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Matinee Horror Show

  • Yesterday’s matinee was certainly a horror picture. A scary one for the ages.

    Another terrible day time effort and another day time loss. The Canadiens are the scariest show around on a weekend afternoon.

    The sequel is set for 2PM today. Which team will show up? The intense, combative and passioniate one from Thursday night or the lifeless weekend zombies?

    Carbonneau has sent for replacements in Downey, Niinimaa and Murray. Now what will Mr.Downey do with the ice time he’s going to seee?

    The bottom line is if the Habs put up another horror flick Pittsburgh will tie their point total, pass them with their 2 games in hand and the Canadiens will fall to 6th. Their lowest ranking of the year and only 4 points from being 9th and out of the playoffs.

    Now that’s scary!

  1. #1 kazmojo says:
    February 5, 2007 at 8:52 pm

    Hey, Rob, just ignore joshtm. It works for the rest of us.

  2. Thanks kazmojo:

    I don’t really even look at his comments anymore — he sort of showed his colours during the Habs’ mini-slump, and they were blue and white — not red, white and blue. I think I will start skipping Xhabsfan’s comments too because they both pretty much say the same thing. Alls good when the Habs win; fire all the players and coaches when they lose.

    Do you know when Kovalev really stopped putting in an effort if you ask me? He was playing spectacular hockey in his first playoff series with the Habs against the Bruins, and he made a MISTAKE! Everyone jumped down his throat and boom, he completely put his creativity away. To get to the level of superstar, you have to take risks, but some Hab’s fans can accept any mistake so it is easier for these guys not to take any risks and be function at a mediocre level.

    I am sure I will get lambasted again, but I don’t really care. There it is.

  3. Sorry, two corrections to my post #52.

    1. It should say “some Hab’s fans cannot accept any mistake so it is easier for these guys not to take any risks and function at a mediocre level.”

    2. Kovalev did not actually completely put his creativity away. We get brief glimpses of it every now and again.

    No player on the Canadiens would even have had the guts to try to pull the move that Crosby tried to pull in yesterday’s overtime. It back-fired on him, but imagine if Kovy or Samsanov had tried to do that. Joshtm, Xhabsfan and other “whack jobs” would be calling for that player’s head!

    Crosby burnt the Canadiens for five points in two games, but all you “whack jobs” will remember is that he made a rookie mistake to give the Habs the win.

  4. Ooopppss! I made the mistake of reading one of joshtm’s postings where he referred to the retiring of Dryden’s “stinky old number!” (post #46)

    I take it all back, joshtm. You are clearly not a “whack job.” You are all class and a true Habs fan.

  5. Rob. Please do not take it to heart if I am wrong, but I think you are sitting on the fence on being a True HABS fan with your comment “No player on the canadiens would have the guts”. pick a side Man

  6. Rob,I had no idea there is internet avalible on the fourth floor where your at,too bad there’s no cable. By the way ,thanks for the spelling,SCHMUCK!!! xtrahabsfan

  7. Justice:

    I am not absolutely certain as to what are you saying. The point that I am making is that Kovalev probably has the skills to match any player in the league, but because he plays in Montreal, he may be afraid to use them, and it is safer for him to play conservatively than great most of the time.

    Again, look at the career profiles of Leclair, Recchi, Damphousse, Turgeon, etc. They had their best years before or after (and sometimes both) they played with the Habs. Kovalev and Samsanov are no exception to this rule; this is a systemic problem!

    Also, can someone not admire the skills of a player that is clearly hockey’s best and be a Habs’ fan at the same time? Do I have to give up my forty year history of being a fan of the Habs because I think Sidney Crosby is an amazing player? (and will actually improve as he matures and his teammates get better.)

    Well, that is just weird if you ask me. I went to the Canadiens games in the 1970 and 1980s at the old Forum, and always watched with excitement Wayne Gretzky play too. In fact, everyone in Montreal always seemed to look forward to Gretzky’s visits in those days, and it was not just so we could jeer him.

