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Habs shutdown Flyers

  • The Canadiens won their 3rd straight home game against the visiting powerhouse Flyers in overtime.

    Mike Ribeiro tied the game up and put away the overtime winner into the top corner with a laser wrist shot.

    The Canadiens controlled the pace much of the game but got into penalty trouble often letting the Flyers back into it. How many Powerplay’s can you give the Flyers without them cashing in?

    With the Flyers leading Ribeiro sped in to collect a terrible rebound from goalie Robert Esche. Ribeiro 1 on 1 is quite skilled and he tucked it in by the far post. Is Robert Esche really an Olympic candidate for Team USA?

    The Habs managed to shut down Peter Forsberg and Simon Gagne effectively, Forsberg has yet to score this season.

    This marks the 3rd straight victory by a 1 goal margin. Anyone notice we are winning these 1 goal games? In past seasons we could never come out on top of the close battles dropping many 1 goal losses.

    Pierre Dagenais got a little breathing room by scoring the first goal for the Habs. Driving to the net he picked up another Esche rebound and slid her in. He then proceeded to warm the bench for much of the game. Claude Julien had no problems juggling his lines as players like Higgins and Dandenault were all over the place.

    Mike Komisarek dropped the gloves with giant Donald Brashear. Komisarek didn’t backdown and actually engaged Brashear after he got in his face. It was more of a wrestling match but was great to see Komisarek ready to go with a heavyweight.

    Note to TSN: When Jan Bulis gets a penalty, scores a goal, or does anything else warranting a graphic popup of his name and picture, stop showing a picture of Nicklas Sundstrom. Get it together.

    The Canadiens sit on top of the Eastern conference standings and are slated to take on the Ottawa Senators Thursday, Ottawa being one of the only teams to beat the Habs so far.

  1. #1 Jonhab33 says:
    October 26, 2005 at 2:57 pm

    I am so thrilled with the start of this season. I belive the Habs have the 4th toughest schedule in the NHL. That makes the start all the more sweeter. The one prevailing concern that I do have is the Habs inability to get the puck into the offensive zone during a power play. They try the dump and chance, but it is seldom effective. What do they have to do to become better in this area?

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