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Habs win a game!

  • Wow! A victory.

    Just barely. The Habs almost blew it again letting the Blue Jackets back into the game but held them off for the victory.

    Important, Michael Ryder scored. Saku Koivu scored. Will it get them out of their slumps?

    Jaro Halak got his first NHL career victory and you’d expect him to continue starting until he drops a game. He did look sharp and confident we’ll get a better idea how capable he is after few more games in the big league.

    Trade deadline is quickly approaching, all kinds of rumors floating around. Mostly completely false, some with merit.

    Do the Habs need a trade? Which position is in most need of help?

    Top 5 Canadiens on the Trade Block:

    1) Shledon Souray
    2) Michael Ryder
    3) Alex Perezhogin
    4) Craig Rivet
    5) Draft Picks

    If there is a deal, it will most likely involve these players.


  1. I guess jean pierre only looks at the laffs offical site, hey buddy if you are a real habs fan, go to the habs official web site, and right there “mission accomplished”…isn’t that a classic? Next we await to see if Bob Gainey is gonna get onto a flattop carrier in a flight suite and say he has seen the light and invested in Tim Horton kids, yup, in 15 or sixteen years we are gonna win a cup….yup.

    Pactum I am angry with Bob cause last year we really thought he was gonna wait until the summer and do a decent trade, the real mark of a patient and have it go to kind of GM. Well what did he do? Well, flash forward and here we are all griping about how our defense stands there and anyone and everyone can walk into our defensive zone and take a million quality shots, I mean quality shots, not like Koivu’s flutter passes to the other teams goalie, I mean coming into the habs end and setting decent passing plays like the habs are on a constant power play.

    I guess we are only too happy to have a team that we forget, hey this is a multimillion dollar sport, these guys get paid big bucks, we pay through the nose for a ticket, so what, we can make excuses how Lapresse and the fans boo our players every time they are playing like the crap players they are?


  2. joshtm:

    Surely, even you can see the difference between just competing in the IIHF WJC and being the tournament MVP among the world’s best juniors! Just to illustrate what that this mean for the Habs. Consider Evegni Malkin won MVP in 2006, Patrice Bergeron in 2005 and Zach Parise in 2004. Have you heard of any of those players?

    I think that you just like playing devil’s advocate because one moment you are saying let the prospects play and the next you are saying Gainey is at fault for not procuring a UFA or a trade for a broken down veteran. I just think it is interesting. Maybe, we are all misunderstanding you.

  3. #3 PACTUM SERVA says:
    February 19, 2007 at 11:56 pm

    Joshtm you have a right to your opinion.Fair enough.GO HABS GO

  4. Joshtm:

    I re-read post #85. I think that you are completely misunderstanding me. You call me a bigot, but I am not really sure why. I am not saying that I wouldn’t want French Canadian players on the Habs. I would! I am saying that almost all of the Canadian (French and English) players understand the pressures and/or havoc that playing for the Habs will bring to their lives. Martin Brodeur may say that playing in Montreal is his dream, but when he has had the option of being a free agent, did he actually try to sign with the Habs?

    I thought that we were now essentially in agreement that the only way to build the franchise in Montreal would be through the development of young prospects rather than “broken down” UFAs or veterans acquired through the trade deadline. Have you recently changed your opinion in the last few weeks?

  5. Hey big difference between a 16 year old who is not even gonna see the NHL in years, if we follow Milroy, that would mean we ain’t gonna see Price play in an NHL game until what, 2014? Is that it Rob, we have to wait what seven years?

    Before christmas the boys in the dogs were doing great, you know Grabby, Kosty, Lapierre, Lat, and what did Gainey do? He sent them packing. We got into our slump. These guys are ready now. They are here now, today. We ain’t gonna see Price in a decade if we follow the way Gainey treats his prospects.

    Heck we ain’t never gonna see Price if Carbo plays the absent minded coach who doesn’t are what is in the card deck, oh no Carbo is too busy playing the one armed bandit, he is hooked on gambling and shuffling the line of veterans.

    We are wasting our young prospects. And the ones we bring up they are learning the bad habits of Kovalev and Koivu. It’s perverting good talent is what is happening. Isn’t that shocking? Imagine the atmosphere that a young Price would come into if we kept Gainey and Carbo. A shamble of a defense that all but allows the other teams offense to come in and mug and injure our goalies. Huet got hurt cause hey, he was basically pommeled and shoved by the other team for so many games cause our defense doesn’t protect our goalies.

    It would be a shame to see someone of Price’s caliber wasted on the likes of Ninnima and Rivet.

