin. Iginla was totally ineffective for the rest of the game. Almost invisible.

    The one bright spot for the Flames was Matthew Lombardi who hails from Hudson just west of Montreal. He buried his chances and his two goals kept the Flames close all night.

    The Habs third line and Begin in particular were relentless and it wore down the Flames. When the third line is that effective it’ll be hard for the Canadiens to lose.

    Huet was questionable but was hung out to dry on a couple of the goals, he did keep it together at the frantic finish and he should settle down after getting his first win at home.

    How about Dion Phaneuf? He took several penalties as well as coughed up the first goal all while turtling when Rivet or Souray challenged him. Not impressed.

    Three Stars

    1. Radek Bonk
    2. Steve Begin
    3. Sheldon Souray

    Hopefully the Habs energy will continue to tonight for a very rare Original Six game in Chicago where they haven’t played since 2002. Chicago’s is much improved but don’t be surprised to see less than 8000 fans in the stands.

    Abeischer is fresh and will be between the pipes. Murray should dress in Downey’s position.

  1. Regehr skated from 30 feet out in a STRAIGHT line to elbow Downey…. charging? Interference? The refs were in a coma there. Good game for the Habs, but I felt that hit was intent to injure.Regehr should have gotten game misconduct for his check period.

  2. From what it sounds like, it is rather dirty. If anyone knows where i could see the clip then it would be eaier to decide!

    But from what i saw on the highlights (us UKers get little to no coverage :( ), the Habs looked pretty strong. Huet did give up some bad goals but lets not blame, at least we won. In the words of The Tragically Hip – ‘armed with win and determination and grace, too’ – sums it all up really!

    Loving the Kovalev goal as well, what a sweet move and shot, made me spill my precious tea! But i really hope Downey recovers soon cause he is, in my humble opinion, a key cog to the team, off and on the ice. We need more Downeys.

  3. I have to look at my Tivo replay again, but the damage from Regehr’s hit was all shoulder pad to the chops. The timing of the hit is arguable – I’m sure most Habs fan’s feel it was late, while Flames’ fans feel it was legit. However, whatever happened to calling penalties on head shots??? I remember last year Begin clocked some poor soul on the penguins – much less questinable a hit than Regehr’s – and he was given a penalty (maybe it was major + game) because there was contact to the head even though the hit wasn’t dirty. Perhaps Downey’s role had something to do with the no-call.

  4. The hit on Downey was at best questionable. I fully agree with your points, bauld.

    On the positive side, the Habs brought out their physical game when they needed it and won an exciting game… one they probably should have had in the bag sooner had it not been for a couple of very late moves accross by Huet.

    Hey Huey… where’s your “A”-game? Careful, you might lose the starting job that was yours to keep!! He’s still doing well, don’t get me wrong, but he looked weaker than expected last night.

  5. #5 PACTUM SERVA says:
    October 18, 2006 at 1:41 pm

    The more i see thae hit on downey the more i think it was a cheap shot.He had him lined up from aways back.Yes it was all shoulder but downey had chipped the puck up the boards and was hit a few seconds afterwards.What do you think the refs would have done if that was begin on iginla?I think its safe to say that we would have been going on the pk.Anyways good luck to our boys tonight and lets try and win this one by more than 1 goal i cant take the stress lol

  6. #6 Hendextall says:
    October 18, 2006 at 2:14 pm

    Come on guys, it was a perfectly clean hit. I seem to be one of the only Habs fans that seems to think that. The only thing that makes that hit questionable in my mind, is the interference penalty that was given to Koivu in the 3rd period. If that was an interference call, then Regehr should have gotten a penalty for interference. Otherwise I would have made the same call.

    But the hit was clean. There was no run at Downey, it was all shoulder. The only valid point to be made is for a hit to the head. You could make a really good case for a call there, but I haven’t really seen that called much in the NHL.

    I know it sucks that one of our guys is down, but had it been on anyone else on any other team I’m sure most of us would be arguing on how good a hit it was.

  7. #7 PACTUM SERVA says:
    October 18, 2006 at 2:45 pm

    Ya you have a point there

  8. #8 CH fan1 says:
    October 18, 2006 at 4:06 pm

    It was a dirty hit! It was obvious to everyone who saw it. first of all, it was high, and to the head. How can anyone call it clean, when IT’S TO THE HEAD? Also, Downey no longer had the puck, when he was hit. I think it was a charge! There should have been either a 5 minute penalty or, for sure game misconduct! Imagine if that happened to Iginla? the player would be given a penalty and suspended for a few games! SHAMEFUL! what kind of lousy referees do we have? It shouldn’t matter who the hit was on. What if Downey was seriously hurt as a result? does someone have to have a broken neck (ie. Moore, Bertuzzi incident) for officials to react? There is so much inconsistency amongst referees. PLEASE GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND CALL ALL PENALTIES THE SAME, NO MATTER WHO THE VICTIM IS !

