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Jose Theodore traded for David Aebischer

  • The Montreal Canadiens made a shocking trade sending Jose Theodore to Colorado for David Aebischer.

    Details to follow.

    This trade doesn’t make sense as it is, stay posted as this may be the first move in a multiple move deal for the Canadiens.

    This deal is eerily similar to the Patrick Roy deal which was one of the worst in history.

    Is it the first part of a blockbuster change or is that it?

    This trade was made at roughly 7pm on the day before the deadline and not right down the strech, leaving plenty of time to iron out the other details.

    9:45 PM Update: The Canadiens have still yet to make any comment regarding the trade fueling speculation that something else in the works.

    8:00 AM Thursday: It looks more and more like this is a straight up 1 for 1 deal and hopefully the Canadiens are busy working on other deals. The initial thought that Abeischer was going to be packaged and further moved in another deal seems fleeting.

    Initially this deal was a shocker. After some thought though it makes a little more sense. The swap 1 for 1 talent wise doesn’t seem just, David Aebischer is not the same level goaltenders as Jose Theodore. But are we evaluating Theodore on his past? Or on his market value today?

    Is there a chance Theodore will EVER be able to be the goalie he once was?

    Like him or not, Theodore has been a cancer to this team all year. Too many distractions, too many bad games. Bob Gainey obviously had enough and did something about it.

    Who would take a risk on the personally troubled, broken heel boned shaky goaltender? A goaltender with a fat contract for several more years. Colorado is traditionally the team that scoop’s up Montreal’s garbage and this time is no different. Theodore will escape the fire that is Montreal and most likely return to being at least a decent goaltender while playing in the Rockies.

    Is David Aebischer a #1? Arguably. A change of scenery might rejuvenate his game. Aebischer and Huet as a duo may be able to get the job done. Are the Canadiens cup bound after this deal? Certainly not. Were they going anywhere with Theo? No.

    The best part of the deal is the money it frees up for the Canadiens but what does that matter if the Canadiens don’t find another player immediately? For this to be a really good or great deal for Montreal they have to find another player to add to the roster before 3PM.

  1. #1 Gerry D says:
    March 8, 2006 at 9:11 pm

    Please, Jose Theodore never has been and never will be anywhere near as good as Patrick Roy and should never be mentioned in the same breath. Theodore can easily be described as a goalie who had a couple of good years.

  2. #2 Gumper says:
    March 8, 2006 at 9:27 pm

    Wow, just saw the ticker on TSN. I’m very surprised. I was hoping they’d get more than Abeischer for him but yeah, fiscal realities I guess. i think Abeischer’s gonna do great as long as the defensive corp is solid in front. The dealing isn’t done for Gainey. Tommorrow might bring another nugget… he should snag Witt! Good trade, not great. Time will tell.

  3. Getting rid of Theodore right now is fantastic. He is expensive, and has lost his head. He’s never been Roy, and never will be, though he’ll probably have success with a more successful team.

    I’m not in love with Abeischer, and was hoping Danis would get playing time. If we keep David, be prepared for fluke goals, but perhaps only one a game, as opposed to Theo’s two or three.

    I like it so far, Mr. Gainey. I didn’t think it was possible.

    No more crazy contracts, and don’t bring another four-million-dollar-per-year player, Bob. Kovalev and Koivu should be it. Spend the money on a better defenseman and a faceoff man.

    Or whatever, I’m just so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I was only referring to the fact that the Avalanche will steal a former Montreal goalie and find success. Not comparing them as goaltenders.

  5. Now that’s exciting!! Another Swiss playing for the Habs! I’ve you’ve seen Aebischer play at the Olympics you know that he’s a very good and much cheaper replacement for Theo! Good move, Gainey !!

  6. I agree, I think this is the first we’ll see of a few more moves. Bertuzzi’s name keeps getting thrown around on the rumour sites and we still have the St. Louis (the team, not the player) deal to wait for.

  7. #7 SaskHab says:
    March 9, 2006 at 12:12 am

    I don’t know about this trade. It’s somewhat early (15 hours, 50 minutes left to make trades) so I hope we parlay this into something more. I’ve always been a Theodore fan, but this will probably turn into the same old story of a former Hab playing terrific hockey for a different team. Always fun to have some trade talk to throw around anyway.

