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J.P Dumont a Montreal Canadien?

  • The Buffalo Sabres released Montreal native J.P Dumont allowing him to become an unrestricted free agent.

    JP Dumont

    Dumont who was awarded $2.9 Million through arbitration has expressed interest in playing in Montreal.

    Will it happen?

    Doubtful. Assuming the Canadiens want to sign Dumont they are dangerously close to the salary cap and don’t have the room without shuffling the deck. Are they willing to do that?

    On the other hand, Dumont is a fairly consistant 20 goal scorer, a forward with size and speed and most importantly a Quebec native which would thrill the French media and fans.

    But at $2.9 Million, Dumont may be a little over priced.

    This is the reality of the salary cap system and the Sabres being punished for their success. After a great season they are forced to choose between who they can afford to sign who they have to let go.

    Where will Dumont end up?

  1. I think that Dumont is unlikely to become a Hab next season. Firstly, there is not enough cap room left, and Dumont is not the kind of player that you would take the risk of overspending on. Secondly, Dumont shoots left, and nine of thirteen forwards listed on the regular roster are left handed shots. As well, the Canadiens have an abundance of right wingers at present (Ryder, Johnson, Kovalev, Perezhogin, and Samsanov)

  2. #2 Frank says:
    August 9, 2006 at 9:53 am

    Chances are he will not be a hab. We have roughly 41.18 MIL already locked up, leaving us with 2.82 left before we max out. The only possible way Dumont become a hab, is if we ship someone out, and i don’t see Gainey changing his team for one player. If we were to somehow acquire him, there’d be no problem fitting him in however, as Samsonov is a left winger, and Perezhogin can play left.In the end I don’t see Dumont coming here.

  3. #3 Sly Vester says:
    August 9, 2006 at 12:10 pm

    i dont think the whole cap thing is really relevant in the habs case. I heard that for the time boullion is out, his salary will not count on the team salary sum. That would give us enough room for dumont would gainey want to pick him up and Gainey would still have about 2 months left to make a trade to make cap room for when boullion returns (Aebesicher, Bonk etc.). So yeah let gainey work his magic, but we know one thing, if he wants him he’ll probably even get him cheaper. Dumont said Montreal is at the top of his list, so he’ll probably even take a cheaper offer than we think. What ever Gainey does i trust his decision and will leave them for him to make!

  4. Would Dumont take less pay to play on the third line in Montreal? The wingers ahead of him on the depth chart are Higgins, Ryder, Kovaley and Samsonov. Could he do his talent justice on a third line? I don’t think he can on this roster. I’d love to see him there but logic dictates otherwise. Unless as previously stated here, Gainey is able to clear $ first, I doubt it can happen.

  5. #5 Sly Vester says:
    August 9, 2006 at 2:28 pm

    I guess your right… though i dont agree that we need to make room first, that can wait. The devils didnt say ‘lets make room first, then sign gomez’ , they took the opportunity while they could, and if gainey wants dumont which god even knows if he does, then he’ll probably grab him while he’s still available. I do agree that he probably doesn’t want to play on the habs 3rd line and i certainly wouldnt want to mess up our seemingly already awesome lines. I’m happy with what we have right now. Dumont or no Dumont.

  6. There is a big difference. The Devils had ONLY 48 hours to sign Gomez. The Canadiens have the luxury of time. Once you are over the cap, teams come calling to do YOU a favor. Not a strong bargaining position when you are trying to make a trade and get any kind of value in return. The Devils have no idea what they will do until Gionta is signed. They are already over and are sure to lose somebody good for almost nothing. That’s not a scenario I want to see my Habs in. Would Dumont still be interested at say, $900,000 a year? Don’t hold your breath. Must admit though, it would be sweet!

  7. #7 ght120 says:
    August 9, 2006 at 3:29 pm

    SlyVester, you are close but not quite right.

    Teams may spend up to and exceed the cap when replacing injured players. The injured player must be out for 24 days/10 games. You can only spend at a rate equivalent to that players’ salary and you have to get back under the cap once thae injred player returns.

    But you are correct that it would give BG time to work out a trade(s) to put the cap right once Buliion returns.

