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Halak and the Haggard Habs

  • Montreal drops to 10th.

    Five straight losses. Forsberg a Predator. Kovalev out 3 weeks. Huet injured. Johnson injured. Pneumonia. Penalty after Penalty, these are thoughts that come to mind when thinking about the Habs.

    Not too much positivity in Montreal at the moment.

    As far as Forsberg goes, you can say the Canadiens missed the boat on this one but this was a long shot from the start. Assuming Forsberg even wanted to be a Montreal Canadien, and let’s face it who really wants to at this point – the Habs could never offer a trade package as good as Nashville’s.

    Will it pan out for them? Only time will tell. I personally think it’s a lot to give up for a rental, but the Preds are serious contenders and a healthy Forsberg just might put them over the top. They are taking the chance, and with no risk there is no potential for reward. You know Anaheim and San Jose are scratching their heads a little after the deal was completed.

    Back to the Habs…

    Jarosalv Halak has been called up from Hamilton. Jaroslav Halak

    Halak has been the AHL’s best goaltender this season and the Canadiens are looking to him to bring a little energy and confidence with him.

    Will he be able to have the same success in the NHL?

    This is somewhat similar to when Huet got a chance few starts about this time last year when Theo’s play tanked and all of a sudden found himself the #1 Goaltender.

    Halak will definitely start, they would not call him up to sit on the bench. One good game may be all it takes to get on a roll. Does Cam Ward come to mind? He’s the major reason the Canes won the cup last year after getting hot at the right time.

    Cup dreams and Cam Ward comparisons might be putting a little too much pressure on him, but why can’t he come in and lead the Habs to the 8th seed? Stranger things have happened. Halak has nothing to lose and everything to prove.

  1. Hey Habs#1 its one thing getting prospects and its another making use of them. Explain that one won’t you? This is the spirit in which the habs are in, we could get the next Wayne Gretzky (albeit unknowingly) and Gainey would keep him down in the dogs. What is the use of getting great prospects if you never use them? HUH?

    Hey sure Sammy was there as baggage, but hey his penalties last year cost us, so where is the quality that you speak of? What, he’s got real class cause he can take a puck and skate with it? That only works if you actually shoot the damn puck in the net…

    Why are blaming Andre Savard, it’s Gauthier that pulls Gainey’s strings buddy. It’s Gauthier and Gainey that got us this bunch, including giving more cash to Koivu and Kovalev without demanding a performance bonus, just straight being held up like some highway robbery….what kind of GM is that? WHy blame Savard, the blame rests on Gainey’s shoulders….

  2. #2 R habs 4 real says:
    February 18, 2007 at 10:10 pm

    winning 1 game doesn’t prove anything. They almost blew a 3 goal lead, and remember they were playing Columbus(who didn’t start skating until the 2nd period), and aren’t the best team in the world. Halak looked ok , but didn’t really have to make alot of difficult stops.
    The fact that Columbus imitated us, by taking so many penalties, helped us.
    Let’s see how Halak does against Ovechkin on Tuesday in Mtl.
    Tho the real test could be in Long Island on Thursday. I find there defence, still too slow, and bad at clearing the puck. Speed it up guys, and stop the turnovers. No matter what happens from now to the end of the season, WE STILL NEED MAJOR CHANGES!

  3. A win is a win….after six straight losses I’m sure the boys will take the two points. Halak was solid and will get the next start against Washington. Sure they only beat Columbus….but it was the Habs second game in less than 24 hours and Columbus was well rested after beating SJ friday night. Good to see the youngsters from the farm contributing ie. Halak,Lapierre,Milroy, and tonight down on the farm the bulldogs won again and Kostitsyn had another point to run his consectutive game point steak to 10 games (18 points) which is the longest in the AHL at this time. All is not lost….there still is a bright future for this franchise…its just taking a little longer than expected.

  4. Yes we can’t be blaming Gainey for the victories either, eh Jack Todd, oh no, Bob Gainey doesn’t do anything for the Habs, he is just some fall guy for when the habs lose the season, cause Bob is a victim of circumstance, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, oh no it doesn’t have nothing to do with Bob being a GM eh Jack?

