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Leafs top Canadiens

  • The Maple Leafs took the extra point in overtime after tying the game late with a flukey goal that bounced over the net and off of Theodore’s shoulder behind him. It seems that is Theodore’s luck when playing against the Leafs where he has very few career victories.

    On the other hand, Ed Belfour “stood on his head” as Bob Cole said, keeping the Leafs in the game early on and letting them establish the lead. The Canadiens seemed to press more of the time but couldn’t bury them by Belfour. Steve Begin and Alex Kovalev scored 2 quick goals to take the lead, but the Habs couldn’t hold on.

    You can’t take a too many men on the ice penalty, especially in overtime. Mistakes like that lose games.

    Jeff O’neill who was quiet for the most part of the game ( and the season), absolutely rifled a shot over Theo in the extra frame.

    Leafs 2 W, Canadiens 1.

    Oh, and Harry Neale did embarass himself a little but not quite as bad as usual. Maybe they’re muting him slowly.

  1. #1 skoivu11 says:
    November 13, 2005 at 7:57 pm

    Leafs with a flukey win….

  2. Flukey goal to tie. Stupid penalty for us, we just gave it to them.

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