    As for Dumont, don’t discount the possibility that his acquisition might open the possibility of trades to reinforce other areas of weakness.

  8. Mr. Playoff’s 2006 for Buffalo.
    Heart and Soul!
    Awesome playoff player!
    Plenty of 20 goal seasons!
    Enough said!
    Dump whoever you have to and get this guy on the train.
    Dump Ribero, dump Bonk, dump Abby, I don’t care.
    He said on he would take a pay cut for MTL.

    Dumont! Dumont! Dumont!

  9. #9 PACTUM SERVA says:
    August 9, 2006 at 8:48 pm

    Would be nice but never gonna happen

  10. #10 CH tattooed on the heart says:
    August 10, 2006 at 2:04 am

    A lot of people are saying to get rid of players to add J-P, especially Bonk and Ribeiro. The Habs don’t need more wingers, we need a center, plain and simple. We have a few pretty could wingers in our system already just waiting to pounce on the opportunity to crack the lineup and be a regular. We need a center to back up Koivu. You all remember when Koivu got injured in the playoffs, Higgins and Ryder couldn’t really do anything. Don’t get me wrong I would to have Dumont on our roster but he also needs a good playmaker to set him up and this is where we’re lacking.

  11. CH tatooed – agood point made!

    Where the Habs can definitely upgrade is at center. No knock on Saku – I love the player dearly – but he will never be the #1 center on a Cup winner. I’ll never say chuck him, he has the heart, soul, and dedication of a true Habs great and I sincerely hope he retires a Hab. The fact of the matter is simply that this team needs a first line centerman who can outduel the opponants top line pivot on any given night. I realize they are not crawling the streets! Something akin to Sakic, Forsberg, Brind’Amour or Lecavalier is what’s needed. We just might have to settle for Sidney Crosby’s FA arrival by 2012 and hope the presents youth corps is ready.

  12. Looks like this deal ain’t gonna happen.

  13. #13 t8ter says:
    August 11, 2006 at 11:19 am

    Hasn’t the knock on Dumont been that he doesn’t always show up for games? I really don’t think if the Habs want him,that cap would be a problem! As good as Montreal could be, there are alot of interchangeable players. Bonk, Ribeiro, Ryder and perhaps we won’t see Koivu again or effective again. On defense it is no secret that Souray wants out and Aebischer is clearly trade bait. So freeing up space and making room shouldn’t be a huge problem if they want Dumont!

  14. #14 koivu fan says:
    August 11, 2006 at 4:43 pm

    enough with Dumont already he is not coming to the habs and me personally I don’t want him on our team we are fine without him

  15. Montreal’s top two lines’ wingers are pretty much locked up. If Dumont ends up here, he’d have to play on the 3rd line, with limited PP minutes. IF Carbonneau intends to stop using the 3rd line as a defensive one as it has been for too long now, it could work out. What could it look like for a 3rd line? Dumont-Plekanec-Johnson? Then, what to do with 1st rounder Perezoghin? and Latendresse? and Kotstitsyn? We let them rot in Hamilton like we did so many times with our prospect? I don’t think so… This signing would have made sense before they get Johnson, but unless they unload some wingers now, it doesn’t.

  16. If Fred’s comments don’t sum it up susinctly, I don’t know what would. Well put. Let’s build with the youth here, we have lots of it, It’s no time to panic. Does anyone expect the Habs to win it all this year? Constant improvement will get us there quicker than TML solutions! Kepp it smart.

  17. #17 Watch out says:
    August 14, 2006 at 8:28 am

    IF the Habs add Dumont to their lineup they will have a very dangerous 3 line combo. For all of you who say we cannot squeeze him in the lineup you are forgetting that this is the Montreal Canadiens. This is the team that consistently suffers from the injury bug. Does everyone remember when Koivu and Kovalev went down in NOvember last season. Our forwards were then laughable. We averaged under two goals a game in that span. Dumont will be a asset for us and in two months everyone will be supporting him. As for setting up for the youth, they will have time to play with injuries and I am sure some players will have dry spells. Perezhogin did not impress one bit last season. Everyone talks about his playoffs but he didnt even score a goal. Latendresse and Kostistyn will have to have great camps and cant just be given a spot on the team. Remember CHipchura is a grinder and will be a 4th liner so DUmont will not be stealing his spot. IT is acquisitions like Dumont that can give a team some depth to avoid long slumps. Go for it Gainey and let all the usual naysayers eat their own words AGAIN.

