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Habs Trade Day

  • Will the Habs make a move? Will Souray remain a Hab? Is there a goaltender coming after Abeischer’s struggles?

    Post your trade day comments and analysis here.

  1. #1 stevieboy says:
    February 28, 2007 at 10:23 am

    Instead of making the team better with some deals, Bob has managed to ´trade down’. Always thinking about the future, some first round pick, might make a small difference in 5 years, bla bla.
    They are really just hoping to make the playoffs, get paid, and wait for next year. Any big deal would be considered to be a loss of money because anyways they will just barely make the playoffs (so they hope) and lose on the first round — with or without an added big name.
    Instead of building a team for 2012, why dont we clean the house a little bit and try to make a run at the cup next year for Christ’s sake!

  2. #2 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    February 28, 2007 at 11:20 am

    The only guys I liked were on the trade date were Seabrook, Guerin, and Smyth. Smyth and Guerin would have added some grit and leader ship for the young guys and Seabrook for depth and confidence on D. Maybe a Vet Goalie…

    Smyth: according to what NYI paid it probably would have cost us Mikhail Grabovski, Sergi Kostitsyn, and 1st rounder… a big cost to our future.

    Guerin: Cost to us comparitively (Johnson, Bonk or Lapierre), Young prospect like Ben Maxwell?, and 1st rounder.

    Seabrook: cost us alot… Young, cheap and talented but Does address our need for consistancy on Offense.

    When the first 2 guys went I was not looking for much movement and like smiler suggested we did not need to make a desparation deal which would cost us. Example Sammy and Nimmi…

    We have a young team with good positioning in this years draft this fact should not be lost in Bob’s decision. Lets see if this team can grow…

  3. JoshTm you r being a little dramatic. DC you are the ultimate fence sitter. These Habs had Carolina down and couldn’t (Cam Ward, Koivus’ eye) finish off the EVENTUAL CHAMPS. The reality of the “new NHL” is parity. Any team that makes the playoffs can go on a roll. Put teams with deep passion (Mon, Edm, Cal, and yes even the idiot Leafs) in a playoff atmosphere with their respective cities working themselves into a frenzy = anything can happen in the playoffs. What all of you seem to be missing is that HUET got hurt at a lousy time and Montreal HAD to do what Edm.did last year and grab a goalie to HOPE to ride on a crazy hot streak and play total team hockey. At all costs Abeicher should have been dumped for a pick and a descent D-man and a rent-a-goalie or/and a future anchor goalie. Would have been THE ONLY hope for this mediocre team with a lack of identity, confidence. Gainey didn’t pull it off I’m not going to jump off a $&^$ bridge. Price, Ryder, Higgins, Perez, Kost, Kommie, Chipchura, Grabovski, Plekanec, Streit, and more. Pl. don’t any of you say that there is no hope, Gainey only inherited this f%^%ing mess 2+ years ago. Last thought — Monteal has a confidence dilemna and a person close the org. says that the team is terrified to make mistakes because a certain coach goes into manical tirades. Trying not to point fingers, does anybody know anything about Carbos’ treatment of his players? Seems nobody gets along with him.
    Just Finish off the MAKE ME LAUGHS!!!

  4. I meant Abby dumped and in a SEPARATE deal(s) a new goalie for prospects/picks and a D-man for picks NOT all for Abby- he probably couldn’t fetch a Glen Healy rookie card! LOL

  5. Bob Gainey is a coward. He does not have the guts to stand up to the french media and the masses of fans who demand to make the playoffs every year regardless of wether it’s 8th place or not.

    This team’s veteran corps can’t get it done. If the Oilers can get a package like that for Ryan Smyth the Habs easily could have gotten something bigger for Souray. Abby and Bonk should have been peddeled and Kovalev should have been put on waivers.

    This team should be building for when Halak and Price are hitting their stride as proffesional goalies in 2-3-4 years(it takes a while for goalies to develop just like defenceman). They need big strong canadian kids, especially up the middle. Gainey is not doing that.

