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Habs Stink up Saturday Night

  • What to say? The Habs put forth a brutal effort against one of the weakest teams in the league. The Capitals started quick and got a couple lucky bounces but the Canadiens skated around like a bunch of lost children. When they did manage to remember it was a hockey game, they missed open nets, hit posts or just couldn’t score despite 40+ shots.

    Mark Streit looked like he’d have a hard time keeping up in the ECHL. Ugly miscomunication with Danis leading to an atrocious goal. Mistake after mistake in his own end, and for an ‘offensive minded’ D-man his shot leaves a lot to be desired as does his play making. Danis himself didn’t play great but can’t be held solely responsible. It’s obvious Andrei Markov can’t have an off night as the Canadiens defence is lacking big time. What happend to Sheldon Souray? A totally different player than last we saw him. All Star selection go to his head? Personal problems? Either way we need to tighten up on D. Even on our win streak we’re just barely getting by.

    Scratching Komisarek for Mark Streit? C’mon.

    Ovechkin had a few strong plays and some speedy outburts but managed not to do too much harm.

    Just an ugly night and an ugly weekend. Write it off and come back strong for next game like a winning team does.

  1. Actually, Glenn Hanlon said that they didn’t need Ovechkin’s offense, so he concentrated on defense. Hanlon further stated that if they’d needed the offense, you’d have seen Ovechkin going all out to get a goal. We finally had a pretty game.

  2. I think julien is a little strange danis insted of theo. bullshit.i think they better fire him like cuz he better start making guud choices.and the habs d is shitty.the only person who playewd good last night was koivu.

  3. I thought last night’s game was Koivu’s worst of the season. I lost count of how many times he made the extra move or pass instead of taking the shot or driving the net like he usually does. I think it’s laughable that Koivu’s effort last night be considered good.

  4. On a funny note, Koivu’s brother scored 3 pts last night.

  5. #5 habfanfor28yrs says:
    November 20, 2005 at 10:43 pm

    i think julien did the right thing…danis shud get more experience and why not against the worst team….but either way guys…we still dont have an allrounded team….even theodore is not solid and he is definately over rated. He does not have what it takes to steal a game or a series. His saves are not very difficult. Until Bob Gainey realizes that Theo has to go, we will be an even greater contender. Another thing watch Souray shoot from the point. There is more open ice than sticks,skates and legs but his shot will manage to hit at least one of those. We need a better defence and it starts with better goaltending.

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