  18. Dumont – Plekanec – JOhnson will make a good third line. One of the better third lines in the league. ANd should be given a chance to open up offensively since both thomas and mike are great in the defensive zone. Perezhogin should be traded before he proves that 9 goals could be his career high. Never really showed any real potential last year. ANd worst yet did not improve as the season went on, if anything he slowed down. Both Pleckanec and HIggins improved which is what you want to see. Dumont would be a great upgrade.

  19. If it has not happend yet I don’t think it will.

    Depth is nice but at what price? $2-$3 Million for injury insurance?
    $3 million sitting in the press box as a healthy scratch?

    I think if this situation occured *before* Samsonov and Johnson than Dumont would already be wearing the CH.

  20. #20 Frank says:
    August 14, 2006 at 12:34 pm

    According to RDS the Habs met with Dumont’s agent, but as of now they have not put an offer in.

  21. Gainey would not make a offer until he is 100percent positive that Washington will take Bonk. Washington probably had second thoughts of our 5 goal man. Dumont will wait but not forever.

  22. according to the Team 990, Gainey has already made an offer to Dumont-10million/4 years. Also they are reporting a potential deal that would send Bonk to Washington for a future draft pick. By trading Bonk, it would free cap space to sign Dumont. I hope this is true, as we sure could use some more offensive power. But we have to be careful. If there is no cap room left, what happens March if we have injuries and can’t sign a player due to lack of cap room? I’m sure Gainey is playing all his cards, and will do the right thing.

  23. #23 1967 2 years before man landed on the moon says:
    August 14, 2006 at 7:18 pm

    WHy wait til the trade deadline to make a move when you have a player available now that will help you down the road. If we wait til then we would have to give away a pick or worse yet maybe David Aebischer. We know we will need a player down the road so why not take a good canadien boy when he will come for nothing. ALso if Craig RIvet is such a team player he should take a drastic pay cut. It is ridiculous that he makes the same range as Souray and Markov. THose two are perennial d men in the league. If RIvet was on the trading block we would get a 4th rounder in return that is it. I dont understand how fans can miss the fact that he is a turnover machine. Especially in our own end. At least 6-7 times a game he blindly passes the puck straight to their dmen in out zone at the blueline. Everyone who says Souray is a bum because he was responsible for 4 or 5 goals last year obviously do not follow the team because on all of those goals that he was left out to dry on it was RIvet who turned the puck over beforehand and left SOuray flatfooted. (Spezza goal for one and Bergeron goal another)

    Rivet must go.

  24. #24 1967 2 years before man landed on the moon says:
    August 14, 2006 at 7:20 pm

    NOt to mention he also ended our season in Game 6 ot.

    If he is such a great leader he can be an assistant coach cause he ain’t helping ON the ice.

  25. Rivet sucks.

    ALthough he is a little more competent then Aki Berg. Not much though.

    I have an idea, lets keep him on the team just because he is good friends with Koivu. HAHAHA

    How about this, we sign Dumont , then we trade Rivet, with alot of cash to some sucker for a 6th rounder. Salary cap problem solved and way fewer turnovers in our own end. He is a clutz and has absoulutely no instinct on the ice.

  26. #26 nathan says:
    August 17, 2006 at 12:12 pm


  27. Ok “nathan”,

    In all seriousness, this is a HABS site!


    In my 34 years of watching hockey, I’ve never seen a team with such talent like the Sens choke year after frickin year!!!!

    I am serious, you can LOL all you want, but deep down, COME PLAYOFF TIME YOU KNOW YOU’RE GOING TO CHOKE.

    I have to admit that I have 2 hockey fetishes, Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup parades as well winning bets that the Sens will choke $$.

    Now, SHOOO-SHOOO, there must be a park near your house you can go and play in…

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