    I hope all of you who wanted to keep Souray enjoy your last 17 games watching him in a Habs uni. He’s gone July 1rst. And the Habs won’t get anything for him.

    Bob Gainey no longer has the stomach for this job. Unless he does something miracoulous at the draft I’ve lost all confidence in him.

  6. It would be interesting to see what the Habs were offered for Souray. Even if the Habs are able to resign Souray and Markhov this summer that will leave little or no money to sign anyone else, certainly not a free agent like Briere who would help their anaemic offence. We will be basically left with the same team that is presently struggling to make the play-offs. If either or both decide to leave we will have the money to sign someone, however, we could have had a couple of young guns or draft picks as well if a trade had been made.

  7. #7 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    February 28, 2007 at 1:09 pm

    I think last nights loss had something to do with stamina. They looked out of gas. I think it takes alot out of the team when they play the high intense games especially back to back nights. You can see this when you look at the penalties they took in their own offensive zone. Not an excuse, but more of an observation. They never play well after a good intense game.

  8. HABS PLAYED A TERRIFIC GAME. I just try to keep myslef from insulting people that don’t make unlike some people in this site, and it works perfectly I agin respect rather than be disliked.

    I just want to say Habs put in a great effort in yesterday’s game.


    1) They played their most physical game of the year against the leafs.

    (They finally acknowledge Habs’ fans were dying for a win against the leafs, and they accomplished their mission.)

    2) They arrived at 3 o’clock of the morning to New York. That basically means they did not sleep a minute before 3 a.m.

    3) Chris Higgins out because of flu


    SUM-UP: They were fatigued after playing their most physical game, and arriving at 3 a.m. to New York did not help them at all. Higgins was out of the line-up, and the coach probably had a hard time making up the line-ups.

    So… now the question comes at:

    1)Are we to blame the coach??????
    my answer: NO! (well he was tired too and after all he made up his lines and he does not have the power to control the team on the ice)

    2) Are we to blame the players????
    my answer: NO! ( except for Kostityn and Perexoghin)

    3) Are we to balme Bob Gainey?????
    my answer: NO! ( He got us a skilled and young d-man and a 1st round draft pick for Rivet who 90% of the bloggers believed was useless)

    Jack Tornton

  9. Yes, that is a good point. We are too hard on the habs. I guess compared to other teams, on some nights they shine, and like last night they show how lacklustre they have been. For us fans, the season has been a rollercoaster with lacklustre standing out more than the great games.

  10. #10 R habs 4 real says:
    February 28, 2007 at 3:27 pm

    I agree with HABS#1: If you read my posts on Monday night, following the habs win over the leafs, You’ll see that several times I stated my views on whether to keep Souray or trade him. I vehemently stated: TRADE HIM, TRADE HIM! It’s for the future of this franchise. In fact, Xhabsfan kept arguing with me, saying we should keep him,and I insisted that we must trade him for the good of this organization. We could have gotten: a player off the other team’s roster, 2 #1 picks and possibly more. Besides, even if we had traded him, he still could have resigned with us in the summer. People forget that.
    Alot of rentals like Guerin and Thacuk, are most likely going to resign in the summer, with their old teams. It’s like a gentleman’s agreement between player and management. Why didn’t Gainey ask permission from Souray to trade him for a couple of months, and to resign after?
    GAINEY doesn’t have the guts or the balls to do what’s necessary to improve this team , for the future. Edmonton’s Sather has guts. He traded away his captain, Smyth, the heart of the team, because he knew he probably couldn’t sign him, and LOOK AT ALL THE PICKS AND PLAYERS HE GOT IN RETURN! I give Sather full marks. That’s courage for the good of the organization.
    But Gainey is a WIMP, GUTLESS, and cares more about the short term than the long run.
    I looked at the habs schedule; it’s very tough. Chances of making the playoffs with the players they have, is not very good, almost impossible. And even if they barely squeeze in, what then? all that, only to be eliminated by the SABRES in 4 straight. And did Gainey really think that obtaining a career minor league goalie would put his team over the top? Does he think the fans are stupid, or so gullible?
    And for about 90% of the trades made yesterday, all the buyers had to give was usually a 2nd round pick! Don’t you think we could have managed that?
    And who’s to say, that we wouldn’t have resigned that rental player in the summer. Gainey chose the safe and cowardly way out.
    Keenan said on TSN yesterday, that some GM’s, (like Gainey), look at their roster all day, thinking everything is ok, and never make trades!
    That’s our Gainey. And if he’s satisfied with this team to make the playoffs, how come teams with more talent, and higher up in the standings, made significant changes to improve their team, while we stood pat? It makes no sense. Gainey said he didn’t want to disturb his young prospects. WHAT PROSPECTS? Price is the only good prospect we have, and gauging by the trades made, we wouldn’t have had to give up much to get a decent player!
    HUGE MISTAKE! HE WILL LIVE TO REGRET IT! ALL THE FANS WILL SUFFER AND SO WILL THIS FRANCHISE! Remember, he’s had all year to go get a 2nd line center.
    He didn’t do it. And now, he’s going to try and tease all the fans, by telling them he will get all the necessary pieces in the summer. But people, he couldn’t get any of the top names to sign last summer, so how is he magically
    going to do that this summer? It won’t happen! Players don’t want to come here. Do you know why? Because Gainey isn’t willing to commit to building a winner at all costs! There’s no commitment from management. After all, it’s been the same scenario for 15 years! We’ve seen this act before! It’s getting old, and we’re not going to wait another 15 years for this management to get off their asses and do something!

