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J.P Dumont to sign with Nashville Predators

  • The speculation is finally over and as expected J.P Dumont will not be a Montreal Canadien.

    Le Journal de Montreal and RDS report that Dumont has signed a deal with the Nashville Predators. A team that wasn’t high on most peoples radar screen since Nashville is nowhere close to Quebec or the Northeast where Dumont apparently wanted to start his family.

    The terms are undisclosed [update: $4.5 Million/2 years] as of now but probably include the best financial offer Dumont received as it was rumored he had offers from strong teams like Detroit and Ottawa.

    Money aside, Dumont will be a good fit in a speedy and dangerous Nashville offence which now includes Jason Arnott, Steve Sullivan, Paul Kariya, Josef Vasicek and David Legwand.

  1. #1 Rubberman says:
    August 29, 2006 at 11:56 am

    Sorry, this doesn’t have anything to do with Dumont, other than good luck and I hope this doesn’t come back to haunt the Habs. THis is for the person running this site. I tried four times to log so I can chat with fellow hab fans. I filled in the areas (e.g. name, email addie, etc…) and I was told to expect an email with a password. So, what’s up? I didn’t receive anything. Four time!?!??!!!?? Look into this please!!!

  2. As I have posted before, hockey market or not, Nashville is a great town to see a game: arena is in the middle of the bar/club district, walking distance to hotels, never snows, etc. Have consistently put an entertaining product on the ice. Beats the hell out of all other Southern American nhl towns.

  3. …and they are starting to put together a serious team.

  4. Rumors says he will get 2 millions first year and 2.5 second year.

    Was it really hard in montreal to offer the same thing ? Was it possible to make a 2million marge for a guy like this for the canadian ? Well, either Gainey wasn’t able to, or he didn’t want him or tought he needed some money aside to make trade during the season to get better players and exchange some.

    Well, Nashville lost a really good goalie this off-season but they have a serious team on attack, it should be great for Dumont.

  5. Word is 4.5M for two years. He did well finding a good salary range with ateam where he can play on the top two lines.

    With Montreal I think he was headed towards the third, and his talent and salary demand would not have been in sinc with that type of role. It’s unfortunate.

    Montreals top 4 wingers as it stands are Ryder, Higgins, Kovalev and Samsonov. How would Dumont unseat any of those. Had Samsonov not been signed, the Habs would have jumped on J.P. as if he were a gift from heaven.

    As things stand, I would not have wanted Higging’ progression slowed due to the signing of Dumont. It would have created some turbulance on the team, but would have been ideal with any injury scenario.

    It’s all a question of depth versus capping out. Possibly Gainey has other avenues we will not hear about until they are done deals. Who knows?

    Last week in the Journal de Montreal, Bertrand Raymond wrote his usual honest take on the Dumont situation. It was quite revealing and surprisingly pointed. I enjoyed it so much, I transcribed it into english and posted it on my blog. Here the link if you care to check it out. It’s called “Bob Gainey’s Hot Potato”.

  6. #6 AJ in Smashville says:
    August 29, 2006 at 4:20 pm

    With all due respect to Habs fans, I think it’s highly probable that J.P. made the choice for the Preds because he, like a lot of others believe this is a team making a serious move for Cup contention.

    In addition to newcomers Arnott, Vasicek, and now Dumont to join Kariya, Sullivan and Erat, the Preds have possibly the next Ovetchkin-type young Russian winger in rookie Alexander Radulov, who absolutely tore up the QMJHL last season, his second in North America, scoring 152 points for the Québec Remparts.

    Even if Radulov needs an extra season in the minors (AHL/Milwaukee), things really look good for the Preds, if not in 06-07, then certainly for the following season.

    Can’t help but be excited to be a hockey fan in Nashville.

    Best of luck to the Habs this season!

    And BTW, J-Nic said the Preds lost a goalie? Who does he mean? Although he did miss the playoffs with a somewhat mysterious blood disease, #1 goalie Tomas Vokoun has now been given a clean bill of health and will be ready to start the season. His backup, Chris Mason was re-signed, and Pecca Renne remains their top prospect in goal at Milwaukee, so what has changed?

  7. Higgins could have easily been put between Kovalev and Samsonov, as he is a natural centre.
    Now we’re stuck with Bonk and Ribeiro. Chipchura could have replaced Bonk no problem.
    Not-so-great move Bobby, keeping those 2 guys around is inexcusable.

  8. AJ in Smashville : “nd BTW, J-Nic said the Preds lost a goalie? Who does he mean? Although he did miss the playoffs with a somewhat mysterious blood disease, #1 goalie Tomas Vokoun has now been given a clean bill of health and will be ready to start the season. His backup, Chris Mason was re-signed, and Pecca Renne remains their top prospect in goal at Milwaukee, so what has changed?”

    Sorry I tought Vokoun future was uncertain, but looks like I was wrong.

    stevejur : If you put Higgins with Kovalev and Samsonov, where will Koivu play ?

    I am sure Bob tryed to exchange Bonk, but who wnat a guy like him, with his salary, no one. For Ribeiro, I don’t know, he didn’t got a great year, his value dropped from last summer and he is not so well know in the league. So we are stuck with Bonk until the end of the season, Bob could have bought his contract but that would have effect on the Canadian salary cap, but leave some place for rookies, and may be Bonk refused cause he know his carreer will probably end after this season.