  6. joshtm:

    Actually, Carey Price is turning 20 years old this year. That would make him one year older than both Latendresse and Sidney Crosby and one year younger than Halak.

    But, again, fascinating (if not actually factual) stuff? So, what you are saying in practical terms that in order to improve the Montreal Canadiens, Bob Gainey should … ??? … ??? … ???

  7. joshtm:

    You have spent an enternity of your time and ours in the last few weeks trying to convince us all that the Habs cannot get there from here. The past is now in the past. Ok, some of us may now be in agreement, but the question has actually been posed to you several times in this blog alone. Where do the Habs go from here? It’s actually very easy to criticize and play Monday morning quarterback all the time, but be brave and go on record with your actual opinion. Speak your opinion clearly without any of that extraneous stuff.

    In one weeks time, does Gainey (a) fish now or (b) cut bait to obtain some prospects for the future? The floor is yours, buddy… Which choice is it going to be?

  8. Resign.

  9. Carbo should hand in his resignation too. Honestly, and we all thought they were going to bring us a cup. What makes you think if Gainey didn’t take advantage of trades last year, that all of sudden he is going to reverse course and do a magical trade?

    We have seen some great European and Russian prospects traded away cause Gainey didn’t do anything, long before they had a chance to cross the atlantic. By the way, we will see the best possible prospects wasted, because Gainey signs only injured broken down veterans with really bad habits.

    The logical thing would be to trade for players with a work ethic. Bonk was a good example. Pleks too. I am not saying Gainey is all bad, but hey, he is shooting himself three times outa six in russian roulette for God’s sake. He is not gonna survive once the Gillett’s finally figure out what a hockey team is and what it should do. Nope, Gainey and Carbo have taken them for a ride, and come a time when Gainey is gonna have to cut his own bait, and Carbo is gonna be sunk….along with seeing our prospects go to some better team while we rebuild at the expense of our future.

  10. joshtm:

    I will review the options again: (a) “fish” — try to acquire an impact veteran to try to make the playoffs now or (b) “cut bait” — trade a few veterans away for prospects that may help the Habs 3-5 years down the road

    Your other opinion is duly noted! However, I would wonder if you and other like minded Montreal fans might have expected too much if they thought Gainey was going to turn the franchise around that fast. The Hamilton Bulldogs are doing great right now because they are the team that has all of Gainey’s draft picks playing for them.

    Montreal clearly won’t win the Stanley Cup this year because they are simply not a good enough hockey team yet. Gainey cannot change that overnight. Bob Gainey had nothing to work with when he came in, and has had to build a team from the ground up. I doubt that Gilette is dumb enough to change horses in the middle of a race…

  11. Rob, to be fare at this point and time, dropping a bomb like that on any one’s lap is not a nice thing to do to people. The team is in such a disarray; where would one start? Now a couple of years ago, an ex Canadians hero by the name of Bob Gainey took on such a mission ,with the promise of a complete turn around. So have others” G.M. Nonas in Vancouver”and many more ,rebuilding their clubs after the strike and with a modicum of success.”Canucks”being a great example.Now you can make a million excuses why things work or don’t work AND USE THEM IN ANY ARGUMENT OR DICUSSION YOU WANT, just like in politics, but in the end the truth will always surface and in this case unfortuantely it is that our team is a broken Heep of parts, some of which are salvageable .It would be end of story any where else ,but never should this be an acceptable fate for such a storied frachise,it’s just not rite !!!

  12. #12 R habs 4 real says:
    February 20, 2007 at 1:34 am

    this site is getting too weird. Can’t we just talk about hockey, or something associated with it? The bickering is getting a bit overwhelming.
    Let’s just agree that we all want what’s best for the habs, and leave it at that. whether we win in 3 years, or 7 years, it’s really out of our control. That’s life. As much as I love the habs, I can’t become obsessed with it. So everyone, especially, JOSHtm, get a life , man! The world won’t end if we don’t make the playoffs. Yes, it will hurt, but remember, only 1 team can win the cup. What should the other teams say? I think their fans want their team to win it, too, and they haven’t won 24 cups, so consider yourself lucky!
    Personally, I’ve seen about 11 cups, not bad huh?
    Life does go on!

  13. Xhabsfan:

    The only point that I am trying to make is that my opinion is that Gainey is working on a different time scale than most of the fans. Do you think that Gainey really would want Aaron Downey if he could have had Patrick Elias or Jason Arnott? He has had to work with a bunch a castaways and nare do wells! It is absolutely not his fault. The team that Gainey is building consists of his prospects and draft picks who are likely still 2-3 years away! If he survives another two years in Montreal, I am almost sure that we will all eat our words and our doubts.