  11. Get serious. Time to face the facts. Who wants to come to Montreal? High personal income tax. High point of sale taxes. Media pressure. Extra pressure if you don’t speak French. Terrible state of the roads.
    Housing is no longer cheap.
    Up and down fans, just like a menstrual cycle…

    Nuff said

  12. #12 Joshtm says:
    February 28, 2007 at 4:57 pm

    Looks like we have the Laff trolls trying to convert us into believing that by parading old farts from retirement homes and showing black and white footage of the last stanley cup that the Laffs will be a cup contender.

    So how come with Toronto’s wonderful pluses you don’t have a cup? The most expensive team in the whole of the NHL and you can’t win a cup for all the money in the world? Talk about a true definition of LOSER!!!!

  13. Whether your team has money or not, it does no longer matter. There is salary cap. Other than that, LEAFS STILL SUCK.

    Let me tell you guys a joke I saw at, but I will convert it in my way.

    The creation of Canada
    One day about 3 billion years ago, God approached Jon of Arkansas and told him of a new country he created; Canada. God told Jon that every place would be balanced. Alberta would go through poverty at first before becoming one of the most fiscally sound provinces. British Columbia would have the best weather but lose the basketball team they loved dearly. In the Martimes, the people would lack huge wealth but be extremely nice and courteous.
    “And this province will be the most wonderful place in the country “God said, “It’s called Quebec. It will have the most popular city in the Country, with the most loyal hockey fans, plenty of entertainment, and a sound economy.
    “You said that it would be balanced,” exclaimed Jon “You haven’t made one thing bad about Ontario!”
    “Oh there will be, wait until you see the whiny, selfish bastards I’m putting West to them!”

  14. hey there. thought i’d let you know i made a quick reference to all these comments in midnightpoutine’s weekly blog roundup. there’s a couple of links to other MTL blogs talkin’ all things Habs too. check it out here:
    feel free to leave a comment, if you wish.

  15. #15 Joshtm says:
    February 28, 2007 at 7:17 pm

    Maybe Guy Carboneau is right, for him the habs are not supposed to be winners. Maybe we are cheering for the wrong Montreal Canadians. Surely not the one Guy Carboneau and Bob Gainey run, cause that one, they are happy with, you know, one that is not guaranteed to finish seventh, that may drop to tenth yet again…or even eleventh. Isn’t that what Gillett pays them to be? Mediocre?

    Anyone know where we can cheer for the other Montreal Canadians? You know the one with Champions?