    Anyways, I am sure it will disappoint you all, but I have to be away for awhile so please feel free to take some cheap shots at me while I am gone.

  8. Wellcome Johnny D.

  9. Rob, this is a habs fan site, not a site for Crosby fans, do a google search for Penguin blogs and enjoy. Please enjoy your adulation of the Crosby groupies, when you find out the Guins are all flash and bang and no heart, we will more than welcome you back as a habs fan, always room in our bleachers for a fan. That is one thing the habs will always have that Crosby will never have, a full arena of fans…suprise Rob. Wake up and smell your crap won’t you? I feel sorry for you.

    Anyway this is about the habs. Lets hope that Carbo proved a point and will bench Ninny and Downie again. Hey Gainey bring up Grabby we need some heart and someone who’ll actually blitz the other net, it looks pretty lonely for Gui and Maxim to be the only ones actually trying to shove the puck in…..its called hockey, you shove the puck in the net, its not called Quebec Taxes or what RDS had to say or not say, this is hockey, and its fans who pay the tickets that pay for your salary Gainey, why crap on us?

  10. #10 joshtm says:
    February 5, 2007 at 11:12 pm

    You’d think Rob really believes its the fans who draft and acquire the team. Rob, its’ not a conspiracy by the Quebec Media to shut down the habs, nor a conspiracy by the Quebec Government to tax it out of existence and most of all it is not the conspiracy of fans out to shut down the team like your type did for the Expos. Fans care, that is why the Bell Centre was built, because we all come. We live at the expense of Gainey and Gauthier’s horrible acquisitions, and their triumphs at bringing in the few talented players they could afford after they squandered the budget with a bunch of broken down vets. You wanna blame the fans for Gainey’s acquisition of Ninny, Sammy and Downie, and keeping Rivet on, or even worse thinking Johnson will stop being the “gentleman hockeyplayer”….or even need I say blowing it all on Saku and Alexei with nothing left over but a few million to acquire those no one wants. And the bleeding continues, Gainey’s acquiring of Butterfly Biron, honestly if that wasn’t a waste of money….but hey we have prospects, and this year they are what we needed to make Markov, Streit and Bonk come out and play and with Plekanec’s leadership, not Kovalev or Koivu, Plekanec, and Souray’s tough backup, we can make it. If we get rid of the deadwood, Ninny, Downie, and dare I say Boully and Dandy too….trade Johnson, Streit for some great centerman. We lose the games when we can’t win the faceoffs. It was that guy, who got us into the last stanley cup appearance by winning faceoffs and helping and we ended up trading him whats his name, starts with a P…anyway, Richer was there too to help win the faceoffs.

    Most of all we got to get rid of the five on five defensive strategy, its not working. It only works on power plays. We got to get rid of Kovalev or he’s gonna cost us in some penalty at the key time, honestly, for all the talent he provides, his constant hooks, Koivu is bad for that too, there has to be some consequence to Saku and Alexei hooking all the time.

    I could see if they were worthwhile penalties but in the middle of the ice when we have the puck? Honestly. This individualism is huring the habs. We have to take the hard decision and threaten these two bastards from Eastern Europe and Russia with the fear of God, threaten them with trades to Phoenix…..that might smarten them up….

  11. Carolina and”Hab Killer” Cole tomorro,yikes!!!!

  12. Last comment before I go! Hard to get the last word in on joshtm because he keeps coming back with more ad nauseum!

    Joshtm, you obviously have the mentality of a twelve year old, and I apologize that I have obviously shattered your world on the effects that you, fair-weather, “whack job” fans like Xhabsfan and yourself have on this team. You love ’em when they win, and throw temper tantrums, demanding the firing squad for everyone when they lose. No Habs’ player is allowed to make a single mistake or you can be damned sure that they will be smeared in the pages of “The Gazette” and “La Presse.” The players’ creativity suffers because they are forced into a conservative style to avoid any potential embarrasment.

