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Jason Woolley possibly signing with Habs

  • RDS and La Presse report the Canadiens are in negotiations with Defensemen Jason Woolley.

    Woolley would fill the hole left by Francis Bouillon’s injury. At 37 years of age he is no spring chicken but comes with 15 years of NHL experience.
    His price can’t be too high.

    Temporary fix or permanent solution? Or is he just one part of a multiplayer deal that will see more players swapped?

  1. #1 Lafreniere says:
    September 7, 2006 at 1:13 pm

    Jason Woolley is an alright player, I wouldn’t mind having him as a replacement for Bouillon, he has experience. Once Bouillon gets back, Woolley would be a good 7th Defenceman.

  2. Woolley bully bull!

    My new motto on Habs rumours is “If you’re hearing about it, it ain’t gonna happen!”

    I can’t understand why the Habs would cap out with a spare part unless another deal is in the works.

    The cap room saved with Boullion’s injury could be turned into 2 kinds of positives. First, the saved cash, and secondly an opportunity for someone such as Streit to play more or Cote to get some NHL games under his belt.

    Makes little sense to me.

    La Presse’s rumour into truth ratio is about 0 for 97 right about now.

  3. #3 jack tornton says:
    September 7, 2006 at 4:37 pm

    I have nothing to say…”Reality Check” said everything

  4. I don’t see the need, we are poor on defense but Bouillon will be back in november or december, it’s long but it’s good to let the others play and at least let some young guy a chance to play a little in the NHL.

    It’s in the center position we “might” have a hole if koivu not there.

  5. #5 j_t_radovinsky says:
    September 7, 2006 at 10:50 pm

    Seems a reasonable move only if its a 2-way contract …. the Habs are going to have a half dozen young defencemen in Hamilton this year & Woolley or someone like him could certainly help bring them along. A similar roll was filled by Karl Dykhuis a few years back in the development of Hainsey and Komisarek. Players like O’Byrne, Archer, Benoit, Emelin could all benefit from a veteran NHLer’s presence on that team.

    Plus the bonus of having the added depth of an established NHL’er in the system who should have no problem clearing waivers if needed in an emergency call up.

  6. You know if RDS is saying it, it can’t be true! What’s strange about this one though is that Wooley isn’t even a French player.

    I wonder why RDS is not going around the league asking any French defenseman who will talk to them (let’s call that player, player Le X) if they have ever dreamed of or considered playing for the Canadiens. If they got any positive responses perhaps they could run a story about how the Canadiens are about to sign player Le X to whip up the locals. When player Le X does not sign with the Canadiens, perhaps we can all jump on Gainey’s back for not signing player Le X because he would have been just what the Canadiens needed.

    Is anyone else seeing how insane this gossip is? Sit back, and let the Canadiens braintrust with his numerous Stanley Cups as a player/GM run the show. Enjoy the ride.

  7. Just as a reminder to all those in Montreal who have the audacity to criticize Bob Gainey that it was 7 Stanley Cups that he won as a player (3 more than Wayne Gretzky and 4 more than Patrick Roy), 1 Stanley Cup and a President’s Trophy as a GM, 4 Frank J. Selke Trophies, and 1 Conn Smythe Trophy. He was also given the title of the world’s best all-around player by Viktor Tikhonov, the legendary coach of the Soviet Union who knew a thing or two about hockey; on the other hand, the Soviets never accepted the idea that Wayne Gretzky was ever the greatest hockey player in the world.

    Any team of that era would have given just about anything to get Gainey on their team, but he stayed and played his entire career in Montreal (ie. not New York or Los Angeles.) The same is now true with respect to his being General Manager of the Canadiens so give the guy some respect. If Gainey decides to make any moves as a GM, you can be sure that we are only going to hear about it after the papers are signed.