  16. #16 stevieboy says:
    February 28, 2007 at 7:21 pm

    please keep the commen ts short, everybody had a long day and doesnt want to read 2 pages of opinion, just 1-4 lines of meaningful comments are ok.

  17. #17 Joshtm says:
    February 28, 2007 at 7:51 pm

    OUCH! OUCH! I don’t think Gainey and Carbo realized just how they have hurt all of us.

    Pico you are just vicious! Its not the media or fans fault! Carbo treats his players like Crap! Gainey doesn’t care! How can you blame the taxman and the media and most of all fans?

    It’s Gainey that brings this crap to Montreal. BLAME THE RIGHT PERSON FOOL!

  18. #18 Joshtm says:
    February 28, 2007 at 7:59 pm

    How come we didn’t watch Alexei Kovalev or Sakku Koivu crying as they leave Montreal? That would have been so nice, everyone getting all sentimental about how great Sakku was or Alexei was and how much of a mistake it was for Montreal to trade them away, but did we get that? NO!

    Instead we got to see Ryan Smythe crying today, how come he’s not coming to Montreal? SHAME ON YOU BOB GAINEY!!!!!

  19. #19 PACTUM SERVA says:
    February 28, 2007 at 8:17 pm

    I would agree with you on that one josh.Watch ryan smyth cry like that shows how much heart that guy has, something this team has lacked since muller played here.He would be on the top of my list to sign this summer just by watching him talk today

  20. #20 Joshtm says:
    February 28, 2007 at 9:05 pm

    Anyone know a good team I can cheer for? Since Gainey and Carbo don’t care, and cheering for the Habs is pointless, no one sings SHANAHANAA in Montreal no more. No we got those Oh Aye Oh Aye fagots running things. All they care about is watching the other teams winning, cause hey, the tax man, the media and the salary cap are all to hard for Bob Gainey, oh yes, and because you can’t rent a cheap apartment in Montreal. Ya right, as if a multimillionaire hockey player cares how much of a tax break they get, cause when you are that rich taxes just don’t seem to be an issue, so put that one to rest. Or how the media scares them away. Like the Montreal media holds scrums and is like paparazzi! As if.

    Nope, you are all a bunch of pathetic losers who make excuses for the biggest loser of all…Bob Gainey.

  21. If BG is such a loser, how come you’re not GM Josh?

  22. #22 Joshtm says:
    February 28, 2007 at 9:57 pm

    More like why is he still GM more like.

  23. #23 Don Carnage says:
    February 28, 2007 at 10:30 pm

    Because he has something you will never have thats a brain and a heart, the way you insult the man shows just how little self respect you have, to watch you rant like that just proves how much of a real world loser you are.

  24. c’mon, does anyone else except Montreal fans really think hockey is a major league sport? Bowling, anyone?

  25. Excuse me? Signing Samsonov, Ninnima, giving Rivet a raise, then trading him and paying it out? That is brains? Destroying Hockey in Hockeytown? That is Heart? That is not smart GM material and most of all very disrespectful to hockey fans you idiot! Don’t you realize you just put your foot in your mouth?

  26. Looks like one of the mental wards is giving free internet access to morons like Don Carnage…what they didn’t give you your pills yet Don?

  27. Just curious, are you guys making any mnoney on hockey? It seems that your life depends on a stupid sport nobody watches south of the border. So many insults for something not worthwhile…amazing. How old are you guys?

  28. Actually this would prob be a more civil site, with average internet griping if it were not for Mr. Josh up there. See, I totally get why every second post is yours josh, i really do. This is a site which does not require registration, nor does it give the ablity for the blog owner to ban you, so you are in your glee are you not?

    When a Troll finds a bridge thats not guarded, that troll makes his home. And from that day on That troll will make it horrible for everyone who may cross it.

    On behalf of everyone who reads this blog, you sir are ignorant, impolite, an just a genral Asshat.

    Oh, just so I dont have to respond to the enivitable ignorant response, no sir you are a loser.