    When the Rolling Stones say in their shows that it is really to great to be in X, they don’t always mean it! What else can Tretiak say in a speech in Montreal? That doesn’t prove anything! A lot of hockey players have actually spoken out about the difficulty in playing in a gold fish bowl where hockey takes on a religious importance. If I am being too obtuse for you, joshtm, I am speaking about Montreal here!

    Why do you think that the top French Canadian players won’t even consider playing with Montreal? Why did high quality players like Mark Recchi, Denis Savard, Pierre Turgeon, Eric Desjardins, Mathieu Schneider, Trevor Linden, Danius Zubrus, Vinnie Damphousse, John Leclair, Yanic Perrault all have their best years outside of Montreal?

    You don’t want to answer these questions because you are scared to. You want to speak with platitudes, and want to blame Bob Gainey for everything (who happens to be one of the few world class, quality players that the Habs have at any of their positions.) You want to attack me personally because you cannot do so with any logical basis.

    Once Gainey and Kovalev, Koivu, Souray, Samsanov, Markov, Rivet, Ninnimaa etc., etc. (and everyone else that you want fired from the team) are all gone, who exactly is going to play for the Habs? You are part of the problem, dude. Look in the mirror before you start lashing out at everyone else.

    That’s it for now; I am done.

  13. PS to above — Why didn’t Brendan Shanahan, Jason Arnott or Brett Hull (a few years ago) sign as free agents with the Habs even though the Habs made better offers to them than all the other teams.

  14. #14 joshtm says:
    February 6, 2007 at 12:45 am

    Hey Rob, prove it boy! Prove how the media shuts down the world’s greatest players in your opinion….

    And Mick does love Montreal, who doesn’t? Honestly Rob, you have this thing, what the hell is with you? Hey didn’t the Rocket in spite of all the adversity that he faced, Anglos like you maybe Rob, maybe you were one of them, the French Media, heck he made it. Dryden made it, the Mahovolichs made it, heck even Lafleur in spite of his complaints about the media in the end said it was his own damn fault that he couldn’t make the best of it at times.

    If you look at what Recchi, Savard, Turgeon and company had to put up with, was a slew of wretched coaches and trades like Brashear of all people, honestly, you are only as good as your team. By the way, the long list of successful players you mentioned were drafted into the USA league where just putting on skates and shooting the puck to the other end will mean it goes in. A totally different division to what the Habs have to put up with.

    Up here in Canada its called real hockey, not the Fast Food and Gear Oil leagues of the southern USA where one eyed men are Kings….Giants…

    What is it, the habs are no good anymore, and as fans because we believe the habs can do it once more? That we are wrong to assume that they have a chance? By the way I didn’t say fire Souray, Kovalev or Koivu you bastard! You are a real miserable piece of whatever aren’t you? Go to Toronto won’t you already?

  15. jeantm:

    I said I was done, dude.

    PS The fourth line from the top of your last rant just answered for me as to what it is that you really have against both Bob Gainey and Ken Dryden’s “stinky old number” as you have called it. I think I understand completely now.

  16. Rob, your points would work except for fact that other Fans”LEAF” have backed their team since 1967 unconditionly and look what it’s done for them,so drop it Bro and feel the passion.

  17. #17 Snake says:
    February 6, 2007 at 1:16 am

    Why is it that we are superb at shutting down the stars on the opposition but the grinders and no namers always kill us. Mind you Erik Cole has developed into a decent player(although overated by most) he was a hab killer long before he developed a scoring touch. Volchenkov comes to mind as well as Justin WIlliams.

  18. #18 Snake says:
    February 6, 2007 at 1:17 am

    The montreal media will never be a positive to the Habs organization. We just have to hope it wont get any worse.

  19. Eric Cole is even worse to play against with a broken neak, BIG TIME HEART on that boy, a players heart we need indeed.

  20. #20 joshtm says:
    February 6, 2007 at 1:30 am

    There is no excuse for Rob, and hey Snake, the Laffs have the whole national media on their butts but hey it doesn’t stop big names from going there either, so what gives? HUH? Both you and Rob are on a real nasty man drip man, like pop another tampon boys cause hey, its that time of the month for the both of you.