    I am almost as sure about this as I was that the Canadiens would go into a major slump after their antics with Sidney Crosby after the game of February 4, and I had the guts to go on record with that prediction both on this blog and with Jack Todd.

  14. Rob,that had nothing to do with Sid the kid”but he did have a scoring drought after the habs.” If you look at the blogs at the beginning of the year ,you will find joshtm , Xhabsfan and a few others trying to warn brother Hab fans of the reality of the state the Habs were really in. And man did we wear it for that too,could explain why we’re a little gun shy. lol, Infact we still get it but we were rite,course it doesn’t make it feel any better at this point cause of what’s happened to our team.

  15. #15 joshtm says:
    February 20, 2007 at 2:16 am

    Geeze R Habs do you ever pull your weight too? Get off your high horse there buddy, like as if you don’t care. Happy Go Lucky eh? Guess what, we’ve had your type running the habs for what going on 12 years? Oh ya, let’s do the nice board room shuffle, oh gee, if it was run like a business, the habs would be sinking sinking. Unlike the laffs they don’t got HNIC to bail them out when the rich american gets bored of losing and loses patience and the roof falls in on the Bell Center like it did in the O.

    Like as if our life depended on the habs too R Habs, honestly.

    This is about the habs, not about oh gee, we don’t wanna ruffle your pretty pert feathers there, oh no, we can’t be having that, we can’t be complaining about the habs are going no where.

    If they don’t move now, they ain’t never gonna move. No amount of planning around rookies is gonna bring us a bumper crop. As long as we keep re-signing and bringing on mediocre and horrible veterans, the rookies are never gonna be able lift the tired old folkies like Rivet and Johnson….

    Get real and stay real, especially you R Habs.

  16. #16 habs phan says:
    February 20, 2007 at 2:36 am

    here’s what i see. a new goalie shows up, the habs want to protect him and make sure that they play hard defense so he dosen’t see a ton of shots and they start winning hockey games because of it. it’s called “a team playin like a team”. the same shit happened when huet showed up. the team showed up and started playing like a team instead of collapsing and trying to pick up the peices. it feels like a movie i watched before. i really hope this isn’t the case again. you could tell two month ago that the habs we’re letting huet and aebisher fend for themselves. “let the goalies win this game for us” that bullshit attitude got them in 10Th place just recently. burn through goaltenders is no way to build a franchise of winners . the habs need to realize this. you will never gain the respect of your goalies if you leave them out to dry game in and game out. seriously, respect halak. he won you a game and now reward him with blocked shots and even fewer shots on net. it seems like yesterday that huet showed up and was well protected by the habs defense, i only wish the same for halak. except i hope it last a hell of a lot longer then it did for huet!!! go habs go. beat the caps and have a good look at 6th in the conference.

  17. We definately let our youngsters sit in the minors too long.

    I have a hypothetical question: if Montreal had drafted Jordan Staal in the draft last year would he be:

    A) playing a regular shift on the big club?
    B) sent back to junior?

    joshtm very good posts ,entertaining and i agree with most of what you say

    I’ll reserve judgment on Bob Gainey until after the trade deadline
    If he goes out and trades some of our youth for a “broke down old vet” that will tell me he doesn’t get it. If BG knows Markov and/or Souray isn’t going to re-sign with us and doesn’t deal them at the tradeline for some something(no broke down vets either)i’ll know he doesn’t get it. I would imagine Bob should know if they have intentions of re-signing. If he could move any of the overpaid, underachieving vets that would be a bonus. I thought the so called “4th” line may have been our best line the last 2 games. I’d rather see a bunch of hard working,eager youngsters out there, at least you know they are going to improve and are certainly not overpaid. bringing Samsanov in was a bad idea.
    So called plan D’s never work out well. In hingsight having Kostitsyn or anyone else in his spot would have been more productive, and with extra money saved we could try to lure a elite free agent for a change and one who’s skills aren’t declining. So yes Bob made numerous mistake he has one chance to right the ship, or i fear we will be perpetually in 7-11th spot for the next 5 years. Of course going no further than the second round in the playoffs. Some of us are then left wondering where it went wrong.

    Since when is getting into the playoffs the goal, the goal is suppose to be winning the cup. This team is a second round team at its very best let’s face the facts. we hope they win the cup if they make the playoffs of course,but your brain has to be telling you, they don’t have what it takes to get in done.
    The veteran core of the team needs to be looked at they are so used to losing too.

    eeking into the playoffs and hoping for some sort of miracle sounds like leafs fans to me. sad really how the mighty have fallen.

