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Mario Lemieux Retires

  • Well I predicted this back in December but at that point I believe it was fairly obvious to everyone the Super Mario was just about done.

    What can you say about Mario the Magnificent? Unfortunately his latter years in the game were very un-Mario like and pretty much meaningless. Those years made it a little harder to remember what kind of player he was. Remove the last 8 years where he barely played, was stricken with health problems or was in his first retirement – and remember Mario for who he really is.

    Mario Lemieux can be considered in the Top 5 greatest forwards who ever played the game. Slide him in at whichever slot you want, but most people would have a hard time disagreeing with that.

    I loved Mario in the early 90’s where he lead the Pens to 2 Stanley Cup’s and dominated the game all on his own. Perhaps he is the last player ever to be so dominant all by himself.

    Mario also goes down as a Canadian legend. Few people scored more beautiful goals than Mario did while wearing the Maple Leaf on his chest.

    Mario is a hockey legend and a Canadian and Quebec hero to everyone who appreciates the game of hockey. Good luck to him in the future.

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