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Habs Trade Rumors

  • The Montreal Canadiens trade rumors are still a hot topic. The traffic to this site has doubled during the Canadiens recent slide and as trade gossip increases. People really want to discuss what’s going on and what’s going to happen. So let’s look at it some more…

    Who or what are the Habs lacking in their lineup? Who is or who are dissapointments? Who still has trade value? What teams need something we can offer?

    I think most would agree that the Canadiens are missing solid goaltending. (Luongo, Khabibulin) It’s come to the point where waiting for Theodore to turn it around just isn’t an option anymore. It’s been too long and the longer we go the more we fade away. Cristobal Huet is emerging as a potential starting goalie but it’s far too early to know what he can do and how consisitent he can be. A lot of people would agree the Canadiens are lacking size and strength up front. The team is built for speed and skill which should be a good approach considering the ‘new NHL’ and the Canadiens show signs of brilliance when they manage to play that game. That being said, they can’t really compete with some of the big teams in the league and a big strong Power Forward (Bertuzzi) would be a good addition to the lineup.

    Some would say the Canadiens lack a #1 Defenceman. Sheldon Souray’s expectations were high coming into the year but maybe they were too high. His play has been better recently but his inconsistency doesn’t make him even close to a #1 D man. Andrei Markov is emerging as a leader but can’t do it alone. Someone needs to fill the shoes that Mathieu Dandenault was supposed to wear.

    No trade has been made yet. Just a lot of banter and hearsay. To actually get a meaninful player or players, we’ll have to give up something of value.

    Player Trade Value Dissapointment? Probability of Trade
    Jose Theodore High Yes Likely
    Mike Ribeiro Medium Yes Likely
    Sheldon Souray Medium Somewhat Potentially
    Mike Komisarek High No Potentially
    ? ? ? ?

    Who’s on the market? Who would the Habs be interested in?

    Player Position Team What do they need?
    Roberto Luongo G Florida Everything
    Alex Tanguay F Colorado Goaltending
    Todd Bertuzzi F Vancouver Goaltending
    Nikolai Khabibulin G Chicago Everything

    It’s fun to speculate but no one knows but Bob Gainey. If a trade happens it’ll probably be a package deal and it’ll be a big deal involving a big name or two. The Canadiens aren’t trading for 2007 3rd round draft picks. If they trade it’ll be to address their current problems and right away.


  1. I certainly hope that they don’t trade Komisarek as he has, I believe, a great future. He is still very young and, as had been stated numerous times, defensemen take longer to mature. I still don’t understand why he does not play more regularly. Granted he makes the occasional mistake, however, he is also the only defenseman that regularly lays out opponents with big hits. Hope they don’t give up on him; that being said he may be one of the only commodities the Habs have that is marketable.

  2. Yeah, I don’t think they gave up on him or even want to let him go but the other team(s) are gonna want something of value in return.

  3. #3 kovy_27 says:
    January 13, 2006 at 1:30 pm

    i think jose’s time is up. i agree, we need a power fwd and a #1 d to get us going. i believe jose will play well on another team that needs a solid #1 goaltender.

    aurel, i’m with you… please don’t let komi go.

    i trust gainey in making a solid move. he knows what he’s doing…

  4. #4 tdot-hab says:
    January 13, 2006 at 2:44 pm

    why not take a shot on the young guns from Chi. They have talent, youth, size and in the new hockey world they are very cost effective against the cap. If we could get Bell, Arneson or Calder. I think that would be a solid trade for the Habs for the present and the future. Bell is a big kid and has some skills. Maybe doing a trade like that and keeping Jose makes more sense. If Jose has been playing hurt this year, then I think he deserves a chance to turn it around. I’d give up Mike R, Zednik and Bulis who is a free agent anyway next season.

  5. #5 LynxCoach says:
    January 13, 2006 at 2:46 pm


    Khabibulin is another dud this year, and to trade him for Theo would add about $2.5 million to the Habs’ cap. It’s not going to happen.

    Alex tanguay is having a good year, but remember, he’s a streaky player, and we need solid forwards or D.