    Geeze, I wonder if is overpaying Jack Todd….like he has just as much common sense when it comes to hockey as say Bob, ignorance is pure bliss in the press box and the GM’s office..all that free Scoth Whisky kinda helps eh Jack?

  5. Who gave Ryder, Komisarek, Higgins, Plekanec, Perezhogin, Latendresse, Streit, Halak and Huet there shots. Who called them up and put them on the big team?

    Bob Gainey. He gives players there chances after they’ve proved themsleves in the minors.

  6. Reports out of Florida are saying that the Panthers are going to trade Nathan Horton following his trade request and the Edmonton Journal is saying that the Habs are ready to move Ryder.

    If Gainey can swap those two that would be freakin amazing. Add in something more if he has to but the Habs cannot afford to not go after Nathan Horton. They need someone of his age(drafted the same year as Kotstitsyn), size(his just plain big and he’s fairly fast to), and skill.

  7. Gee, I guess all this crap about the habs being in slump has nothing to do with the hockey players, oh no, we can’t be blaming the millionaires cause Gainey is paying peanuts to a bunch of rookies. Like, hey, Gainey paid millions to Sammy, Ninny, Johnson, Rivet, for what, some twenty odd points, gee that’s a lot of money for mediocre work, man you’d think the leagues broken down vets who have lost it and have a huge medical bill would be knocking on Bob’s door, an embarrasment of washed up veterans, oh wait that speaks volumes about two of our four lines already, lucky for us, Bettman put a cap on, at the Govenors insistence because they were tired of losing all their untalented veterans to Bob…..hahahaa!!!!


    Oh no, we can’t be having a trade that makes sense, that’s not the hab way now.

  9. #9 Habz4EveR says:
    February 18, 2007 at 10:50 pm

    hey im on the Edmonton Journal website and i don’t see anything about that trade.. where did you read about that?



  11. Habz4EveR, I live in Edmonton and it was in last Saturday’s Journal in the Matty’s hockey world section.

    Were you’ll find it now is on in the latest addition of Backchecking at the bottom. You’ll also find stuff on Horton at the top.

  12. That’s Bob Gainey’s job to put those players on. IT’S ALSO HIS JOB TO FEILD A TEAM OF CONTENDERS THAT HAVE A NEED TO WIN MENTALITY. And to build a dynasty for the future, after all he was a Hab for a long time and he should know what is asked of him when he accepted the job. Habs#1,you and Bob have too wakey…..wakey,hands off snakey !!!! Beside’s there is no stoping the accountability question at this sad point and time for a once great organisation !!!

  13. Rember ,the captain goes down with the ship,Habs#1

  14. Take a look back at the mid to late 1990’s and early 2000’s and tell the Habs aren’t better off now then they were then.

    By blaming Gainey and Carbo your letting the players off the hook. They’re the one’s earning the money to do they’re jobs. You can’t blame Bob or Carbo for the players bad play. That’s the players fault.

    Oh, in the the salary cap era were you can’t keep a team full of superstars together for a long period of time, Dynasty’s are impossible. You’ll never ever see one again in the NHL.

  15. How long did it take Ottawa to put together a team that consistently made the playoffs? 7 years.

    San Jose? 10 years

    Nashville? 7 years

    How long did it take Tampa to put together a cup winning team? 12 years. How long before they started consistently making the playoffs? 9 years. It’s takin Gainey less time then Tampa, Ottawa and Nashville to get to step one and odds are it will take him less time to get to step two: the cup.

    I know a lot of you people who were around for the Dynasty’s are getting really impatient since we haven’t seen a cup since 93′, but because of the previous ownership and management(Houle, Andre Savard), Gainey had to start a rebuilding phase again starting in 2004.

    A reuilding phase is a marathon, not a sprint. Your going to need to show a lot more patience if you want this to work. I know you don’t want to here but it’s the truth, take it or leave it.

