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Halak Attack

  • Guy Carbonneau pretty much went on the record saying that Jaroslav Halak will be the goaltender the Canadiens will rely on to get them to the post-season.

    Can he do it?

    It wouldn’t be the first time the Canadiens try to rely on a hot goalie to get them into the playoffs and even win them a cup.

    There’s a lot of pressure on the 21 year old goalie that has barely even played in the NHL.

    Looking at the remaining teams in the playoff hunt and their goalies:

    Atlanta Thrashers: Kari Lehtonen
    Tampa Bay Lightning: Denis/Holmqvist
    NY Islanders: Rick DiPietro
    Toronto Maple Leafs: Andrew Raycroft
    Carolina Hurricanes: Cam Ward
    New York Rangers: Henrik Lundqvist
    Boston Bruins: Tim Thomas

    Not very much experience there with the exception of maybe DiPietro and Cam Ward who is still young and has still never completed a full season. Halak however is the least experienced of all.

    It will come down to who gets hot and stays hot down the stretch.

    A lot to ask of a rookie goalie.

  1. #1 Habs#1 says:
    March 9, 2007 at 12:57 pm

    The rebuilding process must begin immediatly. Kovalev and Samsonov must be bought out, put on waivers or traded. Koivu stays. This team lives and dies with him. When he’s injured or playing poorly(because he’s not a #1 freakin centre! He dosen’t have the physical tools to play that spot and he’s worn down), the Habs suck. When he’s on the team is on. If they can get a centre to share the load with him this team will be a lot better.

    Carbo needs to bring in an assistant coach who knows how to coach offence cause he dosen’t. They only send two forecheckers in and no one goes to the net hard were most of the loose pucks are cause they’re hanging around the blueline playing defence. But Carbo isn’t getting fired. You don’t fire a coach after less then a year on the job. That’s stupid. That’s the type of panic move that’s gotten this team in trouble in the past.

    And don’t jump all over Halak. It’s only his 7th NHL game, and he’s only played one year in the AHL. He’s only 20 years old. He’s not Ken Dryden and
    he’s not Patrick Roy. He’s Jaroslav Halak. Give him a break.

    This teams playoff hopes died with Huet’s Hamstring. Time to turn this rebuilding yet still trying to make the playoffs strategy that isn’t working into a full blown rebuilding with all young guys(but keep Koivu cause every team needs a veteran player for leadership: Pittsburgh has Gary Roberts and Mark Rechhi for a reason). This team has a life threatening cancer growing in it daily and Gainey will need to preform major life saving surgery in the offseason for there to be any hope not just for now but for the future.

    And good on Cournoyer and the Pocket Rocket for telling the French Media to shut up. They do drive FA away. It takes a special player to acctualy want to play in the biggest fishbowl in hockey. The majority of NHL players, especially a lot of the superstars(If Joe Thorton counldn’t handle it in Boston he’s be crying within a week in Montreal), don’t want to deal with all the crap the media dumps on them in MTL. That reporter sneaking into Koivu’s hospital room to take a picture of him injured is an example of why no one wants to play in MTL.

  2. #2 PoorHabs says:
    March 9, 2007 at 9:38 pm

    I have to agree with Habs#1 regarding the need for Koivu. He is a motivator, and the heart of the team.

    This team needs to improve their defense play more than anything else. They have SH_T loads of offensive talent. Just remember back to the last Buffalo game when things opened up.

    Unfortunately however, as soon as the game tightens up, they get all choked up and forget how to create simple plays and GET in FRONT of the net! It’s quite a shame to have to end the season like this. I don’t believe that Montreal WANTS to lose games on purpose.

    Even if Montreal MADE the playoffs, does anyone even think that they would actually get past first round???

    Let’s not pin any blame on Halak. His style is much more stand-up and aggressive than Abbylovestoplayonhiskneesforsure. Halak will be a quality NHL goaltender someday. I much prefer watching Halak getting scored on (even the softies) then seeing Abby sliding to the wrong side of the net… on his knees of course… and then ending the final attempted puck stoppage while ON HIS FACE!

    Gotta get rid of the following in the off-season:


    Lets build a team around the positives, guys that will show up ALL THE TIME, like Doug Jarvis did, and we’ll have a great bunch of guys to watch. Even when they lose, you’ll have respect for them.

    See you next season!

  3. #3 Don Carnage says:
    March 10, 2007 at 5:10 pm

    Right fire the coach because he is sub 500 … last time I looked we were 33 30 thats not sub 500 … yet ? Who knows but the problem cant always be the coach and Montreal has had problems for a while now its been 14 years since the last Cup ..must be Sammy’s fault or Kovalev they were here 10 years ago?

    Naw this team needs to rebuild and has needed to for a longtime , they will I cant remember a team that went from mediocore to the summit in 2 years and was able to stay there? Anyone ?

    Look at the Canes WOW 8th place and hanging on by a toenail defending champs?

    Sucks but thats the way things are right now , we need some fresh blood and I am sure we will see some , but the truth is as stated before there are so many places where good players can play in peace, pay less taxes, and have nice weather .. Odds are against the Habs when it comes to FA’s we need to build from the roots and draft the core of this team in the meantime while that happens, we need to live the dark hours we live now.

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