    Bertuzzi is the type of player that requires a good player on the wing. He would be a great fit along side Kovalev and Koivu, but do we really want all the excess baggage that comes with him?

    Luongo would be the best choice to come and fill the void. His salary is fairly low, so the Habs would be able to renegociate his contract when if he comes over, and he’s definitely better at stopping the puck.

    Personally, I’d dump Ribeiro in with Theo to sweeten the pot, and get 2 sloid players and maybe a draft pick or 2.

  6. #6 tdot-hab says:
    January 13, 2006 at 3:17 pm

    I agree with Bert, he would look sweet out on the wing with Saku and Kovalev. That might be one of the more dangerous lines, if not the best line. But his $6.6 mil is a tough one to take on for 2 years. Is Tanguay not a free agent next year, we could try and get him then for less. Has anyone heard anything more today on possible trades? Last I heard was Chi, Van and Col were all talking trades with the Habs. What ever happens you have to look at the bright side. The Habs are in way better shape against the Cap then the Leafs and a lot younger too. It’s tough being a Hab fan living in Toronto…..24-7 leaf talk. Brutal

  7. I could be wrong but I don’t think anyone would give up a couple of solid players at this time for Theo and/or Ribs. Why would they? Both are having bad years and in fact when asked both don’t seem to be able to ackowledge it. You don’t see those two taking extra time after practice to work things out.

  8. Rule #1 when making deals is buy low, sell high. The current value of Theodore and Ribeiro is *low* right now. Scouts for other teams aren’t going to look at Theo’s ’01-02 stats or Ribeiro’s ’03-04 stats. Whatever Gainey could get for those guys would not turn this team around. You have to give up quality to get quality in return. The Habs don’t have a lot of assets, and to get better *right now* would mean sacrificing the future. No thanks.

    Rule #2 is never deal from a position of weakness. Last time Gainey had to make a desperation move, the Habs lost Hainsey for nothing. A panic move will probably hurt this team in the long run.

    There is an article by Terry Frei at about George Gillett. The owner says the goal is to have a competitive team in time for the 100th anniversary season in 2009. No one in their right mind thinks the Habs should be contenders this year.

    Goaltending: Huet played well enough to win in Colorado. Why not just let him and Theo duke it out for now?

    Offense: Snipers don’t come cheap, so the answer has to come from within. With the number of good rookies, why not copy other teams’ success? Look at Svatos and Prucha – given the chance, they learn from the star players and contribute. Pair Perezhogin and/or Kostitsyn up with vets on the top lines and let the kids play and learn on the job.

  9. And another thing: Tanguay would be eaten alive in Montreal. The fans/media demand a strong French-Canadian presence on the team, then lay all of the pressure on them, then boo them out of town. It happened to Brisebois, who lived his whole life in the city and it is happening to Ribeiro now. Why would anyone want to deal with that when they can go elsewhere and be appreciated? (see Roy, Patrick)

    Until Habs fans learn to steer their maniacal obsession into a more positive direction, Habs GMs will be facing a handicap when trying to bring players to Montreal.

  10. #10 Lost in TO says:
    January 13, 2006 at 4:17 pm

    You wrote “someone should fill the shoes that Mathieu Dandenault was supposed to wear” Do you attend the games? This player receives no PP time yet has blinding speed, the coaches prefer to use Streit? They have not given him a regular partner. They play an archaic zone defense in a league where you can’t tie up an open man? Every time he rushes the puck the coaching staff is yelling “dump it in stay back”. The were alternating him on D and wing in the same game? You forget he was a top four D on a Stanley Cup playoff team with big minutes played. He has played everygame, no injuries (hello #44?)and keeps his mouth shut.

    You bring him in for experience and his speed. You don’t give him any PP time. You ask him to play defensively and you continue give big minutes to Markov who after a decent start has shown nothing, you continue to play Souray because of something he did in a past life. Let the players play to their strengths, this team has no toughness at forward and how can you play tough as a D in the the new NHL when you have to play in a zone? Look behind the bench people, that is where the answers are.