  16. Well, at least Gainey’s ambulance chasing, kinda puts him light years to Guy Carboneau’s theory of hockey gravity, you know the one where he tells his players to just shoot the puck somewhere in the direction of the net, and gravity will force it into the other teams’ blackhole, yup, no matter if you float it in, it’ll zip fast in….man that’s classic Guy Carboneau. Believe it or not, early in the season when one of the players was miked for RDS you could actually hear Guy say just shoot the puck towards the net no matter how hard or soft and it might go in….great words of wisdom.

    Hey someone forgot to tell Bob and Guy, that coaches actually stand there with whiteboards and sketch where players should be before they attempt the hockey gravity theory….hey anyone ever see Guy actually sketch plays? I can’t, not once, not even in a time out, same thing with Bob last year, not once.

    But you did see Souray and Plekanec sitting there on the bench drawing diagrams on toilet paper though, isn’t that sad?

  17. Even if your flawed example of there never being a dynasty again were true, it is still the standered that a G.M. must set their site’s for !And as for our team , I can’t recall them ever this baD,EVER IN MY 48 YEARS ON THE FREEKING PLANET !!!

  18. How about when they didn’t make the playoffs how many staight years in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s?

    When Jonas Hoglund and a washed up Pierre Turgeon were the top line.

    And as for flawed logic. Just watch the Penguins. They’ll win a cup no doubt. Maybe even two. But they won’t have a dynasty.

  19. Hardy har har….Ottawa started from scratch as did Tampa, it’s called establishing a hockey team, a new franchise. Big difference here, Montreal has their seat already in the friggen enterprise called pro hockey since what, 1913 or so? Almost since the beginning anyway. This involves having a network of scouts, to hear Habs#1 you’d think we had to dissolve the team before Bob Gainey came and Bob had to all by himself, dig the foundation for the Belle Centre and polish the knobs on the door handles, heck even Bob Gainey done change the toilet paper rolls, oh ya, 12 years of that and whompf! we gots ourselfs a cup eh Habs#1….you crack me up.

  20. No ,this is by far the worst Habs team and with a bleek future may I add.HECK ,IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME ,ASK THE OTHER HAB FANS, go on ask them !!!

  21. #21 Jacques says:
    February 18, 2007 at 11:32 pm

    Gainey and company should go after Yann Perreault; they need a good faceoff man plus he’s a decent center for the second line. Get rid of Kovalev Samsonov, Ninima,Downey. Did you see the faceoff stats, Perreault would at least give them a chance to win a lot more of them and that’s important to have possession to protect leads or prepare attacks.

  22. Good point Jacques,geese I wonder how much how much Kovalev,Samsonov and Niinima cost yearly Habs#1 ?

  23. #23 Habz4EveR says:
    February 18, 2007 at 11:43 pm

    I agree with Habs#1. He’s right. No GM is perfect. Bob is doing the best he can and is the best one out there. If he can get a Cup for Dallas, he can get one for Montreal. Just let him do his work.

  24. IS THIS NOT THE WORST CANADIENS TEAM EVER?…. YES… NO…if you want give details….

  25. Didn’t that stupid arse Corey chase Perreault outta Montreal already? The same year he booth Roy out? Some how I don’t think Perreaults eager faceoff style fits in with Carboneau’s net gravity theory or Gainey’s 6/49 lotto….number one, he’s already said in the past he hates Montreal’s strict playbook, you know the one where you have to give the puck away if you skate out of your slot…and number two, the conspiracy of the media and taxes, those evil conspirators just don’t want Perreault….no we can’t be winning hockey games, that might sell more papers for Lajournal and Lapresse and those tax guys wouldn’t know what to do with an extra million, oh no, these evil conspirators, and don’t forget Johnny Hab Fan, he for sure doesn’t want a winner, and we all know Bob Gainey wants to make sure the conspirators are happy and most of all that the fans remain unhappy, for some reason Bob Gainey hates hearing Montreal fans sign SHANANANAAA!!!!