  8. #8 jack tornton says:
    September 8, 2006 at 11:11 pm

    thsi aint goin to happen(PERIOD)

  9. sorry, jack tornton, you are misunderstanding what I am saying. You did manage to spell three words properly, however.

  10. Ok, Rob – I’m slammin’ ya into the boards high stick and all on this one! (No offense meant – my name is also Rob)

    I’m not gonna defend Jack T here. He can do that himself quite adequately, I’m sure.

    So he mispelled the word “this” ! BFD! His comment of “this ain’t gonna happen” was in response to the post question and not to you.

    Once you sober up, or get off drugs and rid yourself of paranoia, you’ll see that you and Jack actually share the same opinion. You fool!

    While you’re in therapy, grap a copy of the NHL Guide and Record Book, and look a few things up. Gainey won 5 Cups not 7, Roy won 4 Cups not 3.

    While I know of no GM better suited to the Habs than Gainey, it would be of sound knowledge for all to comprehend that past achievements are just that. Bob is working with the same new CBA as 29 other GM’s and it takes some getting used to. He can longer buy up whatever talent is available like he did in Dallas, with deep pocketed owners.

    The Game Has Changed!

    This is not meant as a slander to Gainey’s credibility. In the few years he has been in charge, he has turned the team around. Anyone doubting that simply doesn’t know the game – point blank.

    What is slowly becoming apparent now, is the difference between a good GM and an organization that has limitless dollars to spend. In today’s reality, GM’s such as Pierre Lacroix (who curiously resigned), Bobby Clarke (over spends then gets tight), John Muckler (underestimates the market), and John Ferguson Jr. (totally clueless) are all in need of conspicuous evaluation. The best GM in the game may we be the patient Gainey or the Ducks Brian Burke. Time will tell, and we are in different times now.

    Using past accomplishments as a gauge is of little worth.

    While I’m on this rant let me mention that there still is no news on Jason Woolley – surprised anyone?

    As goes the motto: If you’re hearing about it – it ain’t gonna happen!

    Trust me, Woolley will likely fall into the same file as Dumont, Gagne, Marleau, Elias, and Lecavalier.

    All names that were banterred about in here in the past that never came to fruition!

    This site’s traffic meter relies heavily on rumour based comment. I’ll eventually be censored for stating such truth, but I don’t care an iota.

    If the regular bloggers here care about such things, I find we would all be best off commenting on fact rather than fiction.

    I’m in here to talk about the team the Habs have now.

    Anything else is rather irrelevant.

    If you are Paris or Britney minded, share your thoughts elsewhere, and let’s keep this a game blog, hockey orientated, and somewhat fact based.

    To drill this point home – Gagne to the Habs for Bonk, even up.

    Now get a life!

  11. #11 Jack thornton, what the hell are you talking about? says:
    September 9, 2006 at 7:50 am

    There are tow types of Habs fans. THe ones that have faith in their team and the others well they can f*** off.

  12. Reality Check:

    OK. Since the gloves have been dropped, it is clear to me that you post on this site to try and divert folks to your own site. I will admit that it is pretty good and quite witty at times, but c’mon do you really want to recruit a bunch of idiots who just want to make believe that they are the Habs GM.

    Gagne for Bonk, however??? Now who really needs therapy??? Bobby Clarke is a total moron, but even he is not that dumb!

    I disagree strongly with the idea that past achievements are just that. If you review hockey history you will see that certain people keep rising to the top. Gainey is one of those people, and he deserves a lot more credit than he is given for staying in Montreal (both as a player and a GM.)

  13. #13 PACTUM SERVA says:
    September 9, 2006 at 9:07 am

    I dont want to make waves here but i cant help read 11th post by jack thornton lol he says there are two types of habs fans.Ones that have faith and others well you know the rest.WELL if you read the 9th post in CARBS HAS HIS LINES PICK or whatever he says that koivu is not a permanent player because he will get hurt again.I dont know guys but it seems to me that there is really not alot of faith in that comment.So i guess that puts him in the second kind of habs fan. Just my two cents

  14. #14 PACTUM SERVA says:
    September 9, 2006 at 9:10 am

    My bad guys sorry they are two differnt ppl lol

  15. Reality check:

    My apologies. I had to read your last comment “tow” times. The penny dropped; Gagne to the Habs for Bonk makes perfect sense! I finally get it!

