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Koivu Klash

  • The Canadiens are 6-1-1 after a narrow shoot out win in a game they probably should have lost.

    The Canadiens are finally meeting some competitive teams and getting tested. They meet the Wild in Minnesota tonight. The Wild have an identical record and are known to be notoriously stingy at home.

    Notably, the Wild’s Captain is Saku Koivu’s ‘little’ brother Mikko. Always fun to watch two brothers face off against each other.

    The Wild of course are coached by and start several French Canadians which always adds some competitive fire to the mix when playing the Habs.

  1. I had the privilege of watching this game, it is amazing the similarities of these two teams.
    It starts with their names M’s.
    Coaches all former Montreal Canadiens.
    Captains both Koivu
    Both have a number of French Canadian players.
    I am sure we could find more but these are a few. Minnesota plays a little tighter game than we do but they can they have a good power play except we shut them down all night and that is why we won the game.

    Something else I was impressed with, for those of you who have been on Latendresse’s case he played a very good game and seems to work weel with Koivu and Tanguay. He made some nice passes and through his weight around, not as much as I would like to see but quite a bit more than last year.

  2. Anyone out there concerned about the shot blocking habits of the Montreal power play killing units? These guys are getting beaten up taking shots for the team. I worried about guys like Komisarek. It looks like he won’t make it through the season if he keeps it up.

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