  26. Hey Habs4ever, big difference in Dallas he was forced to sign, get this, healthy hockey players who didn’t have much mileage on them, for some reason Gainey thinks signing old has beens will be the trick. Sorry the “he did it in Dallas” argument doesn’t hold water. A winner picks winners. We ain’t seeing a winner he has signed. Gainey’s life in Montreal is a real sad tale. Time to put an end to that tragic tale.

  27. can’t just watch their great defensive work…I watched a couple of hi-lites on Saturday and what do I see a Carolina player round behind the net and four Habs players with Aebischer and the Carolina player has the time to wrap around and tuck it in. No one takes him out and four dimwits around the goalie. Is anybody looking at the tapes…are there actually coaches insisting on positional play and taking the man out. Are we that slow that players can out maneuvre us and expose lack of talent. If a guy score from there he should be on his ass or atleast having a glove kiss. You know I would wish that replays of all ‘ugly plays/goals’ could be put on youtube…call what not to do. Heck we should have a number one seller with many examples, probably a good selection and probably all unique. I bet that would get some chills going up our spines. Yeah let’s watch that multiple times and get our blood moving…Fuck even Demers is pointing out where is the heart and passion….bring the boxing gloves out, it’s been two and a half months of knumbskull playmaking…the proof would be in the video (any crafty videographer who has the footage would be a sure welcome to our beaten up spirit if only to clarify what the fuck happened to this team), where are all these ‘shithead millionaires’. Quick call the police, we have imposters or simply highway robbery happening. Hey operator get the RCMP…looks like the Russians are/have been ripping us off!

    By the way, can we play Columbus another 20 some odd games. Let’s put a second call to Bettman & request a new schedule…the next games all against Columbus…and Souray playing 60 minutes throughout. There’s a plan. I’m sure Demers would agree.

    *()&*?%?%?*8 mmmmmfff!

  28. #28 BarrieHabFan says:
    February 19, 2007 at 1:05 am

    Sorry, I know I should practice what I preach, but who is this joshtm a**hole?

  29. #29 R habs 4 real says:
    February 19, 2007 at 1:12 am

    And, Gainey is NOT the best GM out there. I think either Brian Burke or Ken Holland(Detroit) are better. Just check their stats. Even Sutter in Calgary is amongst the top. Winning 1 cup doesn’t make you a top GM. He just happened to luck out that year. And being able to spend like Steinbrenner on UFA’s sure helps. When, and if, Gainey brings a cup to the habs, I’ll be the first to say he’s a good GM, but not until that point. When I see signings like Samsonov, and giving large amounts of $$$ to underachievers like Koivu(who’s never scored more than 25 goals), and Kovalev(who shows up for only 25% of the games), 3-4.75 mil/year, I get upset. They’re NOT WORTH IT! I can see a player like Ovechkin or Crosby, but c’mon. And giving Ninnimaa almost 2 million!
    Gainey, learn how to budget, and pay for what you get!

  30. AGREED, Anybody else want to step up to the plate ? Let’s see where this goes……

  31. #31 joshtm says:
    February 19, 2007 at 1:45 am

    Way to go there buddy BarrieHabFan, yup practice what you preach LOL…I guess you don’t practice as soon as you finish typing it sort of goes away doesn’t it?

    You know for all we know it’s Izzy up to his cruel tricks again, hey Izzy go back to your friggen leafs blog freak. Good try though.

    As bad as the habs have been of late, there is no way we could ever sink as low as the laffs, we have what some 50 odd years to go before we get all delusional and drag old tired folgies outa retirement homes to honor the last cup.

    Watch HNIC’s next performance, they will conduct a seance with the ghosts of the laffs as a followup…you just know it’s bad when the last cup played only has black and white video.

    But all I can is is that Bob Gainey is trying his best to out do the laffs. He is talking fifty years of bad hockey and condensing it, kinda like Koivu and his classic lets get a penalty on a 5-3 and convert it to a horrible loss…

  32. #32 joshtm says:
    February 19, 2007 at 1:52 am

    I say next habs home game, instead of singing Oh Canada, we ask the fans to sign SHANANAANAA HEY HEY BOB GAINEY GOOD BYE!!!!