  11. Chicago GM just went public he’s looking for a trade.

    “We’re looking to improve our team, we’re looking to the future and people are calling about certain players and we’re listening,” Tallon said Friday.

  12. #12 riser8 says:
    January 13, 2006 at 6:39 pm

    Any trade at this time will be welcomed by me as long as it does not involve mortgaging any of the habs future ie. Kost(Both brothers),Perogy,Chipchura etc.

  13. #13 Lost in TO says:
    January 14, 2006 at 2:42 pm

    I have been vindicated in my comments regading the problems on the bench. Julien is out and Gainey is interim head coach. Greener out (the Defense coach) and Guy Charbonneau is added to the staff. Now we can see what we really have and where the minutes played will be allocated.

  14. #14 Going for the W says:
    January 22, 2006 at 5:29 pm

    I heard that Gainey is in heavy trade talks with Chicago for Aucoin along with Calder OR Bell for Ribeiro, Zednik and Komi. Personally i think its lot to give up but we barely incur more salary and either Calder or Bell can replace Zednik and maybe Plekanec or another young gun can play in the middle on the second line… so maybe it would be a good trade since it fills in our whole on D. Now we could have Aucoin and Markov playing 28 minutes, Souray, Bouillon and Rivet playing 25 each which makes a solid 5 D, more solid than we’ve had in a long time. Aucoin is on the block and we have the money to pay him, so I think he’s a good fit. Although I’d like to hold onto Komi.
    Going for the W

  15. #15 Savage says:
    January 23, 2006 at 12:45 pm

    I also have been hearing alot about a trade with Chicago that would bring Aucoin to Montreal…this would help greatly on our defense, But I also heard that if this trade happens that would be about the biggest trade that would happen this season. Gainey will hold onto Theo for a couple reason…his salary is tough to dump off, especially with his poor performace right now… and I personally think he is waiting for Theo to get out of his funk and start playing to his potential. As far as his forwards, he will keep what he has and continue to watch the market for next season….if he does make a second trade before the deadline it will probably be a wasted trade…what I mean is Gainey will trade someone like Ribeiro, or Zednik for a nobody or a couple draft picks…just to get rid of dead wood. Why do I say this…because that’s what the MONTREAL CANADIENS always do…they make poor wasted…BAD…foolish, crazy, retarded, and most of all hurting our team now and for the long run trades!! Rest asure..Gainey will make one of those trades sooner or later…it’s part of what the Habs do best!!!

  16. #16 Savage says:
    January 25, 2006 at 1:20 pm

    You want to know why the Montreal Canadiens are truely playing bad…it all started when the Canadiens purchased their new rink the Belle Centre and left the Montreal Forum. That first year the Canadiens were at the Belle Centre they lost like there first 7 or 8 home the end of the season they had a losing record at home….I can’t remember when Montreal ever had a losing record at home when they were playing at the Montreal Forum….it was nasty and what you’ve done is removed the Habs Tradition to provide a few thousand more seats for concerts etc?? big stinkin deal!! You’ve hurt the tradition and you killed the Habs in general. Secondly Montreal never never never goes after top scorers…they always get the medium to low potential guys and rely big time on a top number one goalie…whats up with that??? and to top it all off how is it possible with the new salary caps now that teams like Philly, colorado, Toronto, Ottawa, Detroit, Rangers, Pittsburg etc…can still afford top players and be under the salary cap and the Montreal Canadiens only have a couple decent players and the rest are crap and we’re paying out the same money??? Come on…does anyone know what they are doing in the front offices in Montreal….I DON’T THINK SO!! Gainey..whoever.. start listening to some of the fans and open up your eyes and smell the coffee….stop trying to be a defensive team like the old days…you dont have a Roy or Dryden in nets anymore….so get a half way decent goalie and start getting some defensemen and TOP SCORERS WILL YA!!! I mean who was the last guy to score 50 goals in Montreal…Brian Savage I think and that was…dang to many years ago for me to even think…it hurts trying to think back that far and it’s SAD!!! Take some risks and go after someone that is good…stop with this we might not make the playoffs so we will rebuilt next season crap!! Please…get with the program because the next year you will be sitting in the same chair and dealing with the same issues and saying the same dang thing you said a year ago…lets wait till next season….OH MY GOODNESS…IM TIRED OF HEARING ALL THE EXCUSES…DO SOMETHING ALREADY BECAUSE YOUR EMBARRASSING YOURSELF AND THE MONTREAL CANADIENS AS A WHOLE!