    While we are at it, we could trade Ribeiro to the Flames for Iginla and Tanguay. Run the presses on those deals, and damn that Gainey if he cannot get these simple deals done.

  16. #16 Jack thornton, what the hell are you talking about? says:
    September 9, 2006 at 11:01 am

    A unfaithful habs fan is no better then a Leafs fan. Well maybe just a little.

  17. I’d say an unfaithful fan is no fan at all, really.

    I think people expect too much of Gainey – he can only do the possible. It takes two to agree to a deal. As far as the comment I made earlier about past acheivements, let me clarify it like this: It doesnt guarrantee future success. I think of Bryan Trottier as an example. A great player but a bozo as a hockey exec and coach.

    As far as wishing to divert readers to my site, I must admit that with certain subjects it is easier for me to point to something relative over at my place than to go on and on here. If it is of interest, I’ll make a point of mentioning my site, that’s all.

    Having a blog is fun but I don’t want it to be so time consuming that it takes away from other things. People have different opinions on everything. Why I choose to place mine here is because I see people whose thoughts interest me. There is the occasional idiot and the rumour nonsense that gets to be a bit much at times. When folks drop comments at Eyes On The Prize, I like to respond to each one courteously. I appreciate than anyone would be interested in anything I have written regardless of what they would say about. Most of us share similarities of thought. It’s cool when something real is discussed. I see it as widening my own ideas and expanding our thoughts. I get a little preachy at times, but hey, that’s just me – no disrespect is ever meant.

    Be good to yourselves!

  18. #18 jack tornton says:
    September 9, 2006 at 3:43 pm

    So you guys mean that we have to trust anything the media is reporting??
    If RDS says that the montreal candiens will get Gino odgik will you believe it… So what Im trying to say is that I don’t see why the canadiens would sign a 37 years old defenceman when they can give a chance to one of their youngster…

    If never this aquisition happens then they will pay way more Jason woolley than any of their prospect…

    This is not only a lost of money issue but also an experience issue.If we give this chance to a prospect then he will get experience out of it.

    And by the way this is not an english course folks. This a blog where you can express your opinions. And yes no opinion is wrong as long as you can back it up with a point.

  19. #19 jack tornton says:
    September 9, 2006 at 3:44 pm

    thanks for your collaboration

  20. One must understand that if never this aquisition happens this is not only a lost of money issue.

  21. #21 jack tornton says:
    September 9, 2006 at 3:54 pm


    This message concerns you! If you read clearly, you’ll see that article # 11 is not written by me,but someone that doesn’t think before writting. Someone that doens’t even know what he’s writting. This unknown person describes me as an unfaithful canadien fan because I don’t see why this trade wiil occur… I only posted my opinion and I can back it up! If you read article number18 you’ll see why I don’t see this trade happening..

    This doens’t man Im an unfaithful fan…

  22. #22 jack tornton says:
    September 9, 2006 at 3:54 pm

    This doesn’t mean Im an unfaithful fan*

  23. the interesting thing about this particular blog is, almost everyone who leaves a comment, is generally speaking, A HABS FAN! If someone goes to the trouble to type a comment, it is because they care about the Canadiens, and wish them well. Also, even tho at times, there are some idiotic comments, with no relative value, it is still amusing! that’s what this site is all about. For each individual to relay their opinion, right or wrong! their comments should not be judged according to it’s context, or grammar. You people need to get a life, and simply ENJOY it for what’s it’s worth, like a grain of salt!If I say that past accomplishments don’t mean a thing, that’s true! Being a GM versus a player, are entirely different. Sure Gainey was a great DEFENSIVE player,(no offensive talent), but that doesn’t necessarily translate into being a great GM. But, I’m not ready to judge him too harshly because, the season is not under way yet! So, give him a chance to show his expertise as a GM, and a leader. If by February, we are struggling, and he has not made sufficient changes, then it’s a different scenario. Wait! Patience is the key word, and have faith!