  8. #8 BcHabsfan says:
    March 9, 2006 at 1:53 am

    I was a little shocked by the deal. i am definetly not a fan of Aebischer. I always thought of him as the goalie that was holding over Colorado till a better option opened up…guess i was right. The deal was good in the sense that it is cheap, solid help for Huet…ut I agree with some of the thoughts that this deal could go very badly for the Habs…just watch Jose will get the edge back and become the player of old…

  9. #9 Dimitri says:
    March 9, 2006 at 3:00 am

    Somehow, I just don’t see Aebischer as a number one goalie. If he was, Colorado would never have given him up. I think Aebischer will be used to remove the prsssure from Huet, so Huet can develop and hopefully become a number one goalie …

    This trades frees up some cash, so we can either make a trade and get a high profile player or pick up a free agent in the off season.

    Could we have gotten anything more from the trade? I think not. It was hard given that Theodore was injured, not playing well, and everybody knew that Gainey wanted to trade him…. Gainey did not have too much bargining power…

  10. #10 TravisF says:
    March 9, 2006 at 4:04 am

    Jose Theodore is a Hart Trophy and Vezina Trophy winner, and 2 time All-Star he did a lot for the Canadiens. He is my favorite Canadiens player by far! I had faith that Jose would have gotten out of this slump he had the last few months. He did a lot for the Canadiens. I am the only one who seems to remember this here! Now the Canadiens got another barely average goalie from Colorado. Aebischer is far from a superstar goalie. You can’t win the Cup with him. I am very depressed about this.:( This is a NIGHTMARE! It is Roy for T-Bo all over again!

  11. #11 jay says:
    March 9, 2006 at 8:10 am

    Easy on the emotions there Travis!! This is in no way,shape or form the Roy for Tibo trade! that would be like comparing apples to schoolbusses.Patrick roy at the time of his trade was a Rookie of the year, 2 time vezina trophy winning , hart trophy winning bearer of 2 stanley cup rings!Whom was disliked by his new and ever so-self-involved big mouth know it all french speaking Don Cherry wanna be! That sums up the all-time worst trade in the history of the montreal canadiens…and maybe even the N.H.L! Jose Theodore, had won the hart and vezina trophies by showing one great season followed by a good playoff showing the next!If you are truely a habs fan, you’d Thank god that Gainey was able to convince Lacroix to assume theo’s contract and send us (at the least a solid reliable number 2)at best (a complimentry 2nd goaltender that can do the job on any night sharing the responsability with Huet)Just remember one thing Bob Gainey is winner!he doesn’t start the season planning to win games and make the playoffs,He starts the season planning on winning the cup!And my last point is that Maybe theodore will come back and lead his team to the cup 5 times in the next 5 seasons (YEAH OKAY!)But he would never have realized success here in motreal again!! to much pressure !! GO HABS GO !!!

  12. Abeischer? Abesicher?

    Since that guy will now be playing for the Habs, you should probably learn how to spell his name correctly. ;o) It’s Aebischer.
    As for the trade, I can’t wait to see Theo hoist the Stanley Cup in Denver. Good luck Habs with two average back-up goalies.

  13. #13 theo sucks says:
    March 9, 2006 at 10:00 am

    hey travis theo had two good seasons thats it. he won two trophys thats it four years ago. he never won a cup and never will. the only person that will regret this tade is lacroix.let go of the past.its like having an argument with a tampa fan (we won the cup last season) monteal fan (well we won the cup back in 93) it just sounds dumb

  14. Guys Guys remember this is a business not about french / english or emotions.

    It is about what have you done for me lately. With guaranteed contracts teams get caught. This move gets rid of a problem if you add it all up JOse as good as he was is not anymore and the problems he has had both on and off the ice since makes it highly unlikely he will ever return to form and especially in Montreal.

    Now Gainey has some room to play with and maybe will do something else today if not he will have $$ for the off-season. so give him the time to do it.

    We have great depth at the goaltender positon with Huet and Danis and the new guy I can’t spell his name either.

    So maybe it is Abs with the Habs.