  17. Brian Savage 50 goals? Not in this lifetime.

  18. #18 Savage says:
    January 26, 2006 at 2:25 pm

    Brian Savage was a mistake on the name….Stephane Richer was the last to score 50 goals for the Montreal Canadiens back in 1989-1990 season. Here it is 15-16 years later and we haven’t had anyone score 50 goals since and that’s sad…not even close!

  19. Other than Bulis last night, the last player to score 4 in a game was 8 years ago!

  20. its time for the habs to get over their obssession with having french players on the team. get over it. if they really want french players get the good ones, not dagenais, ribeiro, begin (even though i like begin), dandenault, bouillon (i know hes american but cmon, francis bouillon, you cant get more french than that). go after the good french players dumont, briere, st louis, lecavalier, tanguay, gagne, bergeron. they had brisebois (who im happy is gone) and who do they replace him with, dandenault who is alright but they could have done better. as a montrealer i love having local guys on the team, but dont put them on the team just cause theyre from quebec, put the best players on the team. that being said get rid of ribeiro and dagenais for whatever u can get, preferably a center or winger with some size. ribeiro is useless he cant win faceoffs and he has no defensive skills, so like yanic perreault without the faceoffs. dagenais can shoot, but hes so slow, and it the new nhl he is also useless. i have faith in gainey he’ll know what to do with these duds. sundstrom also needs to go, too old and slow, hes smart but its time to make room for some young guys or make a trade.

  21. #21 MarcusKoivu says:
    February 1, 2006 at 12:15 pm

    Mr. Gainy here’s a trade to ponder. Bonk Sundstrom Ribeiro for Bertuzzi. And also Zednik 2nd ronud pick for Selanne.

  22. #22 habsFan says:
    February 3, 2006 at 7:46 pm

    Trade Theodore,Sundtrom(taking the place of a young player),Ribeiro(to slow) for
    Jean-Sebastien Giguere
    Give away Bonk, if no team will take him, buy out his contract.
    Sign Koivu for 1.5 million (second line centre only).
    We need a (smart) fighter that can also play hockey.
    We need a first line centre that can score 50 goals until the kids can develop
    Do not trade any of the young player. We must be patient.

  23. #23 MarcusKoivu says:
    February 4, 2006 at 3:58 pm


  24. #24 MarcusKoivu says:
    February 9, 2006 at 10:09 pm

    BONK SUCKS!!!!

  25. I didn’t say trade Koivu, he is an unristricted free agent at the end of the year, he is over payed at 3 million, sign him for 1.5 million put him as the second line centre.

    I also noticed that “BONK SUCKS!!!”

  26. #26 peterman says:
    February 13, 2006 at 11:13 am

    what the f#%* is montreal thinking signing Koivu at 4.5 million a year , well wasted money…. the guy sucks and just cause he has heart should mean he should be on the second or third line … bad decision on the canadiens management on this one… he wouldn’t even get half of that anywhere else in the nhl and he still hasn’t proved anything besides beating cancer(which is amazing) but how does it help the team I think they just felt sorry for him!

  27. I dont think koivu sucks he has the team under controle he is a prity good play maker he sets alot of one timers to his team and he is the capten of the team so leav the bad talking to me.


