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Huet Back to Back Shutouts

  • The Canadiens won their second straight game against the injury riddled Philadelphia Flyers. They did it in dramatic fashion with Michael Ryder netting his first career hat-trick and with Cristobal Huet putting up a 2nd straight shut out.

    Yes that is dramatic for the Canadiens. 5 goals, a shut out! Oh holy day. It doesn’t happen nearly enough.

    Everyone in the world is aware of Theodore’s problems right now and here’s another little stat that illustrates it pretty well.

    Goalie Shutouts  
    Cristobal Huet 2
    Yann Danis 1
    Jose Theodore 0 $$$$$$$$$

    $4.5 Million USD buys 0 shut outs through 38 games. It does buy a 3.46 GAA however. Enough about Theo he’s old news.

    Cristobal Huet keeps shining when given the chance. At this point you have to ride him as far as he takes you. I’d expect him to start until he loses and he won’t sit on the bench for long if Theo doesn’t turn it around immediately. The Canadiens are right in the playoff race which is getting a little more heated with the Islanders and even the Panthers getting closer. A well-timed winning streak could really change the picture. Hopefully it’ll be the Habs with that streak.

    Michael Ryder broke his mini-slump which is great news. The only consistent goal scorer on the Habs is firing again, maybe Theodore should ask him how he did it.

    The Sabres are a huge surprise this year and playing extremely well. If the Canadiens can steal some points off them it’ll be great for the team’s confidence.

  1. #1 SaskHab says:
    February 6, 2006 at 4:33 pm

    Even though I am a Theodore fan, his terrible play is undeniable and costing our team points and possibly playoff contention. As there seems to be a trend in the league in the shape of star tenders playing like crap while relative unknowns are winning games. With this in mind I can’t fathom that bob Gainey would even spend a second thinking about starting Theodore anytime soon, even if the Habs don’t win the next game.

  2. #2 Habs4life says:
    February 6, 2006 at 7:09 pm

    Well right now Huet is playing like theodore should be playing. I dont think that he can be a starter for this team but right now he’s putting us back in a playoff picture and its great. And about theodore, if he cant step up his game he will be trade for another starting golaie, or a good young started. Right now Montreal is talking with the blackhawks for a trade which would see theodore and ribeiro for Mark Bell and khabibulin.

  3. Why can’t he be a starter if he’s putting us in the playoff picture?

  4. #4 theo sucks says:
    February 6, 2006 at 10:17 pm

    Huet has earned his playing time. This guy has given us some hope now.I dont know when theo will play again but he will be very nervous, how do you follow up two shutouts to the guy who is suppose to be backing you up

  5. #5 Begin#1 says:
    February 7, 2006 at 1:09 am

    If Huet keeps on playing this way, we will make the playoffs. And if we do make the playoffs, i think it is obvious to say Huest should stay in as first goaltender till the end of the season, its as simple as that. As for Theo, give him one or two more chances before the March, if he shows up keep him if not get rid of him as fast as possible, before he loses all his value (which is a shame, because I think, along with many others, that if he plays elsewhere he will become a great goaltender)

  6. Huet has back to back shutouts partly by luck and partly by design. The Boston team we saw in game 2 of the home and home was largely the same as the one who beat us in Boston (game 1). The difference?.. marginally better habs defence and home advantage in that game. The Flyer game showed an even greater intensity in all areas which was great to watch. But on the whole, defensive zone coverage and puck clearing assignments were followed up with an equally strong offensive transition. The Habs performance in this game would’ve been strong enough to be any team, regardless of the Flyer’s injury woes.

    “Montreal is talking with the blackhawks for a trade which would see theodore and ribeiro for Mark Bell and khabibulin” … I’ll take that action. Sounds like an even trade too at this point. ‘Bulin’ll thrive in MTL. Then again.. Ribs and Theo will probably end up with career years next year.

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