  15. #15 theo sucks says:
    March 9, 2006 at 10:21 am

    so true ray.just take a look at the habs goaltending.HUET,ABBY,DANIS,PRICE,AND I THINK HALEK BUT NOT SURE I GET HIM AND RASK MIXED UP.ONE IS A LEAF PROSPECT.i think with gainey giving theo that big contract he really washed his hands of it

  16. #16 aurel says:
    March 9, 2006 at 10:28 am

    For all those Theo fans, how long were the Habs supposed to wait for him to come out of his slump? He has been playing horribly the whole year and it was getting worse. With his salary, to keep him was a huge gamble which had the potential of handcuffing the team financially for the next two years if he did not turn it around. Good deal

  17. I’m happy to see that people start to realize how good a deal that was! Aebischer is better than you think, and we got rid of a (4.5, 5.5, 6Mio contact over 3 years. Theo was amazing 3 years ago, that’s the past. Is he playing on that level now? No, not even close. Will he ever reach it again? Maybe, but I doubt it. He wasn’t worth 16Mio for 3 years!!
    I say it again, good move Gainey!!

  18. #18 USHabsFan says:
    March 9, 2006 at 12:01 pm

    Saw this on the ESPN ticker last night, but they didn’t report who the Habs got in return… I was hoping for Tanguay, a blueliner, anyone… but Aebischer? He had decent firepower in front of him in Colorado and still couldn’t get it together, mixing time with Budaj and even Kolesnik.

    Freeing up the cash is good, and even if Jose plays well in Denver, that doesn’t mean he would have returned to form in Montreal but … someone else mentioned a faceoff guy or a defender, those would have been good moves.

    Time will tell. I live in DC, the small hockey fanship down here expects Witt to be gone somewhere, and Montreal’s one of the mentioned destinations.

  19. I thought Witt was a possibility. Todd Simpson was just picked up so it looks unlikely now….Where will he go? He coulda fit well with Montreal and is substantially better than Simpson.

  20. #20 Gumper says:
    March 9, 2006 at 12:37 pm

    I’m probably talking out my arse here (like that’s ever happened)… but we might just see Simpson+Zednik+Ribeiro go the Van for Bert or Fla’s Jokinen, by the end of the day. Nahhh,.. I’m wasting valuable page space here ain’t I?

  21. #21 kazmojo says:
    March 9, 2006 at 12:55 pm

    Theo had one stellar year, but funny how he put it all together when his contract was up for renegotiation. He got the awards, and the big money followed. After that his game was never consistently as good as it was that one year.

    That said, he was never as bad as this year. I have the feeling he has been playing with more injuries than he ever let on. And Travis is right — he did a heckuva lot for the Habs when he was on his game, whatever his motivations may have been.

    I guess it’s up to Pierre to rekindle that motivation.

  22. #22 fan3 says:
    March 9, 2006 at 12:59 pm

    i don’t have much doubt that theo’s play will improve in denver but that does not mean that he would have gotten better in montreal. his time was done here, like it or not. i’m just glad he was dealt to a western team so that we don’t have to face him too often (unless it were in the finals but i don’t see that happening any time soon).
    last i heard, jokinen was close to being signed in florida but that could be tsn making stuff up. even if he doesn’t get signed there, i don’t think that montreal would be the team to get him…we have nothing that they would want.

  23. #23 habzman says:
    March 9, 2006 at 2:14 pm

    I was glad to se Theo go, I wish they would have tacked on Bonk and Ribs too.Bonk is as useful as a broken stick. Played well for Ottowa but sucks in Montreal. I would like to see a big name power forward come up by 3 to spice things up. Spring is upon us and we will see the Playoffs we were denied this time last year. Seeing Montreal make it past the first round (or at all) would make it a nice spring.

  24. #24 Hockeycat says:
    March 9, 2006 at 4:00 pm

    Hey Habs fans. I think you got a diamond in the ruff. Aebischer has had a pretty solid season since Coach Quinville quit stirring up the goalie controversy in Denver. He kept the Avs in many a games this season when the offense struggled. I hope he does well for you. I think Montreal has to be one of the most difficult places for a goalie in the NHL and if he can make it there he can make it anywhere.