  24. It’s not like this is Gainey’s first year as a GM. He has made this team a lot better in the couple of years he’s been here, and also, has taken Dallas to win a stanley cup. I don’t think it would be fair to say that he is a bad GM if the team is struggling in February (unless he does some really donk moves, like trading Kovalev for Domi or something ridiculous).

  25. #25 jack tornton says:
    September 9, 2006 at 4:39 pm

    I don’t see any GM making such a ridicullous trade

    *except for Garth Snow lol

  26. lol

  27. Earth to habs heart 1:

    More “idiotic comments” are contained herewith.

    Bob Gainey has already proven himself to be both a great GM and a great player! A president’s trophy and a Stanley Cup as a GM in Dallas are a testimonial to that fact. Anyone who tries to diminish these accomplishments by insinuating that he did this by buying whatever players he wanted is frankly nuts because the Rangers, Red Wings and Avalanche were all paying pretty good bucks back then (often, these other teams were paying better than Dallas.) How do these same people explain how Gainey took an underdog Minnesota North Stars to the Cup Final as a rookie coach? I tell you again that past achievements do matter, and are, in fact, an excellent indicator of future success.

    The fact of the matter is that one of the few positions on this current team where the Canadiens have a consistent, bona fide, world class player is in the GM position. Whether he signs a second or third liner like Dumont does not matter one whit. Whether the French press feel he doesn’t carry enough French Canadian players on the team does not matter. Whether he signs whatever player you think he should sign does not matter. Signing Jason Woolley or not does not matter. The desired player du jour does not matter. How the team is doing in February 2007 does not really even matter in the big picture.

    Gainey has taken what had become a laughing-stock of a team, and completely turned the boat around since 2003 so the team looks like it might actually be a true contender in the next 3-5 years.

    By the way, zzam, you’re a bit of a disturber, man. If you got something to say, spit it out. Be direct!

    Sorry to criticize your spelling, jack tornton. Although why do I have a sneaking suspicion that your last name is actually “Thorton,” and you have, in fact, misspelled it?

  28. PS Reality Check:

    Love the site; love the complimentary links to Eyes on the Prize. Keep ’em coming. Usually your only spelling mistakes are when you write Emelin instead of Yemelin… I’ll forgive that one.

  29. Well thanks for the kudos, Rob and I appreciate the kind words about the sight. With that Emelin thing, it’s the “E” being a “Y” sound in Russian that throws everybody. I think I started straightening that out a while ago and I’m now going strictly with the “E”.

    You’ve made your point on Gainey and backed it up well. My comment on dollars in Dallas was never meant to diminish his resume. I was simply bringing up as a point in fact as to how things are now different with the new CBA and cap as opposed to how it was before. Spending wildly was never a guarrantee of success, see NYR. It did however enable teams to outbid others in the free agent market. Still, an astute GM must seek out the right players to fit a team concept. With how it works now, it is quickly becoming apparent which GM’s can manage and which ones were helped by this before. It separates the genial from the lucky rich, is one way I’d put it.

    Gainey is now building the Canadiens a piece at a time and doing it very well. This testifies to your statement that past accomplishment are in fact relevant. When I had brought up that they weren’t, I should have stated it differently. What I should have said, is that past accomplishments can sometimes be deceiving.

    Going over the Dallas scenario again from that time period, it is interesting to note what happened soon as Gainey was promoted from the GM spot. The Stars went hog wild and overpaid for Donald Audette, Pierre Turgeon, and Bill Guerin. It took then a few years to recover from those slips.

