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Habs Stock on the Rise

  • Although the playoff loss is still a bitter taste in our mouths. The Canadiens succesful season has seen the team’s value increase. Montreal sold out every single home game this season and even more if you count further back to the post lockout season.

    The team posted a winning record and a 6 game playoff run. RDS is reporting that George Gillett’s investment in the Canadiens was a wise one with new estimates of the team being worth $300 Million dollars.

    Gillett purchased the team for $181 million and risked far less of his personal money ($50 million) to buy the Canadiens.

    With a new coaching staff in place, plenty of money floating around and a surplus of unrestricted free agents it should be a very interesting summer for the Canadiens.

  1. #1 J-Nic says:
    May 4, 2006 at 4:21 pm

    The team is Worth 300$ million if he sell it. But how much money he made really ? Did he make any ? There is also the money from the music councert and everything related to the habs. I mean, when you buy a T-Shirt with the Habs logo on it, there is royalty etc…

    He must have made some money I think.

    Hope we get some good player soon, to at least have the possiblity to bring back the stanley cup.

  2. I think there are a few changes to be made but not many…power forward?? And a more mobile defense for the power play. Lot of youth on this team that will improve.. Drop a some dead wood and we know whom they are, and you are going to see some results. This was a funny year…it seemed that the team gained confidence through goaltending. Under Gainey we are in for a very bright future.Oh and regards to making money isn’t it ironic that Gillett will have to pay so many million because other teams like the Caines couldn’t fill their seats.Part of the money sharing formula with the “NEW” NHL.

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