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Habs steal 3rd straight road win

  • The Habs stole their 3rd win tonight against the Leafs in Toronto. Stole is the operative word and this theft was only based on the horrid play by Canadiens goaltender Jose Theodore.

    Jose Theodore has been by far the worst player in the Habs lineup in this early season. Weak play in New York the other day and horrible goaltending tonight almost cost the Canadiens the game. Theodore looks totally confused and out of place. The new angles? Give me a break. The way he’s playing he’d have a hard time making the Peewee C team.

    The first goal was weak to say the least. However, when Tie Domi handcuffs you with a lame wrist shot – now you might wanna start worrying. The Habs are stronger this year and managed to come back only to have Theodore negate an icing call to handle the puck, and subsequently give it away with his poor puck handling skills. A short scrum later and the puck is in the back of the goal. 4-3 Leafs.

    Theodore did everything to cost us the game tonight and we prevailed. If this is the kind of goaltending $4.5 Million buys, we may be in trouble.

    On a brighter note, the Habs rookies continue to impress. Perezhogin was all over the ice, Higgins is playing hard. Plekanec on his rare shifts demonstrated composure as well. The man Michael Ryder also proved difficult for the leafs to handle.

    The Habs are off to the best start to a season since 1979, they hope to continue the streak at the home opener VS a tough Ottawa team on Tuesday.

  1. #1 deebach says:
    October 9, 2005 at 7:53 pm

    Right on. Theo needs to shape up or Lord Stanley won’t be in Montreal come June.

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