    If we wish to see Bob make those type of aquisitions in Montreal, the team would actually be headed in the reverse direction.

    I’m getting anxious as hell for the season to start and hoping the team jumps out ahead quick so that all the unbelievers can get off his back.

    I hear the rookie team had a good night against the Panthers.

    Let’s get it going!

  30. #30 Jack thornton, what the hell are you talking about? says:
    September 10, 2006 at 10:37 am

    Well Jack, you are the only one to criticize Gainey. By dogging him you insult the entire franchise. HE ahs been put in charge of revamping this storied franchise. Before he was here we were quickly becoming a joke and it was very painful for us hardcore fans. I know you probably were not affected by that. Gainey has done a remarkable job rebuiling this team not only on the ice but the youth system and future. Never could we have expected to come this far in such little time when we hired him in 03.

    ANyways even with all that you still have the balls to bash him for what he is. IN my mind JACK you are criticizing all habs fans and the crest itself when you criticize Bob causewithout him we would wtill be a joke. IF he wants to sign Wooley for some depth then he can sign him. THe last thing we need is some fool questioning every single move Bob makes. For whatever reason you dont like him, better check yourself.

  31. I’ve noticed that no one on this site seems to agree with the blogger named Jack Thornton. Includgin bloggers who twist his name around. Reading the remarks it is almost like Jack is not even a habs fan. Why does he keep writing if all he gets is the cold shoulder from everyone. ON another page I think he was hitting on another dude. This Jack guy seems to be missing a few marbles. Maybe we shoud start encouraging him.

    Good job Jack, good boy…..Sit , good jack.

  32. Most of the bloggers in here critcizing others make even less sense. If you want to make a point properly about something that was said, quote them!

    There will always be imposters who need to get a life. Watch the names carefully, there is “TORNTON” and “THORNTON” etc. One makes pretty clear sense and supports Gainey while doubting the media reports on rumours, the other can’t spell and is logic challenged to the point he contradicts himself from post to post.

    When adding your comments, scroll back and read the persons previous thoughts before wasting your time disagreeing with them.

    Maybe it’s time this site’s webmaster started blocking some of the nonsense with a comment moderator.

  33. I just picked up ‘The Score’ hockey preview magazine and once again those Toronto central media outlets have it in for Montreal. They have them finishing second last in the conference.

    They have Florida, Washington, Toronto, Boston, NY Islanders, Atlanta and Tampa Bay all finishing ahead of the Habs.

    It’s just completely ridiculous. Their reasons?

    FLORIDA: They’ve got mister goonjob Todd Bertuzzi who now makes them a playoff team. REALITY: Their defence sucks and their goaltenders are Alex Auld and Ed Belfour. WILL FINISH: 11th

    WASHINGTON: For some reason these people believe that Richard Zednik is going to give them a ‘dangerous second line’. REALITY: Zednik was never the same after the elbow from McLaren and this team still has nothing beyond Ovechkin(who will still score sixty goals), and a 36 year old, almost washed up Olaf Kolzig. WILL FINISH: 13th

    TORONTO: The belief is that Hal Gill, Pavel Kubina and Andrew Raycroft will along with Kaberle and McCabe will give them in impenetrable defence and that all their ‘young talent ‘ is ready to step up which apparently they have ‘a lot of’. REALITY: Raycroft was a flash in the pan, Gill can’t skate and is as tough as a figure skater, Kubina is once again slow and was better suited for the old NHL( goals 17, drops to 5), McCabe is drasticaly overpayed and overrated because he plays for Toronto. Come to think of it all three of those defenceman are overpayed. And they have no real offence next to Sundin and possibly Steen. WILL FINISH:12th

