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Latendresse lifts Habs

  • Guillaume Latendresse scored two powerplay markers to break the game open against the struggling Sens.

    Gui seems to be getting more comfortable on the first line and the powerplay in particular, where he can get his big frame in front of the net and be difficult to move.

    The game can be summed up in one line.

    Cristobal Huet out played Martin Gerber.

    Huet kept the Habs in it in the first where they were badly outshot.

    Gerber has been brutal against the Canadiens dating back to last year’s playoff run. And despite a lot of very bad penalty calls and the Sens turning up the heat in the late third, Gerber folded like a cheap suit and made it that much easier for the Habs.

    The officiating in the game really stood out for all the wrong reasons. Not for the sheer number of penalties or the weak calls. But particularly the ‘get even’ officiating style that creeps into every few games.

    Bryan McGrattan gets knocked into the boards, busting his nose open. No penalty call on the play. It could have been a 2 minute against Komisarek or perhaps the officials thought McGrattan ‘turned’ and launched himself face first.

    Regardless, no penalty was called. McGrattan then made an embarrassing display afterwards while he wrestled officials in attempt to get at Komisarek and found himself gone for 10 minutes.

    Moments later, Dany Heatley falls on his own – 2 minutes to Andrei Markov for tripping. Ridiculous.

    Miss the call on one play, so let’s invent a phantom penalty to get even for it. It’s embarrassing and a mockery. Whether or not it’s on the Habs or Sens. To quote Lindy Ruff, “That’s a joke.”

    After the Canadiens scored two powerplay goals early in the third to take a commanding 4-1 lead. The game should have ended that way. But another 4 penalty calls to the Canadiens allowing the Sens (almost)back into the game.

    Four very questionable penalty calls, to get even for the fact the Canadiens scored on their 2 powerplay chances earlier where they broke the game open.

    The Habs continue their road trip in Sunny Florida where they’ll meet the Lightning and Panthers for the first time this year.

  1. “So let’s divert our loathing, anger and hatred to the one place that openly deserves it. TORONTO.”

    Ahhh Words of wisdom from Habs#1…. personally speaking we should be building our team to face whoever it is in the 2nd round of the playoffs… if we can get by that… we can make a run for the cup. Buffalo is just such a brutal team to play against, but can they make it 4-7 cames in a row against the same team?

  2. THink of it this way. If we were to play Buffalo in the playoffs it would be comparable to Buffalo taking on Ottawa last year. Ottawa was the big powerhouse and Buffalo was the up and comer. It can be done.

  3. Isn’t it interesting that other teams with less money than Montreal can do so well? What is with Gainey and Carbo paying a lot of money for has-beens and lazy europeans? It’s like watching the Montreal City crews on a dull day, if only Montreal would play with heart, I guess in the New NHL that comes with a hefty price. Doesn’t figure, then you have teams that pay big money and get no where, like the Laffs…..

    But the answer lies in the young rookies….Montreal has traded away some very good prospects, and it doesn’t pay money to get Quebec borne players who would fit well in Montreal….what gives? We’ll pay big bucks for some players who do nothing…Ninny for instance…and Streit who gives the puck away more than he scores…at least Souray is making the deficit a bit better, at least he scores for every time he plays like a Union player….

    Maybe it is the taxes that Canadian based pro players pay that is a disincentive? Or maybe because we don’t pamper them enough? Who knows.

    I know for sure that once Montreal gets the right formula it’ll do better than other teams and maybe even win the cup….could this be the year? If Streit and Ninny and Markov stop making all those rookie type mistakes heck we could get somewhere, what do we have to do bribe our own team to win?

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