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It begins. Leafs Vs Habs.

  • In what will surely be one of the season’s best rivalries, the Habs visit the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight at the Air Canada Center.

    The man of the hour Guillaume Latendresse will be dressed and playing after his strong performance agaisnt Tampa where he picked up 2 goals and a helper.

    The french media has already dubbed this guy as the next one. The pressure in Montreal is enough to crack a seasoned veteran, much less a young kid. No 18 year old has made the Canadiens team since Petr Svoboda in 1984. Whether he makes it or not is yet to be seen, but one thing that is certain, he’s making it very difficult for Canadiens management to not keep him around.

    Although only pre-season, anytime it’s Leafs and Habs the stakes are high. Meeting each other 8 times this season, Montreal looks to set the example early coming off a thrashing of the defending cup champs.

  1. I think Latendresse can make the lineup but he will IMHO have to literally force his way in. The only way he stays is if Julien and Gainey have no option but to keep him with the big boys.

  2. If Latendresse keeps playing the way he has they may have no option but to keep him up, if only to avoid any backlash from the media (the 110% gang). Furthermore, who will they cut to keep him? With the way he, as well as some of the other rookies are playing, something has got to give. If I was Sundstrum or Dagenais (who I still have high hopes for) I might be a little worried.

  3. What REAL role does Sundstrum really have? Kill a penalty here and there, hmm ok. Big deal. Experienced, yes but so what. He has little use in my opinion.

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