  33. #33 joshtm says:
    February 19, 2007 at 2:00 am

    Jack Todds next excuse for a Habs loss? Well you know, the wine was just not that good this year, so as a result the wine drinking habs are just not having a vintage year, and its not Bob Gainey’s fault. And according to Jack Todd, it’s not the players fault either. Somehow miraculously, the habs are in a slump for unknown reasons, well maybe because Rivet got the flu, ya that’s it, because Rivet got the flu, there, now are we all happy? Sorry there Jack Todd, we were kind of on the wrong track, we thought the habs were in a slump because they have been outscored, outplayed, outgoaled, outinjured, outclassed, outsourced, just plain outta luck, but no, it’s not Bob Gainey’s fault for signing a bunch of underacheiving hockey players who aer overpaid, and as a result there is no money left over to sign someone to dig them outta that horrible pothole they got themselves into called the Bell Centre….oh no, the habs are in a slump for unknown reasons and we can’t blame Gainey, so there. It’s not the worse team in history, and what other great mysteries that have been solved can Jack Todd refute?

    What other great discovery can we ask Jack Todd to say was not discovered? Yes come and join George W Bush and Jack Todd in denouncing the law of gravity, and Jack’s favourite “Lets take the common outa common sense”….

  34. #34 Joshtm says:
    February 19, 2007 at 2:21 am

    Pee pee on my tummy
    ME am sweet and lovely
    pee pee pee

  35. #35 Kev_in_Dorval says:
    February 19, 2007 at 3:25 am

    I’m guessing there’s more than one Joshtm out there … Anyways, heard Pronger went down … how high is the goal-leading defenceman’s value to some western teams? I like Souray, but Gainey should try to get something for him if he doesn’t think he can re-sign him. 2 pretty good prospects, defenceman and forward should be standard asking price.

  36. Re. Post #268! That’s what happens when one grows up in Nebraska, and actually knows more about baseball and tiddly winks than hockey!

    I agree with whacky Jack (Todd) on only one point (Post #268) that you cannot blame Bob Gainey for this season. Gainey had the Habs pumped up and overachieving when he was coaching as GM last season. Maybe the expectations of both the players and the fans were too high.

    The rest of Todd’s article came across as wimpy, pathetic whining. Much like most of the posts on this blog actually. Other teams had their injuries, illnesses, bad calls by referees too… these are not legitimate excuses at all. Mistakes were made this season (no question.) Learn from them and get on with building the team for the future. The Habs should try to dump some deadwood and players that are not likely to remain in Montreal after this season and acquire more young prospects that can potentially help the team to be a cup contender a couple years down the road.

    As for storming back into the playoff picture thois season, who exactly is Montreal going to catch in the Eastern Conference? Pittsburgh? New Jersey? Carolina? Buffalo? Tampa Bay? Toronto? etc. etc.

    Bob Gainey is still one of the best GMs in the league. It is just that patience is a virtue, and he will likely make some deals when they are in the best interest of building the franchise in Montreal towards truly having the potential of winning a cup. Don’t forget the Carolina did not even make the playoffs in the hockey season before they won the Stanley Cup.

  37. Gee Rob, we had all the patience before during and after the lockout, and a whole wad of cash from this rich American. What did Bob do? Waste it all. If you build a lemon with lemon parts, guess what Rob, it’s gonna be a lemon, plain and simple.

  38. Hey Rob, you don’t want a crack at post #325 ?….AFRAID?…., Oh yeah ,good morning….

  39. Well Carolina has a GM who signed healthy big players who bullied their way into the cup. What do we got? Gee Mr Nice Guy Johnson, Ragdoll Ninny, Kranky Kovalev, Sakku Hookyou…..oh no, signing and keeping this bunch had nothing to do with our slump, oh no, heck we can’t be using common sense, its all the goalies fault for not having performed a miracle and having a zero against average….oh no, we can’t be blaming Gainey for signing these guys….

  40. Geese, I wonder if the HABS were in first place rite now would Rob and the like’s say it had nothing to do with Gainey ?