  18. #18 Kev_in_Dorval says:
    February 20, 2007 at 4:52 am

    i think joshtm is on crack.. this guys has no idea what he’s talking about. the iraq war? buddy, it’s a hockey blog! i agree with Rob on all this, you seem to be the only one making sense. joshtm your a disgrace. go habs – Jean Pierre had it right but joshtm certainly is amusing with his ludicrous comments. Can really get a good laugh reading crazy comments and crazy reactions.

  19. LJ55,Great comment on the reality of the Canadiens origination ,we know if Stall was our he’d be in juniors still !please post more often.

  20. No wonder no UFAs want to go to Montreal when you see fans like Xhabsfan that think that being a loud mouth and having a big shot makes a player worth building around.

    Souray is a carbon copy of McCabe but even more defensively frail.

  21. And drafting Carey Price was not a genius move. He was the top-ranked goalie in the draft that year. If he had not gone 5th he would have gone in the next 5 picks.

  22. #22 PACTUM SERVA says:
    February 20, 2007 at 12:22 pm

    Team 990 say souray left practice for no reason.They are saying it is from a reliable source

  23. Saw that someone else heard it on the radio as well. Maybe Gainey has something cooked up.

  24. #24 HAB-DAB-A-DO says:
    February 20, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    Steve B out for at least 10 days, fractured foot Sunday night

  25. #25 HAB-DAB-A-DO says:
    February 20, 2007 at 1:21 pm

    I am down here in Flordia with the GM’s and overheard Gainey talking about shark fishing????

  26. #26 R habs 4 real says:
    February 20, 2007 at 1:21 pm

    Hey Joshtm; Have you now decided to pick on me, just because I make some honest statements? I speak the truth, and you speak gibberish!
    Your comments have no validity, and are simply nonsensical. what are you on?
    I’ll just bet, (because of your juvenile intelligence), that you’ll respond in an attacking mode against me. What you fail to realize, is that WE ARE ALL HAB FANS(at least most of us), and we should be pulling in the same direction.
    There’s no reason to criticize me for stating my views. At least I speak with some intelligence and can be understood.
    I do think it is possible for the habs to stay on the course for a rebuilding program, jet remain competitive in the process, and make the playoffs(tho not this year). Would hab fans be satisfied to finish in 8th place, for say 3 years, while the rebuilding took place for the future of this team?
    I think most of us would agree to that.
    I also strongly believe that having former players, as coaches is totally wrong.They see everything from a player’s standpoint, but not necessarily a rational way of thinking. Look, GRETZKY was a fantastic player, but his team is floundering. A coach needs to look at everything objectively, not be buddies with team players. They need to show that they are the boss, and in total control. They are no longer 1 of the guys.
    Carbo, and Jarvis were great defensive players, yet(except for 2 players) all our players have a MINUS rating? What does that say for these 2 coaches?
    Our defence is amongst the WORST in the league. It’s not totally their fault, but they must share some of the blame.
    What causes teams to win? A good offence, a good defence, good goaltending, but most importantly, C H E M I S T R Y !
    The NYR have great offensive players, year after year, but without CHEMISTRY.
    The New York Yankees spend millions every year to get the best players, but haven’t won a championship in 7 years. Why? bad chemistry.
    So, yes getting good players is important, but if there is NO CHEMISTRY, the team won’t win. When the habs draft players, or make trades, it’s not essential that they be the most talented player, as long as they can gel and bond with the other players, and score as a unit, NOT INDIVIDUALLY.
    On this team, there are too many players trying to do it by themselves.
    We need selfless players, not ones who are selfish.
    Gainey can’t force other GM’s to trade away their best, unless we are willing to do the same.He just doesn’t have alot of talent to trade, so what can we expect in return? He’s not the best GM, but not the worst, either. He’s not Garth Snow. This week will tell us where is head is at, by his moves, or lack of. If Kovalev, Samsonov, and Rivet are allowed to return, then Gainey has lost perspective on how to make this team a winning team. That’s all, and JOSHtm, please don’t bash me.

  27. well frank if in fact it true that UFA’s don’t want to sign in montreal. I suppose there are only 2 options to get the kind of players we need either via the draft or via trade. me personally i don’t buy the whole ufa’s don’t want to sign here, well that being said if they don’t want to sign here maybe it’s cause they don’t think we are good enough, or maybe the don’t like the direction we are headed. to me those would be the more logical reasons. Im glad anyhow that we don’t sign UFA vets that are way past there prime, to big money long term contracts. Samsanov was a total bust of course, i didn’t think he was a good fit with us in the first place, we have way too many perimeter as it is. I still didn’t think Samsanov would be this big of a bust.
    If i was in Gainey’s shoes no one would be untouchable, i’d be open to any offers that made my team better, this year but more importantly next year.