    BOSTON: They think that the additions of Chara and Marc Savard will make them cup contenders and that Kessel will give them a solid second line goal scorer.
    REALITY: it takes more than two players to take one of the leagues worst teams that had tons of holes and make them contenders. Chara is overrated and they have nothing behind him since Paul Mara and Brad Stuart are basically the same defenceman. Savard was overrated and only racked up a lot of points because he played with Kovalchuk and Hossa. Their goaltending situation is unstable and Kessel is no Crosby. Their only two good moves were re-signing Boyes and Bergeron. WILL FINISH:10th

    NY ISLANDERS:? REALITY: They didn’t even have any reasons for this one since they probably knew they couldn’t come up with any.Wang is the new Harold Ballard and is ruining the once pround franchise. WILL FINISH: 14th

    ATLANTA: Ilya Kovalchuk and Marian Hossa are just super! REALITY: While that may be true, their defence sucks, their #1 centre is Bobby Holik(gimme a break), they have no second line and Kari Lethonen, while a very good goalie is injury prone and they have no backup.Although I do believe they have enough to make the playoffs. WILL FINISH: 8th

    TAMPA BAY: Marty St.Louis, Vinny Lecavelier and Brad Richards are just super! REALITY:Ah how the mighty have fallen. They’ve got a point, although these three players alone take up half the cap and St.Louis and Richards(8 mil?) are overpayed. With Freddie Modin gone they have no secondary scoring next to Richars, Evgeni Artukyn(no idea if I’ve spelled his name right) has signed on with a Russian team, their defence is terrible after Filip Kuba and Dan Boyle( though they smartly let Kubina go) and Marc Denis has yet to truly prove himself as a #! goalie. WILL FINISH: 9th

    I feel much better now after venting my frustrations with those idiots at THE SCORE and the rest of the Toronto based media.

  34. #34 PACTUM SERVA says:
    September 10, 2006 at 1:44 pm

    Habs#1 great post lol being a habs fan you kind of get use to hearing all that crap.The day any toronto radio station,t.v station,newspaper,magazine etc. says anything postive about our habs monkeys should fly out of my butt.I thinks leaf fans are all still upset when kovalev ran over tucker like a god dam mac truck lol. oh ya by the way i heard tucker was picking his teeth out of his shit for a week after that lol go habs go p.s how do u think tucker and peca will get along with what happened with those two in past years

  35. #35 jack tornton says:
    September 10, 2006 at 3:37 pm

    I’ m really disapointed…This “habs” guy you’ve shown how a ridiculous person you are…You keep on coming on other names and showing attitude. Let’s put something clear! If Ganiney does a trade or an aquisition this DOESNT MEAN it’s a good one. What about the Bonk aquisition was it good??

    Alright let me be nice to you…If Gainey does any trade it’ll be a great one and we have NO PROBABILITY of losing on that trade…Alright it’s done!

    But listen, don’t act as a smarty…You wrote the first message which is under “Jack thornton, what the hell are you talking about?” and just after 15 minutes you posted another message under “Habs”.Take it easy there…

  36. #36 jack tornton says:
    September 10, 2006 at 3:38 pm

    “Habs #1” great post tho!

  37. Yeah, Gainey is da man. Agreed, Gainey has turned the ship around. Yada yada yada. Tehre are tow reesons the canadiens wont win teh cuop, one is taht Gainey hazent maid the right moves, and the oder is dat Koivu is alwais sick.
    Learn how to spell! Dis i snot a grammer course! Agred Agreed, Toronto sucks.

  38. Every year it’s the same thing. Toronto is picked to be a major contender. And they are, sort of… for two months or so. Then the wheels fall off and we hear nothing more than whining and whingeing (who’s that Cherry guy anyway?)…

    Fortunately for those in Montreal, we see the facts: Bob Gainey is building a team to win the Stanley Cup. A few strange moves aside, his management has been incredibly consistent, and that is EXACTLY what it takes to build a real contender for the Cup. Hopefully this year, but definately in the next 2-5 year window.