    I meant stinky old number in reference to Dryden’s jersey symbolically being retired you old fool! Talk about being picky and you never did answer the Question Rob, in one post you say Crosby is great and then in another you agree with Snake that Crosby is a “bi*ch” well which one is it Rob?

    Give up already there ain’t no way you are having the last word on crapping on the habs brother, you got a whole province and nation, not to mention Montreal who’ll step up to the plate to knock down your negativity man, shut up and go quietly you old fart.

  21. #21 habs phan says:
    February 6, 2007 at 2:45 am

    i am officially calling this this the “let’s read everybody lip each other off website” i actually used to read the blogs on this site, i found them pretty entertaining and insightful. lots to do with hockey and our team. now i skip half the blogs and only read about people attacking each others credibility. what a waste of time!! oh well, i’m sure somebody is gonna come and attack what i have just written. have fun.

  22. #22 Snake says:
    February 6, 2007 at 3:02 am

    The funny thing is there really is no argument happening. NO good points have been made in the last 30 points. JUST MUMBLE.

    Aaron Asham who is a acquaintance of mine said even he could not handle the MOntreal media and he was a 4th liner at best. His exact words were the media sucked the fun out of the game and made the players fear Failure more then seek success. NOw imagine what a top player goes through. Other then ulsers and chest pains.

  23. #23 Higgy21 says:
    February 6, 2007 at 3:09 am

    OTher the SOuray and Niedermayer, Who else is really in the running for the Norris trophy this year?

    Pronger- has been hurt
    Lidstrom – solid again but we’ve sen better
    Campbell – HAHA just kidding
    Kaberle – I dont think so
    Blake – washed up
    CHara – NOt this year, had some rough times

  24. I am officially calling this the I’m like Souray site, where ” HABS FANS GIVE A SHIT!”

  25. #25 habrez says:
    February 6, 2007 at 4:31 am

    i vote we start a new blog website and not tell joshtm, that kid needs to stop, seriously

  26. #26 habrez says:
    February 6, 2007 at 4:55 am

    i agree there is a lot of media scrutiny associated with playing for the habs. but what about the yankees? or the lakers? those teams managed to win championships and they dont seem to have problems luring in free agents. the problem with many canadiens having their best years while playing for other teams, like perreault, kovalev, samsonov, leclair etc its cause these guys played with better supporting casts like nagy and doan, lemieux and gretzky, allison and thorton, lindros and primeau. im in no way letting the so called stars on the habs off the hook i’d just like to see some players around them like a solid second line centerman

  27. #27 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    February 6, 2007 at 10:16 am

    habrez – I would like to look into the argument that the Yankee’s and Lakers are not finding it difficult with media scrutiny.

    Yankees – Last year arguable on paper one of the greatest teams’ money could buy… some considered it an all-star team. I say money can buy talent because they were able to spend $100 million more than most other teams in the league. If you do not think that helps win championships than imagine if we were able to afford 10 the ten best players in the NHL. As for the media the Yanks were crucified last year because their expectations were nothing less than to bring home a championship…. exit first round of the series. Exit the big unit back to Phoenix. Also the talks heated up to get rid of Torre because he was the manger of this dynasty and possible half the team will follow the exit before next season. Talent does not always play nice with one another under pressure circumstances. Salary Cap really is not an obstacle for the YANKS in MLB… A little different rules in New NHL.

    Lakers – Had the best player combo in the league… media pays attention more to one of them, the players stop playing nice and scrutinizing each other to the media Shack exits stage left. Lakers, I am not sure even made the playofffs last year??? Shack hooks up with the Heat… You know the result!

    Some have mentioned LeClaire, Denis Savard, and Eric Desjardins as having better careers out side of Montreal… But you forget that they won the Cup here and I would bet that they would have that at the top of there list if you asked them about their greatest moments in their career. Presonal stats do not mean sh*&#t if your watching the Cup from your living room.