    Ok i have a few comments about Kovalev, i just want to get off my chest.
    why on earth would kovalev sit out now as opposed to sitting in december when he was actually injured? we all know Kovalev only wakes up in april, so really he should have sat in december so he could 100% for the stretch run and the playoffs. mind boggling really, i wonder if it was managments or Kovalevs decision to try and play through the injury. the whole situation rubs me the wrong way, i wonder if we are getting the full story, just seems so illogical.

    Like i said before Gainey has made some good and bad decisions, i still can’t believe he was able to get rid theo’s contract, although he is the one that signed theo to it. Really Gainey trades overall have been neither here nor there nothing of real impact in that department, Free agents signing have been a bust, some of the contracts BG he has handed out have been potential albatross’s :theo’s for instance. The only area we seem to be having success is
    in is drafting, personally i think we should stick to our strenghts.

    quite frankly after the Houle era it’s hard to tell what’s good and what’s bad anymore. those were dark days, not as dark now but still overcast.
    Overall i’d give BG a C, maybe he has a master plan who knows really. He has an infinity for the old guys, i mean 32 years old plus guys. Please if we are going to try to sign a ufa or trade for a Marquee player, do you think you could target someone coming into there prime please. thanks BG.

  28. Ps Bob

    If you feel “you have to sign” a vet to a long term deal, please make it an performanced based contract and no NTC’s.
    if BG doesn’t right the ship now or in the summer at the lasted, i’m going to have deep concerns about possibilty of the stanley cup returning to montreal.

    As far as im concerned the jury is still deliberating.

  29. #29 lorenzo says:
    February 20, 2007 at 4:32 pm

    Holy crap, what the hell is wrong with some of you. I agree with R Habs 4 Real when answering Joshtm. Look people, nobody was complaining up to Dec 23, we were flyin high, there was no talk of getting rid of Souray or Koivu,or any of this crap that I see you supposed Hab fans are ranting now. In my opinion,there is nothing wrong with being passionate about our beloved Habs, but,crapping on the team when their down, just pisses me off more than the way they’ve been playing lately.When a team is in a funk,all of a suddden, out come the so called armchair Gm’s, who all think they know what it takes to fix the team. I have coached for 23 years, and I know from experience, that sometimes, changing players does not necessarily make the team more successful, sometimes, the team has to work out its problem internally. What would you all say,if Gainey made no moves,and the Canadiens made the playoffs and went a couple of rounds?Would you shit on him that he should have made moves so that we could have gone further.Damn right you would. Because a lot of you are whiners not winners. Listen, How the hell do any of you know that Forsberg to Nashville will deliver the cup, or any of these teams paying big bucks to these so called superstars to try and buy the Stanley Cup? Calgary,Edmonton, Tampa Bay, Florida and our Habs are a few examples of some teams in the past few years who have made it to at least the finals without spending a billion dollars to try and win the cup. The last 2 Cups for us were not won with superstars, they were won with speed, grit and sheer determination,and a hot goalie of course. So, whether we get to the playoffs or not, This is still my team, win or lose, great players and not so great players, managers,Gms,coaches,and yes, even owners, and fans included. I will love the Habs till the day I die. I GUARANTEE, that my Habs will NEVER finish last in the league, and I can also Guarantee that it wont be long before LES CANADIENS WIN THEIR 25TH. I hope I didnt offend anyone, I just wish people had more faith.

  30. You call it ranting i call it looking at your team objectively. Just we cause we see glaring deficiancies in our team, certainly doesn’t make us any less as fans.
    Faith and hope is nice and all, but sadly no matter how much we hope or pray, it has little or no effect on the procuct on the ice. the Leafs are a great example of the hope and pray technigue for building a team. very successfully i might add.

    I’ll be estatic if the habs prove me wrong. If they make the playoffs and i “think” they can. i’ll be there watching, cheering and hoping everygame like i always have. I be hoping we can make it deep into the playoffs, unfortunately my brain is telling me something else.

    It doesn’t make me any less of a fan, or mean i won’t be hoping for them to do there best.

    I hope they can win the cup ,but i don’t believe they can.

  31. I think Sheldon Souray and Michael Ryder should not be on the trade block. They are very good players. Michael Ryder scored 2 goals in a row and Sheldon is friendly and good hockey player.

  32. #32 84 habs fan says:
    March 6, 2007 at 1:33 am

    Ya exactly, Souray is an amazing offensive offense man and plays a huge advantage for the habs on the power play. Ryder is young and has a lot of time left in his career to actually get to his full potential. Perezogin is just playing the game like a walk in the park. They need players that want it the most.

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