    So, my dear Toronto Media, I paraphrase the Sports Illustrated comment that mentioned one of the only good things that happened to the Maple Laffs this offseason: Pat Quinn was fired!!!

    Enough with the Toronto bashing! It’s just too darn easy!! Let’s see how the Habs will stack up against the real contenders in Carolina and New Jersey: I think they’ll do really well and can’t wait for the season to start!

  39. Jack tornton:

    I don’t think that there is an imposter in our midst. I just think that a second blogger decided to call themselves “Jack Thornoton, what the hell are you talking about?” because you are confusing a few people with some of your comments. This second person is not alone; let me feed a couple of these softballs back to you so you can interpret (maybe):

    …be aither bob or carbonnau or both but keep something in mind even if Koivu returns hes not a permanent player (whatever this means, it seems to fly in the face of the fact that the Habs signed Koivu to a no-trade clause, long term contract just last year.)

    …If never this acquisition happens then they will pay way more Jason wooley than any of their prospect… (not sure what this means, but I don’t think I would want the Habs paying way more Jason wooley than they need to.)

    …This is not only a lost money issue but also an experience issue.

    or the inexplicable comment #19 …thanks for your collaboration. (Did you record a song with someone famous or something?)

    But in post #35, you again question Gainey’s credibility when you ask if Gainey’s acquisition of Bonk was a good one. Well, let’s look at that deal in a bit more detail shall we. Cristobal Huet and Radek Bonk to the Habs for Mathieu Garon and a 3rd round draft pick (#95 in terms of draft position.) Yeah, I think most hockey analysts (that is those who knew how to spell their own last name) would agree that Gainey definitely got the best on that deal, no question? Do you see it another way?

    You are right, Jack. This is not an english course, but perhaps the organizer of this blog could install a Jack Tornton-English transcription device so the rest of us aren’t scratching our heads so often.

    Not meaning to pick on you, Jack tornton. Stay in high school, man. It’s even more important than hockey in the long run.

    PS. Instead of beating up on each other. Remember that soon the season will start, and we can actually start getting our claws into some other easy prey… like the Maple Leafs!

  40. By the way, everyone should read post #29 again, and commit it to memory particularly the part about the team going in the reverse direction if Gainey started to make every stupid deal that the Montreal media wanted him to make.

    Gainey clearly functions as a GM using certain principles. One of which is as a player, you are allowed to have one bad season once in awhile. Bonk, Ribeiro and Souray will be playing for their careers in Montreal for the upcoming season as they have already had their allowable bad season. Do you really think these players don’t know this?

    The other principle that Gainey seems to function with is that a team becomes a good team by maintaining a certain consistency amongst its players. Loading up on UFAs (particularly ones of questionable quality at inflated prices – Hello, John Ferguson Jr.) will not likely build an effective team.

    Post #29 is probably the only sensible post here. Although I also did like Habs #1 shot at the Leaf’s nation media, but, really, Habs#1, what did you expect from a bunch of psychotic, delusional freaks who have had to falsely maintain that they are going to win the Stnaley Cup every year since 1967? You don’t think that that kind of thinking will do permanent brain damage to these Toronto based reporters? Let me tell you, it does.

  41. PS. Hey Reality Check:

    Why not post your sensible post #29 on your website instead of your inexplicable defense (post #10) of Jack T’s poor grammar/illegible spelling/illogical thought and lack of consistency between statements. Surely, as a member of the media (whom Habs #1 quite rightly points out that we should be very critical of), you don’t condone those sorts of things?

    Oh wait, nowadays, the sports media actually thrives on those four previously mentioned principles…

  42. Inexplicable? What’s inexplicable Rob?

    Where I got on board with all was after post #9 when you first reamed Jack, after he stated “this ain’t gonna happen” in reference to the original Jason Woolley question. Up till then the “multi Jacks” (?) had hardly said anything wrong, and post #8 had no reference to any comment by you, that would be cause for you to say what you did to him. In your post #7 you backed Gainey (as were Jack and myself), but did it with a pile of erroneous statements and facts.