  28. Hey Peterman…nicely put my friend :) Couldn’t have said it any better. I couldn’t believe that they signed Koivu for almost 5 Million a year myself and with a NO TRADE CLAUSE!! What the Hell is Gainey thinking of. Koivu is not a bad player, don’t get me wrong, but he is not worth that kinda of money and a no trade clause to boot. Well wasted money once again. This is why Montreal will not be taking any Cup home any time soon. They continue to keep players that are small and fast, but no muscle or goal scoring power!! I don’t think you could put all the players together standing on eachother’s shoulders and hit 6 feet in height this is retarded. Hey Gainey…lets go out and sign a bunch of players from Hong Kong or Korea…those guys are about 3 feet tall and they are quick…lmao!! Hey lets give them 20 Million a year and a no trade clause too…lol….Gainey you suck as good as a $20 hoe. I’m tired of being a Montreal fan when the fans really suffer because of bad judgement and paying guys that aren’t worth their talent.

  29. Hey Savage, Any chance you’re Brian Savage writing from Philadelphia and you’re just bitter? :]

  30. I’m a Saku fan… but 5 million a year is insane, he’s worth 2 million a year, lots of heart but lets not forget he’s also injury prone. This will hurt the team in the long run, they could have signed 2 solid players with lots of heart and skill for that money.

  31. #31 MarcusKoivu says:
    March 1, 2006 at 10:48 am

    I say we get Teemuu from the ducks, did you see the way he plays with Koivu? Instant scoring there, and higgins on that line would be awesome
    here’s what I think would be greta
    line1 Sellane Koivu Higgins
    line2 Kovalev Rebeiro Ryder
    line3 Zednik Bulis perezogin
    line4 Sundstrom bunk Murray

    What do you all think tell me….

  32. ..and what do you give up for Selanne?

  33. #33 MarcusKoivu says:
    March 1, 2006 at 10:56 am

    1st round pick and dasgenais

  34. #34 Habs says:
    March 1, 2006 at 9:06 pm

    Giving up 1st round picks…that’s how we got into trouble in the mid-late 90’s
    Selanne for Theodore?

  35. #35 Willy says:
    March 3, 2006 at 12:09 pm

    Heres an idea …..
    good bye Theo
    good bye Ribs
    good bye Sourray
    and for the love of all thats holy good bye BONK!!! At least Dagenais got points on penalty shots yet they sent him to the minors ….. whats with keeping Bonk around… a starter no less… yeesh .

  36. #36 kovalev_27 says:
    March 4, 2006 at 11:34 pm

    Look, no one is gonna pay Theo’s salary on a trade, theyd have to throw in zednik to equalize the trade itself. Besides, no one in their right mind would trade Selanne for Theo thats insane. What we need is a Bertuzzi like character. So what he has all those problems with wats his face but vancouver seems to be dealing with that fairly well, these new rumours of Souray for Bertuzzi seemed to be waved off by Vancouver’s GM, if im Bob Gainey i say make those rumours come true. Souray had a fair season in 03-04 hes been doing nothing this year I say what do we have to lose.?? We dont need a fast skating russian or fin, we need a power forward to protect and provide depth to our already established Koivu(fin) and Kovalev (russian). I find Gainey does indeed know what he’s doing or he wouldnt be in this business although i find his poor attempt to aquire a power forward in Aaron Downey was useless, now im not bad mouthing him just pointing out the obvious. Hopefully Gainey makes an interesting move at the trade deadline and I think I speak for all habs fans when I say we want a trade we need a trade, give us a trade!!! 😉

  37. Well aparently Colorado was ready to pay Jose salary.

    Jose Theodore to Colorado Avalanche is done. Salary dump wise it was good for the habs, but how will Abeischer perform?

  38. #38 HabAttack says:
    December 1, 2007 at 11:57 pm

    I recall before the season started a certain captian was complaining about how “HE” doesn’t want to go through another rebuilding phase.

    well HE doesn’t deserve to be on this team,being a Captain is about leadership, and if we had leadership on the ice tonight we wouldn’t be lossing a 4 goal lead in one period. Koivu isn’t worth the 4.5 Million he is getting.

    Who should we trade? Well Halak has value for one, maybe bring him up for a few games to show him off, or gamble and send of Huet.. he is going to be a free agent anyways, and yes there are teams looking for Goalies. With a Great Goalie, Solid Defence that can start plays & leadership teams lacking talent have won the Cup before.

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