  29. I see Don Carnage thinks he the self appoint guardian of Bob Gainey. Listen Don, your brown nosing just plain sucks. This team needs to trade, it needs better players. Plain and simple. Your crap and your stupid arguments don’t help any now. You are just a plain nasty puke who deserves what he gets. Live with it.

  30. Why Hockey sucks in the eyes of a former Montrealer
    1) Governed by an idiot who couldn’t cut it in the NBA
    2) The guru in charge of disciplinary actions is gay.
    3) Referreed by frustrated Canadians who are still angry they weren’t good enough to make it as a pro.
    4) Your star hockey commentator on National TV looks, acts, and sounds like Bozo the clown… embarassing!
    5) TV ratings were so low on NBC that USA Today organized a Nationwide contest to find the 3 Americans who watched it. Thier were each rewarded a copy of Sports Illustarted swim suit issue!
    6) OLN (!!??!!) dropped televising hockey because…1 of the 3 started watching porn instead.
    7) The 2 guys who actually still like hockey are now busy insulting each other on line. That caused FX to drop televising hockey too.

  31. Anyone who thinks Gainey is doing a great job signing Ninnima, Samsonov and putting up with Kovalev, seems pretty out of touch. While the rest of the world wonders and basically tells it like it is, that there is something wrong in Montreal, we have Guy Carboneau saying there isn’t.

    If you look at what other teams have to play with in salary, Montreal is one of the more wealthier teams, they seem to have rewarded mediocre players who wouldn’t make half a million and pays them through the nose.

    43million dollars? We can’t trade 43 million dollars worth of players? Anywhere else that is a buyers market. But no, Gainey has signed a bunch of losers no one wants. He is not repeating his great feat in Dallas. He has lost it.

    Stop fooling yourselves. Remember that on Thursday and hope that Kovalev decides to play for his keep. Or Jack Todd could say oh wait, Kovalev has a cold, that is why no other team wanted him at this stage because Kovalev has the sniffles. Talk about major denial.

  32. #32 habs phan says:
    March 1, 2007 at 1:13 am

    Heading to quebec city tomorrow to race in the crashed ice event in quebec city. pretty insane contest going on. representing for the habs. check me out!!! Kelowna BC. tricolore baby!!!

  33. #33 Disappointed HabsFan says:
    March 1, 2007 at 7:15 am

    They should have traded Gainey…Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I’m mad, nothing is happening, they’ve given up!!!!!!!!! Man oh man what is happening with this guy (Gainey that is)he sits there doing NOTHING!!!!! Should have at least try to get Biron and in the mean time get rid of Aebisher

    Anyway…very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. #34 Joshtm says:
    March 1, 2007 at 9:06 am

    Hey guys:

    I just wanted to apologize for my continual character assassination attempts of Bob Gainey. I was just thinking that it must be tough to perform in such a stressful job shortly after a personal family tragedy when you have crazed, lunatic fans constantly heckling you. I also apologize for turning so many of you against being Habs fans with my constant whining. I have been spending far too much time on this website since I got banned from the casino. I do realize that the Habs are still in a playoff position, and will try to keep my comments to just the facts in the future!

  35. #35 NO, Josh actually loves attention says:
    March 1, 2007 at 9:24 am

    Post # 228 is dead on the mark!

    Let’s go back to talking about something more fun like drinking JD in the cheap seats or how badly Colorado has done since acquiring Theo. This blog actually used to be sort of fun.

    It is not easy to just ignore it when of 235 posts probably 75% are from one deranged person .

  36. #36 smiler2729 says:
    March 1, 2007 at 9:38 am



    I like this team, I like the coach, I’m very pleased with the GM and I can see the Big Picture. I’m 42, I love hockey, I play hockey, in fact I’d rather play hockey (or any sport for that matter) than watch it on TV. I backstopped our team to a Tournament Championship on the weekend and couldn’t watch any hockey last weekend and it doesn’t bother me in the bit but some of you need to get a life, get out of the house, kiss a girl, I mean, it’s fun to be a fan of your favourite hockey team (the Habs) but this constant bashing of everything Montreal Canadiens is so pointless,tiresome and repetitive! If you hate the Habs go start rooting for another more ‘successful’ NHL team.

