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Improving the Canadiens

  • What players and positions need to be filled on the Canadiens to make them a real legitimate contender?

    Here’s a list of what I’d call ‘expendable’ players that could be let go to make improvements to the team.

    • Richard Zednik
    • Jan Bulis
    • Niklas Sundstrom
    • Mike Ribeiro
    • Todd Simpson
    • Mark Streit
    • David Aebischer


    Does anyone even want these players? Time will tell. If they do go, it’s important to get something in return that will fill in the gaps for the Canadiens.
    Don’t trade an underachieving forward for another under achieving forward. Don’t trade a slow footed 1 dimensional defenceman for another 1 dimensional defenceman.

    I’d venture a guess that 5 of those aformentioned players will not be wearing a Canadiens jersey come next season.

  1. #1 habby says:
    June 27, 2006 at 5:02 pm

    i have heard that the habs are offering aebischer and picks for st. louis and also that gainey is talking to minnesota possibly about gaborik and that ryder and something or someone else would be going the other way

  2. #2 Canadian @heart says:
    June 29, 2006 at 10:38 am

    Lets all do what we do best, be fans. Theres no crystal ball for Bob, and free agency is nothing better at times, than drawing an ace from the deck. Hopefully the Candians/Bob will get their aces. Its been a while since 93. I believe the Habs are no different than any other of the great hockey organizations.Once they assemble a decent team and the players have the right chemistry,we hopefully will see a reapeat of 93.Even then, its a long shot.They will still need a lot of lucky bounces before the cup is once again hoisted at the Bell Centre. Look what happened to Detroit in the first round this year. Also it took Carolina a team with 112 points in the regular season, to defeat the Oilers, ( eight in the west ) in game seaven of this years Stanley Cup Final. Do you know another team that squeased their way into eight spot in the east this year? The Habs, could just have easily have been Montreal in the finals this year had luck have gone their way. After all they did manage to put the fear of God in Carolina in round one this year. Only for some really luck bounces for Carolina, the Canadians could and should have won that round. Food for thought isn’t it !!!!


  3. #3 canadiac says:
    June 29, 2006 at 8:41 pm

    I really think Montreal needs a big strong centerman, and a power winger.I don’t think Souray will help this team. Did you see all the mistakes he mad? Spezza made him look sick, and like an amateur. Get rid of Ribeiro. He’s a hotdogger, and never finishes, and he can’t score. Bonk is too expensive, not worth it. Get Jovanovski yo bolster the defense. Arnott is coming here, you’ll see! Now that Bertuzzi is gone, how about Roenick? What Montreal needs is a flashy player to keep the fans in their seats. C’mon Bob, do the right thing! Spend some of Gillett’s money! We need alot of help to be a genuine stanley cup contender again. There was no way the Canadiens were going to contend in 2006. They were a 1 line team. You need at least 2 bonafide goal scoring lines to keep the other team honest. Right?

  4. #4 whotfru says:
    July 5, 2006 at 5:38 pm

    for those that have read my other notes , ignore this one because it will be repetitive.
    Bob needs to get us a strong centreman who can set up Kovalev and freinds. If we could establish a bonafide 1st line with the new centreman with Kovalev and move the Koivu line to a second line, it would create more overall scoring opportunities for both lines. I have always been a Koivu fan, but always felt he was more effective as a number 2 line centreman. He is too small to play against a checking line. He played his best hockey playing on the 2nd line behind Turgeon.
    We were eliminated in the first round-losing 4 straight. Bob cannot accept the status quo moving into next season. THe Canadiens are poised for the next 4 seasons to win Stanley. After that, the core group of young talent will be moving on the higher paying pastures. If we were to acquire an impact player now for the next 4 years, great things might happen.

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