  41. One of the big problems that occur when you hire ex players for the position of management or coach is when thing do go in the crapper”like the storied franchise Les Canadiens” is they refuse to fold em.I CALL IT “PAT QUINN SINDROM”, were the brother hood is more important than the FANS OR REALITY ITSELF. Which explains statements yesterday from coach Carbo “I didn’t know anything about Halak until now, I’m surprised how well he did !” Is any body hearing these statements , I mean, is it not his job to no the potential of the bulldog players for just in case situations or IS THIS TEAM DRIVIN BY BLIND EGO?

  42. #42 smiler2729 says:
    February 19, 2007 at 12:36 pm

    Bob Gainey DID NOT SIGN Mike Johnson, he traded a 4th round pick to Phoenix for him and he’s a damn good player.

  43. Don’t even bother trying to make them see sence smiler, these are guys who think the Habs should be winning the cup and being first in the division every year, and while that would be nice it’s basically impossible.

    Don’t try and explain things to people with zero hockey knowledge.

  44. If that’s your viewpoint shouldn’t you call yourself Habs#25 or30th place team,cause that’s were there headed. Wake up !!!!

  45. #45 R habs 4 real says:
    February 19, 2007 at 1:00 pm

    I’m not saying Gainey should take all of the blame, but partial blame. He needs to be accountable for some mistakes. What mistakes? Overpaying players that aren’t worth it. I’m not condemning him for signing Samsonov, or Ninnimaa, but simply for OVERPAYING THEM! You don’t give Ninnimaa(broken down player), 2.75 mil/season, or Samsonov(underachiever), 4.75 mil, or for that matter Koivu,(who’s never scored more than 25 goals/season), more than 4 mil/season. It’s plain ridiculous. And what about Bonk? Isn’t he getting about 4 mil/sason, too? C’mon Bob! do the math. there’s no money left for the GOOD players.

  46. Again, I ask Habs Fans a simple question,one that doesn’t make you any less of a Habs fan by answering: Is this the worst Habs team ever? YES…..NO…..please let your senses not your heart make the call.

  47. #47 Joshtm says:
    February 19, 2007 at 4:16 pm

    I would say second worst, the worst was by far under Savard after they basically traded away and forced out the dynasty.

  48. #48 chitownhabsfan says:
    February 19, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    Here is a web site for NHL players salaries by team…

    You might want to store the above URL on your computer for immediate availability or future reference in the interest of accuracy for your posts.

    When trading players; i.e. Niinimma [Riberio] & Bonk [Garon & SJs 3rd round pick/2004], the player’s salary is already established by the former team.

    BG was in a bind in the earlier part of this season due to the fact that several defenceman were injured [on the Habs/Cube and Dogs/Cote]. So, he traded Ribs for Niinimma to fill an immediate need. Ribs was signed for $1.9M by BG and Niinimma’s contract is for $2.508M, so Janne is actually costing BG an extra $.608M, the difference between their salaries. Janne is overpaid and becomes a UFA after this season and most likely will go elsewhere or accept a lower salary to remain dependent upon BGs plans for next year.

    Bonk, at $2.934M is overpaid and was injured the majority of last year and played through that injury. However, the consensus is that he is playing much better but remains overpaid for a third line player. He will become a UFA at the end of this season and will be required to accept a lower salary or go elsewhere.

    Here is another web site that you may want to consider storing in order to maintain some accuracy for your posts.

    I believe that it is too late to sign Yanic Perreault since he currently has a contract to pay for the ‘Yotes for this season and if he is going to resign for next year, most likely will be the ‘Yotes since he has a home there.

  49. #49 Joshtm says:
    February 19, 2007 at 4:32 pm

    Although Gainey is trying very hard to best Savard at Savard’s worst, or hey under Corey really. But honestly you just can’t get any worse than Corey. I don’t know what the guy had against Montreal but to destroy the team the way he did and drive out HNIC?

  50. #50 Joshtm says:
    February 19, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    I think it is the same web site where Gainey looks for injured overpaid veterans, I guess when Bob was struggling towards the end of his career he promised himself that he could do what no one would do for him, pay too much for mediocre play and free pills.

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