    The fact that Montreal did nothing on Trade Deadline Day is no big deal, it’s not the end of the world. I like the team we have but I just wish they could play better, don’t we all? I like Sheldon Souray and didn’t want him traded and yes, I have every expectation he will return next season. I also like Sergei Samsonov and cheer for him to break out of his pressure-induced funk. I also like Michael Leighton, as a goalie, I’ve read up on him for years and just wish some team would give him a real chance. I like David Aebischer too but lately his play has led me to believe he’s lost his confidence and it is hard to play with a goalie who fights the puck and is a pack of nerves. That intangible to goaltending, once lost, is difficult to regain (witness our old hero Jose Theodore, who’s still struggling in Denver) so I suggest Abby ride the bench as a backup til next season where (if re-signed), I truly hope he regains his goalie mojo!

    See? Where most of you would just shit on the player and want him run out of town, I, like our superb General Manager, take a calmer, SANER, approach. Firing a coach every year and trading a player as soon as they falter is no way to run a class oragnization and that’s what Carbo and Bob are doing so start believing and start having fun as a fan, it’ll make everyone here happier.

    In Bob We Trust…

  37. #37 Rob says:
    March 1, 2007 at 9:44 am

    Does everyone who is now writing the Habs off realize that the Habs are still actually in a playoff position, and are only three points out of the fifth spot?

    Won’t you all be embarrassed if the team chemistry does actually come together this season? What if the teams that picked up a bunch of rental players actually faulter for it?

    What if those Canadiens’ players whose side that Gainey has actually stood by (when all the fans had given up on them) suddenly realize it, and they start playing like they actually give a damn? Won’t you all look pretty stupid with your whining and the-sky-is-falling type comments!

  38. #38 smiler2729 says:
    March 1, 2007 at 9:48 am

    Does it sound like I’ve written the Habs off? I Believe. That’s the fun of being a fan.

  39. I like that. I Believe.

    Hey Habs Blog:

    I think you should call the next post, “Character building and how the Habs will make the playoffs” so that the more optomistic minded fans also have a chance to have their say for once. It will allow thinking Habs’ fans to counteract the Gainey character assasinations now being perpetrated by the French media types.

  40. #40 smiler2729 says:
    March 1, 2007 at 10:06 am

    No kidding, I’m so fed up with the constant whining and tiresome complaining, makes me think Hab fans are as bad as Leaf fans so let’s show WE ARE NOT!


  41. SMILER2729, we are all guilty of bad judgments, one of your’s is your dislike of Ribiero, who by the way is helping Dallas in a huge way. Now all that flack Habs fans gave him took that home town montrealers confidence away, which is a shame cause we could of used him rite now, THE STARS SHURE ARE! So be careful who you throw stones at!!!! ps “I could give a shit about your or anybody else’s view on Ribs at this point ,cause the stats are against you guy’s and it is definity Gainey’s BAD that we have Niinamaa in his place.What a blunder that is, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

  42. #42 HABMAN says:
    March 1, 2007 at 10:19 am

    Smiler2729 is absolutely right. This site used to be fun to come on here and post some comments but lately it is becoming poisoned by a few(I wont say by who)very negative people that do nothing but nastily critisize management and players in a most barbaric way. Open your eyes people! This is exactly why some players will never sign with Montreal. The fan and media scrutiny is just too overwhelming for some of them and it eats them alive! We all have to calm down (myself included)and find a positive way to support the team through the GOOD times and the BAD times.

    We should all take a page from Smiler2729’s book and follow his lead. The Canadiens are only a small part of our lives (if you have one at all)so get out, enjoy the weather,do something positive and constructive in your life ;))

  43. Wow, is that fifteen exclamation points? Wow, you must be really angry, Xhabsfan!

    C’mon. For all of Mike Ribeiro’s 42 points (only 10 of which are actually goals), he is still soft as a player! Stick anyone on the Canadiens (even Downey) with Modano, Nagy, Zubov, Boucher, Lindros, Lentinen, etc. and chances are they will touch the puck a few times before someone else puts it into the net too.