  9. …wish i could see it :(

  10. HEY Hendextall do they call charging anymore…clean hit…whose side are you on!!!?? Think about it, glad you don’t ref for a living.

  11. #11 snake says:
    October 18, 2006 at 6:46 pm

    At the very least it was interference. No need for that hit it is not Game 7 of the Finals. Also Downey was just dumping the puck in he was not trying to break towards the net. Best part of the whole scenerio was how Souray went straight for Regehr. ANd who said Souray should be traded? Also Komi went straight for Iginla the next shift. I have never seen Iginla so scared. I like the guy but if you looked carefully i think he pissed in his jock.

  12. #12 Jack Tornton says:
    October 18, 2006 at 7:13 pm

    Why is everyone talking about this hit???

    Let’s talk about the victory! After all injury is a part of the game. What a sick goal by Kovalev..

    You guys know what this game reminded me? It reminded me of the exciting games we had last years(when Souray ws on fire) Man, this Bonk guy surprised me.

  13. #13 joshtm says:
    October 18, 2006 at 7:16 pm

    Ninima could have cost the game, the same with Koivu, what is with getting the stupid penalties?

    Huet sucked big time, you have Corey as a good backup, maybe it is time to consider trading the Huey for a solid defense/forward combo….just an idea.

    Definitely it was a contrast, Calgary with their offensive mind, and the Habs with lets just shuffle the puck towards the net and maybe gravity will force it in..hey Carbo, unfortunately the net is not at the bottom of a funnel, you’re gonna have to convince your snipers to finish the job of shooting and chasing the puck into the net…

  14. #14 PACTUM SERVA says:
    October 18, 2006 at 7:36 pm

    The niinama penalty should have never been called brutal call on the ref

  15. #15 t8ter says:
    October 18, 2006 at 9:25 pm

    Was a good fast game and a great win for the Habs as they get used to each other. Sometimes a big hit can change the flow of the game but not for the Habs!!! Didn’t miss a beat. Sure there were misfires, but there were some on both sides. GO HABS!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. #16 Jack Tornton says:
    October 18, 2006 at 10:44 pm

    That Chicago game is the worst one ive ever seen…NO excitement. Canadiesn aaren’t trying. They might be too tired after yesterday’s game.

  17. #17 CH fan1 says:
    October 18, 2006 at 11:10 pm

    Guess what guys? WE DON’T KNOW HOW TO STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX!We lost because: a) we didn’t skate, b) we have no defence c) we take double the amount of penalties as our opposition! I have noticed, that in every single game we have played, we are taking twice as many penalties as our opponent! You’re not going to score goals from the penalty box! Also, they are stupid penalties, which should be avoided. It shows a LACK OF DISCIPLINE ON OUR PART!And that is the coach’s fault! the coach must teach discipline. This is an ugly, bad habit on our part. Carbo must do something about it. We spent the whole 2nd period in the box. Not acceptable! Also, there was no offence from us tonight. We really looked dead. no scoring chances. Chicago was a team that could have been beat. Unfortunately, we gave away 2 points! Carbo needs to get a 2nd line going. He needs to put Latendresse on the 2nd line, and put Samsonov on the 3rd line. I see that Perrault and Nedved (both centers ) are available. Go get one of them, because Plekanec isn’t going to score;(no talent). We need more scoring from other lines. shake up the lines;it’s not working.

  18. Hey guys didn’t we pick up a guy named Samsonov during the off season?
    I don’t know I didn’t see him all game. Pathetic!

    If you want to be considered a contender you have to beat teams like crappy Chicago.
    For God’s sake man they only got 2 house hold names.

    Tonight’s game showed us that we are still far away from contending.
    Seriously Chicago? It’s going to be a long year, the worst is yet to come.

  19. But so is the best – and plenty more. One word describes that loss – Havlat. Shut up naysaying and get supporting.

  20. @ Steve,
    C’mon if your watching the same games I am you have to admit that they are BY FAR a much better team right now then they have been in the last 10 years!!!I agree that we HAVE to win against teams like CHIC (even if they are streeking)but 2 important things to remember…1) The habs fought a war the night before against Calgary in a game that almost lasted 3.5 hours and 2) THE OFFICIATING IN LAST NIGHTS’S GAME, WELL…JUST FUCKING SUCKED!!!!!! but chin up me lad THEIR BETTER THEAN YOUR GIVING THEM CREDIT FOR! GO HABS GO!

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