    In my post at my blog I never defended Jack’s grammar or thoughts and his inconsonsistancy of ramblings (through several pseudonyms!) had yet to make itself as apparent as it did later. To post my own #29 at my blog with be getting rerundant on the Gainey (I’ve been there before), but I appreciate the suggestion.

    I’m not quite sure by what you mean when you say “condone those sorts of things”. Are you refering to Jack`s grammar or the media hype. Either way, my media creds hardly given me authority to be so grandstanding – I write about youth hockey and do concert reviews! As I maybe stated once before, what goes up my nose like mustard is, is rumoured based blogging along with the idiotic bickering it entails.

    With this particular question of Woolley or won`t he, it`s reeled me in like a big fish. They have me coming back to this blog for reasons other than what was behind the original question. That won`t happen again, mark my words. I doubt if I`ll even return here.

    It`s been fun!

    Hope like hell I didn`t spell anything wrong along the way!

  43. Reality check:

    What’s this??? You dropped the gloves with me in post #10. Don’t tell me that you can dish it out, but you cannot take it. Go ahead. Take your puck and go if you must! Sorry, if I have hurt your feelings, but that’s just me.

    There’s really nothing to blog on about until the season starts anyways so in my opinion, a few harmless scraps to get us there will at least keep everyone from talking about the next projected trade/free agency signing that Gainey is never going to make. The idiotic bickering about nothing is just about as sensible as guessing the Hab’s GM next move because as you have correctly pointed out if you’re hearing about it, it ain’t gonna happen.

    I hope that you are kidding about not returning to this site, seeing as you are one of the few bloggers that have anything interesting/intelligent to say here.

    I will try to behave in the future because if you’re gone, I am gone too!

  44. TO Jack;

    Rob has hit it right on, there is no one trying to imposter you. SOmeone just wrote in their name, what the hell are you mumbling about. Your knowledge seems to be very questionable.

  45. Alright Jack; challenge me.

  46. I don’t know who this Jack T(h)ornton fellow is. Strange stuff to be sure. There is only one Jack to have commented since the middle of last seacon; post #38, that’s me! Maybe I should change my name to Carbo-rules!
    Go Habs Go!

  47. Jack:

    You are definitely not Jack Tornton. First off, you make too much sense (see post #38, for example) and secondly, you can spell (except for “seacon” which is also excusable.) I am now kind of wondering if “Habs”, “Jack Tornton” and “Jack Thornton, what the hell are you talking about?” are all the same person… perhaps a Multiple Personality Disordered patient who is having an on-line argument with himself??? Am I right?

    Maybe, the next blog could be…. Who, in fact, is Jack Tornton?

  48. Hey Blog Runner:

    You need to enforce some rules here to prevent messes like this last one.

    First, comments/blogs should be based on fact (not fiction.)

    Bloggers should only be allowed to post under one single name.

    Penalties to need to be enforced (temporary banishments like one week off the website for infractions.) While I richly deserved a penalty for my trip on Jack Tornton (comment #9), Reality Check deserved the gait for being the third man in (comment #10).

    Finally, if two guys are swinging at each other, everyone stand back, and let ’em go. Don’t try to intervene like a stupid linesman before they are each punched out.

    Anyways, this has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, I am putting myself in the penalty box for the rest of the off season. See you guys when the season starts.

  49. #49 Alestar says:
    September 11, 2006 at 2:01 pm

    I agree with Rob’s post (# 48), there has to be some rules for this thing to be worthwhile (like actually talking about hockey…).

    I’d also like to add: any “rumours” taken from RDS or le Journal de Montreal should be filtered out (its like “blog-spam”…)

    That’s what I think…oh, and I think Gainey is doing a great job!

  50. Jesus, will the season please start so you guys can start lacing into someone other than each other…

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