    Here is a little saying that might help you: What’s done is done! Deal with it, and get on with life. No sense in crying over spilt milk. Anyone else have any catch phrases that would fit here?

  44. #44 smiler2729 says:
    March 1, 2007 at 10:23 am

    Ribeiro, no matter what he does in Dallas, was a disruption on the Canadiens, his selfishness was massive and he had to go. His antics (soccer-style faking of ‘injuries’) was an embarrassment to his teammates, his coach, the organization and all the fans.

    Janne Niinimaa was a good quality offensive defenceman in Philadelphia and Edmonton who thru stops in Long Island and Dallas seemed to have lost something. Gainey was hoping he could regain some form (I really don’t think he is that awful but I’m not Guy Carbonneau)… Again, Niinimaa was a one season chance but anything to get Ribs out of town was worth it. No other team wanted Ribeiro’s act so basically Dallas and Montreal traded each other’s problems to one another. Two defencemen lead the Stars in scoring, what does that tell you about their offence? They have become New Jersey Devils West, the fact that Mike Ribeiro gets a lot of assists there is inconsequential to him having becoming an ‘unwanted’ in the Canadiens’ dressing room.

  45. Xhabsfan:

    If what you are actually saying is that Montreal fans need to stop eroding the confidence of the players on their CURRENT team, I would agree strongly with that statement.

  46. #46 smiler2729 says:
    March 1, 2007 at 10:31 am

    Look, the bottom line on Mike Ribeiro is that he is young guy who obviously and hopefully matures in the sportsmanship department and becomes a good teammate (he burned bridges in Montreal) and is a talented but small forward which the Habs didn’t need two of (Saku Koivu being the other small talented forward) so he was moved to make room for the growth of Tomas Plekanec which has shown to be a good thing. I wasn’t a Plekanec guy but he has swayed me over and I see him getting better and better with the increased ice time and roles he’s been given on the team. In the end, Tomas Plekanec is and will always be a better player than Mike Ribeiro in so many ways. Who would you rather have, Ribs or Plecs?

  47. I now am convinced you guy’s either :1)Have no cable…,2) Have no T V…3) DON’T SEE THE SPORTING HIGHLITES AVALIBLE ON A LOT OF DIFFERENT SCORCES LATELY??? I guess ignorance is bliss to you ,but not to me! We should of got rid of KOVALEV instead and after the Smythe tears yesterday,you tell me that Kovalev is in the same league. He don’t care ,and I believe neither do you, so your perfect for each other. Prima- dona’s everywhere lately!!lol.

  48. #48 smiler2729 says:
    March 1, 2007 at 10:43 am

    And for all who felt Gainey did nothing at the deadline, how about this? He traded Craig Rivet, a great team guy who I loved as a Hab but had admittedly and glaringly lost a step in all aspects of his game to San Jose for physical defensive minded YOUNG d-man in Josh Gorges and a 1st ROUND PICK! How’s that for return eh?
    Another great move was NOT moving Sheldon Souray and to a lesser extent Andrei Markov. We all agree Souray’s growing into a fiery leader as well as being a scoring threat feared by most NHL goalies (Martin Brodeur is not afraid of anything but did you see Raycroft dive out of the way of his slap shot Monday?)
    but media speculation aside, there’s every indication, he will re-sign in the summer, he likes it here and obviously Bob Gainey’s talked to him about the future or he indeed would have been moved in a heartbeat for some return.

    But more importantly, by not trading away any future for a rental, Gainey’s put his confidence in the guys that he thinks THIS BUNCH can make the Playoffs. And that’s good enough for me.

  49. #49 smiler2729 says:
    March 1, 2007 at 10:45 am

    Xhabsfan, learn to spell so your posts are at least articulate, it’s hard to even decipher what the hell you are trying to complain about… again.

  50. #50 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    March 1, 2007 at 10:48 am

    Problem is we have a third even less talented small forward in Samsonov. I think he was Ribeiro’s twin, if I did not know any better??!?!?

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