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Huet hung out to dry

  • The Canadiens didn’t show up to play in Colorado but they almost squeaked by with a point or 2 thanks to Cristobal Huet. The Habs goalie did everything he possibly could to keep the Canadiens 1-0 lead facing over 37 shots from a potent Avalanche offense. For much of the game it looked like the Canadiens would ‘get by’ with a very lucky 1-0 win because of Huet. Enter Radek Bonk. What can you say about Bonk? I don’t think anyone would argue he has done anything good for this team and it’s become increasingly hard to care at all that he is a Hab. Bonk saucered out a weak, poorly timed, poorly planned pass that was intercepted and a few seconds later it was in the net. Bonk has been guilty of this EXACT same error in the past giving it up to the Leafs and giving them a goal. If you ran the tape next to each other, it’d be identical.

    The Canadiens just don’t get it done. Instead of being down 2 or 3 nothing in the first like they probably would have been had Jose Theodore been in net, they get game saving play from their goaltender. Only then to go and make Novice mistakes like sending the puck up the middle. It’s a team game and one guy or one play won’t win the game. It won’t get any easier this month and it looks more and more like we’ll be sitting on the outside looking in after the long road stint ahead.

    Sheldon Souray left midway through the game with a knee injury. Probably from the knee to knee collision with Dan Hinote in the first period. Souray played a few more shifts after that but disappeared and didn’t return. It’s too early to say how serious it is, with the Habs luck he’ll be out for at least a few games.

    Next up, Joe Thornton and the Sharks.

  1. #1 LynxCoach says:
    January 12, 2006 at 6:09 pm

    This is my first ever blog so guys, bear with me.

    Everyone in Monreal is in panic mode. Deal Theodore, they say. Trade Ribeiro!!

    Guys, get a grip and look at some facts for a second. All the Habs’ brass was in Denver yesterday. Gainey and Brisebois in plain sight. Not hiding, not talking.
    Anyone who has followed Bob Gainey’s career can tell you his actions are louder than his words. Why does the GM of the Habs go on a one game road trip? And why does he have his capologist with him? It’s simple to me.

    The Habs drop a dud yesterday in Denver. Possibly the worst defensive performance I’ve seen in my lifetime. Things have to be shook-up. The pot has to be sturred. No, no moves yet. A simple action that gives players the idea that the chopping block is out and the knives are being sharpened.

    The other thing is that a defensive performance like that can be attributed to only one thing in my mind. Why would a defense stick up the joint so bad UNLESS OTHERWISE INSTRUCTED? Think about it. Claude Julien, since the beginning of the season. has been wearing his emotions on his sleeve. If he’s happy or ticked off, you can tell just by looking at him. Last night, nothing. Not a frown, not a smile. Absolute didley squat. It leads me to believe that Gainey and the gang were showcasing Huet to Colorado, in an attempt to trade him for another player, perhaps Tanguay or Hedjuk. The Habs can’t get rid of Theodore at his price tag. Not with the salary cap and all.

    Finally, a word about Canadian hockey. Not the Habs, but our brand of hockey in general. For years, Canadians tooks price in the Rock ’em, Sock ’em brand of hockey we grew up to know and love. The type of hockey that won us the ’72 Summit Series, Canada Cups and so many other trophy. I can’t understand why, in this day and age, coaches from all hockey realms are trying to change to a “speed” game. Pierre McGuire of TSN often points out that hockey game are won in the trenches. Well, as far as I can tell, the NHL’s trenches have been filled with cement, and everyone has seemed to have misplaced their backhoes.

  2. #2 Begin #1 says:
    January 13, 2006 at 9:44 pm

    Sorry LynxCoach but i completly disagree. I highly doubt Colorado would even consider Huet, he hasnt played enoug h to prove himself. Not one team would take that kind of risk. Even if he has stop 81 shots on goal in his last two games and has a % of 0.916. Its just too early, plus he makes an excellent back up goaltender for montreal, once carey price will make his stand (which i hope he will). Listen there are two major problems: firstly a lack of big and aggressive power forwards and secondly the strain and pressure and strees Quebecer players have when they play in montreal for the Habs is enormous. When one eof them make a mistake they get murdered by the media and fans ( same goes for Dagenais, Ribero and Theo). That is why if we trade any of these players, i prsonally think the will play much much better. (look at Perrault and Brisebois), Therefore, we need new players from Quebec or not that can handle the pressure and stress.

  3. #3 Fire Pierre McGuire says:
    February 1, 2006 at 4:38 pm

    I hate Pierre McGuire (TSN). If you hate him too leave a comment


  4. #4 benjammin' says:
    March 2, 2006 at 2:40 pm

    Its time to start a petition to TSN. Fire McGuire or I won’t watch the 2010 Olympics on TSN.

  5. Please do as I have done and send TSN an email about Pierre McGuire. That man has ruined too many precious hockey games for me already.

  6. I can’t believe I have to put up with Mcguire for another season. As an avid TSN viewer he really, really bothers me. No other personality at TSN makes change the channel or hit mute when they come on.

    Why do TSN insist on keeping this chump?

  7. AS much as i dislike McGuire, i hate TSN even more. Im a habs fan andthey do not pay any attention to the habs…i understand there from toronto but i thought they were Canadas sports network…its not even that they ignore the habs but that they pay too much attention to the leafs…id rather they talk about anything else but the leafs! And their honour roll…i cant remember the last time a habs play was on it while a boring leafs play is. Gimme a break! RDS ALL THE WAY!!

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