  25. #25 riser8 says:
    March 9, 2006 at 4:31 pm

    Gainey did a good job. He dumped an underperforming,overpaid,overhyped goalie that had more baggage then terminal 3 at pearson. This move not only allows Gainey more flexibility this summer but it also keeps them in line to continue to build towards the future. Aebischer is having a better year this yearn and if you look at his stats he was better two years ago when hockey was last played. Simpson is strictly a depth pickup.

  26. #26 I am Canadien says:
    March 9, 2006 at 6:59 pm

    Bottom line is that it came down to value. Theo was not bringing value where Ab is more stable therefore more value to Montreal.
    This is a good trade as Gainey will have much more flexibilty to build over the summer. There will be some excellent free agents available and Gainey WILL take advantage of that for sure.

    Come on 2007 season.

  27. #27 Saddened... says:
    March 10, 2006 at 2:56 pm

    I want you Habs fans to know that Gainey robbed LaCroix blind in this deal! The Habs get a solid #1 who beat Theo in every year he played included Theo’s fluke Vezina/Hart year. Aebischer has a better win record, better GAA, and better playoff numbers. So what if he didn’t win the Cup, he played behind a crappy defense for two years straight. He will do well, and even though most of you consider him a #2, look out Huet. Aebischer is better than you think.

  28. #28 PATRICK ROY31 says:
    March 10, 2006 at 3:28 pm

    david will be good but dont forget that huet is the nr.1 and aebischer will not replace huet because why change something that works keep on working mr.gainey!GO HABS

  29. #29 Nolan says:
    March 10, 2006 at 10:48 pm

    I’m very dissapointed with the trade. I don’t think it was a good move by Bob Gainey what so ever. I find that if they gave Theodore a couple more chances to prove himself, he would go out there and prove them wrong to trade him. I find David is an ok goalie but common he has been around forever. Why get him now? Why didn’t we get him before all this like seriously he has been Roy’s backup for years now. I don’t have anything against the two, but I would prefered it if Theodore stayed with the habs. I can agree on somethings about this trade, like for him. This trade is good for him only him. It will give him a chance to be around a new crowd and players. Montreal is a very tough town to play in, because were the kind of town that likes to win. I’m not saying that every other team doesn’t but we like our team to be number one. Theodore played amazing for this team and gave it a boost. Like we made it into playoffs because of him. So give him credit for that. I’m sick of everyone just saying so many negative things about him, like common this has to stop. Stop looking at all the bad things he has done and look at all the good things. Yes, he let in a couple goals but every goalie has their good and bad games. He had a couple in a row, to me its distractions. Also, many people found it was confidence, he was missing the confidence he needed to get threw of some of the games. Having at least one of his teammates say he sucks (Bulis)is very discurging. Give Theodore a break now people, he is leaving you happy? So stop with the negative comments. And I’m not just saying all this because Theodore is one of my favorite goalies, I agree with people he does let in at times poor goalies. Also can you people stop with average of goals, lets look at that as a team average can’t blame the goalie for that. If the team gets penelties and the other team has a amazing powerplay to score. They end up scoring, most of goals are scored that way. Well I just wanted to get these things off my chest for now. I know many of you who read this will disagree with me but hey we all have opinions you have your’s I have mine. Well thanks and good luck to both goalies. Hopefully Theodore will become at least some what of what Roy became. Wish him luck.


  30. #30 PuckBender says:
    March 23, 2006 at 2:50 pm

    Okay but what about this tripping on hair restorer? Was that involved in the trade?

  31. #31 TravisF says:
    April 1, 2006 at 1:21 pm

    Aebischer has been lousy for the Habs so far. In his only win he let on 5 goals to the lousy Penguins! BRING BACK THEODORE!!!!!!


  33. #33 dont do that says:
    June 10, 2006 at 5:53 pm

    bad trade theodore is way better but he is just a little mixed gainey you suck

  34. #34 Mfasano says:
    November 5, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    worst trade of all time for the montreal canadiens…not even close,jose was a marginal goalie at beast with flickers of greatness…he played the habs like a cheap guitar and did the same to the avalance…worst trade by far..langway,englom jarvis laughlin sent off to washington by that IDIOT!!!!!! irving grunman… there was a trade for the history books.

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