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Looking Forward:

  • September! Its time to get back in gear hockeyfans!

    Ok. You still have a month guys so don’t get too excited, but this is closer than August.

    My question is: What are you looking forward to the most next season?

    Is it the debut of Eric Cole in a Habs jersey?

    Alexie Yemelin’s NHL debut?

    Another season of Scott Gomez?

    I can tell you that I’m totally excited for the 3rd line.

    I know, I know – that is crazy right? Still, while most people are thinking about the big money guys – Markov, Cammalleri etc., I’m very curious to see what Jacques Martin does with the 3rd line. Personally I would love to see Lars Eller have an opportunity to play serious minutes between David Desharnais and Andrei Kostitsyn.

    There were times last year when I thought Eller showed incredible skill. His willingness to go into corners (and size to come away with the puck) is something the Habs have not had in a while. Unfortunately, for most of the year he played with plugs. Andrei Kostitsyn has serious skill – we know this. If he plays with guys who can get him the puck he can do serious damage. David Desharnais has scored at a point per game clip at every level of hockey that he’s played. My feeling is that if Montreal can get these three players on the ice against the 3rd line of most other teams, they’ll be wildly successful. All three are good passers, while Desharnais and Kostitsyn have both shown that they can score in gaudy bunches.

    So that’s what I can’t wait for, How about you?

  1. I am also looking forward to the third line’s production. However, my biggest concern is our defence. We have lost a lot of physical strength with the lost of Soper, wiz and Mara and Hammer provided a certain amount of strength as well. Can the young Yemelin provide that much needed muscle? That is my first priority and I am looking forward to seeing this young man play.

    My number #2 interest is Pacioretty, with baited breath I am hoping that he is healthy both mentally and physically to resume where he left off before his injury.

    #3 is Cole, can he provide that extra demension we need to be #1 team on the power play again.

    #4 is the third line if they can provide the missing offense we need then this team is going to give us the excitement that we have not had in awhile.

    Lastly, is Markov, like Pacioretty, is he ready to return to the team stay healthy and provide the leadership that we have been missing for the last two years. This could be a very exciting season for hab fans.

    Gomez is not a concern to me, however, I do think that with his shrinking salary he may be tradable before the end of the year. Likewise Spacek will be gone before December based on a trade demand due to lack of icetime. Some team hopefully not ours will have defenceman injuries and he will be the experience defenceman that could help a team?

  2. #2 Avatar37 says:
    September 3, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    Senet – I do not share your optimism that Spacek will get traded, if he was moveable at all, it would have been before the start of the season to a team looking to rise to the league salary floor. While I’d love to see him moved, my opinion is that he’ll play out the last of his contract here, and hopefully PG won’t be silly enough to offer him a contract renewal like he did with Hamrlik.

    To answer the post, the thing I’m looking forward to most is Montreal vs Toronto matchups. There’s nothing quite like watching the best rivalry in the NHl while drinking a cold Molson, even if it’s imported where I live. I’d kill for a cold Ex, however, the only way that’ll happen is if I drive to NY to pick up a case, or a few cases… Which I might do as a treat to celebrate the start of another NHL season, and a year I expect the Habs to be contenders in the playoffs!

  3. Well I am not really optimistic either but here is hoping that it happens. Most often guys like Spacek are more marketable at the trading deadline because their salary is not as much an issue. Obviously,we all feel the same about him and his play. However, here is hoping that some team has a lot of injuries and needs defense help and we can farm him out and throw some pucks with him. There are other ways to trade him by including cash with the trade? I think that is still allowed?? Especially to a team that does not have cap issues.

  4. #4 Avatar37 says:
    September 19, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    I think they got rid of teams being allowed to use cash as an incentive in trades, including paying part or all of a player’s salary. This was to prevent bigger market teams from being able to dump their cap problems on smaller market teams by buying their way out of cap woes and forcing teams to make smarter choices.

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