    For Ribeiro, I don’t know what will happens with him. Unless he play good this year and get exchange, or he play really really good and stay with the habs we won’t see him again.

    I think Bob did great for some players, but giving a BIG contract to Koivu before the end of the year and signing some sort of “useless” players with small contract at the beginning of the summer wasn’t really good IMO. These players are easy to get, and it’s not like if other teams really wanted them, they won’t play much in a season either and the money there would have been avaible for other players or exchanges in the futur.

  9. #9 joshtm says:
    August 29, 2006 at 6:13 pm

    Anyway you look at it, this is another year where the Habs will lose out to the larger now grinding style of hockey. With Kovalev only working hard when the team does, Montreal does not have a leader.

    Nor do they have size up front to rush the other goalie or, size to beat the larger, dirty style of hockey in the new NHL. None the less I look forward to watching Samsonev getting penalties at the worst time, between Samsonev and Souray, Montreal is headed towards a lacklustre season…..

  10. Where do you get the ‘dirty style of hockey in the new NHL’ ? The rule changes and penalty enforcement have changed it to the exact opposite of what you just said. Where speed and skilled gets to showcase itself and slow ‘dirty’ large defenders are losing their jobs.

  11. AJ in Smashville who cares about the Preds,,,,I really don’t give a damn.This is the Habs my friend and ANTHING is possible.”dirty style of hockey in the new NHL” No leadership.We get some weird ,ignorant comments on this site from time to time:=)

  12. We never had a chance! our team really stinks! We aren’t going to make the playoffs with a bunch of over priced, under achiever, lazy european players! also , we aren’t tough enough(especially with all our little midgets)!Gainey really blew it! We desperately needed another center; instead Gainey signs the most irritable, cocky, under achiever, over priced midgert-RIBEIRO! HE STINKS!Gainey, it’s time for you to relearn what it takes to make a good team! Koivu is one of the most over priced under producing players! When has he ever scored at least 30 goals?-NEVER,pathetic! Bonk-RIDICULOUS! How much does he make per season-2 or 3 million? for what-GARBAGE! Huet-a flash in the pan! Our team is going no where! I love what Gretzky did! He is really trying to make his team better! too bad Gainey has a bunch of lazy players!

  13. #13 Habs#1 says:
    August 29, 2006 at 10:07 pm

    Too bad that the guys Gretzky went out and got are all really slow, injury prone, or over the hill slapshot.

    Gainey’s building this team on speed, not size, and that’s what win’s in the new NHL.

    Is Ribeiro underacheiving? yes, and he’ll probably be gone after this season and guess what no one else wants him, Bonk has turned out to be a solid number four centre and since no one else want him at his price were stuck with him. And Koivu’s the guy who set’s up the goals, not scoring them. Who do you think assisted on all on Higgins and Ryder’s goals?

    This team will be a cup contender in 1-2 years. And if Huet does turn out to be a flash in the pan, why do you think they kept Aebishcer?

    Looking at the options they had to deal with in the offseason with the salary cap which a lot of people seem to be forgetting, and the fact that Gainey is being smart by leaving 3 million in room so he can make additions during the season, he’s done a good job.

  14. #14 PACTUM SERVA says:
    August 29, 2006 at 11:00 pm

    I agree with you 100% habs#1

  15. I agree with Habs#1

    But I think Gainey got stuck in the goalie part. He wanted to keep Aebischer for security but was hopping to exchange him if Huet play well, but every team have good goalies now and some others are still avaible so he will probably stay here all season, then we gonna lose him for nothing in return :(.

    I think no one tought, including us and Gainey, that all teams would have their goalies when the season start. May be it will change during the season !?

  16. on the same note as Habs#1 said: i’m glad that gainey didn’t way overpay some UFA just because of who the are (example Chara).
    as for the huet/aebischer situation, i for one have no clue what will happen. if huet continues to perform at the .930 level the abby is gone to some team that their golie chocked/got injured and we’ll get something decent for him. if it truns out that huet was lucky then he’ll be sent away to a non-playoff team for something half-assed.

  17. The goaltender situation is a nice play by Gainey. If Aebishcer plays well we gain ( trade bait for someone we may need in the playoffs??) and it is great protection if Huet faulters.A lot of people forget Aebishcer is a GOOD goaltender.I believe this season he will show his stuff.If he doesn’t break out the way he should a nice backup.

  18. Like many folks, I wasn’t high on Ribeiro last season. I was more impressed by his 2004 season. Last year he developed some annoying tendencies and they hurt his play. What people seem to forget is that this guy is still quite young and he possesses a ton of hockey smarts. Look over his junior stats again. He needs some big time maturity. Once he grows up and learns what it is to be a pro, he will develope into a much more complete player.

    It comes back to what Gainey said when he initially took over the team. That it is simpler to “grow” the players within an organization than to go out shopping for what other teams are unwilling to part with. It is also cheaper!

    In an organization that will become a winner, you must teach as well as coach. You must guide and groom players as they come up.

    With the change in the NHL’s game last season, many including myself, pegged Ribeiro for a breakout year. I’m sure he did himself. He seems to be very disappointed in his season and I don’t think he saw eye to eye with Julien. If he is a proud player, an honest man, and a competitor, he will step it up. He has Kovalev and Samsonov as wingers – a dream. As he is unselfish with the puck, they should succeed.

    Indeed, it will be his final chance. He must mature!

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