    I think the reason we do not have 40 or 50 goal scorers is the style hockey. this style of play has not fit the styles of players we have recruited. We play a dump and grind style Defensive trap hockey without a strong forward who can plants himself in front of the net for rebounds. We excel in rebounds from set ups by the point or turnover breakaways with odd man rushes. Our forwards are having trouble because there role has change from last year. Higgi and Ryder are being forced to create instead of working the rebounds and 1 timers.

    Just a thought… Go Habs Go

  28. #28 joshtm says:
    February 6, 2007 at 11:12 am

    Hey habrez you are even more on the hard side than any of the rips I may have put on, and all you do is recant all the stuff I had to say and take credit for it…what a rip in itself.

  29. #29 joshtm says:
    February 6, 2007 at 11:57 am

    I don’t know maybe it’s just Rob under a different handle. It is suprising that Gainey has not made any announcements yet regarding the slump, as it is basically a minor slump now. Or at least Huet’s horrible record so far.

  30. Higgy21, no way is Souray in the running for the Norris just like McCabe wasn’t seriously in the running last year. Souray is a horrible defender and is going to get rich off his one skill: a booming slapshot on the powerplay.

  31. #31 joshtm says:
    February 6, 2007 at 12:16 pm

    Isn’t interesting that we excel in the power play, which is basically a free for all style hockey reminiscent of the grapefruit league you know watch a game between the Predators and Coyotes….where the superstars shine, moving with the game instead of stuck in one zone and forced to shoot the puck away. Ownership of the game relies on a player not giving the puck away, Samsonov would excel at this, if only the habs would throw away the play book and let Kovalev, Lapierre and Johnson do what they do best, take the puck and play.

  32. #32 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    February 6, 2007 at 12:37 pm

    Sammy is making some noise with 10 different sources saying he is demanding a trade…(November’s broken record) nothing new I guess, but there is still talk of getting a Center. Pleks has made a splash in the second center role and I don’t see Koivu moving out of his role or Bonk for the way he has stepped up… I would think management is shopping for a winger at this point??? or possibly a stronger faster D man for a Souray partner???

    I still like the effort Dandy has put forth given his increased ice time and role on the PK. He might fit as a partner with Souray. He seems to possess some poise and ability that has been under utilized before the new years start.

    One thing is evident, I love Souray and appreciate his Offensive Talent, but we should rest him on the PK!!!

    Tonight, I personaly would like to see Laten back to 1st line with Koivu and newly found forward Streit. Higgins back to 2nd line with Pleks (where he seemed to find a bit of confort) and Kovalev. Put MJ back with Bonk on the shutdown line, while floating Ryder between 3rd and 4th until he gets his head out-of-his Ass, then possibly work him with back to Higgi or Streit if this isn’t working. Lapi, Downey, in the agitator positioned 4th Line w/ Sammy or Perez inserted depending on who gets the start…

  33. joshtm:

    You are absolutely correct! For once, you have made complete sense to me.

    I should cheer for Pittsburgh. You see I always thought what Habs fans were about was supporting excellent hockey, but of course, when an “Anglo” like Sidney Crosby (who is the best hockey player in the world — deal with it!) comes to Montreal, he should be jeered and booed for his talent. He should be lectured by greats like Aaron Downey on how to play the game properly. Never mind the fact until the present today, he idolized the Montreal Canadiens, and wanted to play for this team.

    You are right. It is time for both me and Sidney to grow the hell up, but please remember someday where your bigotry is leading you. The greatest hockey players in the world no longer come from Quebec. Hard to take, isn’t it? I am off to cheer for the Pens then. I just wonder how many cups we will win in the next decade given it is still about excellence in hockey in that city.

    PS Good luck in your campaign to discredit Bob Gainey because we could really use his talents in Pittsburgh. He would be welcomed as a hero there. Hell, we would even take Kovalev back for you.

  34. #34 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    February 6, 2007 at 3:01 pm

    Rob – Why do you let him get under your skin? I like to watch Crosby too, just not when he is playing Montreal… I do not think he’ll be in Montreal anytime soon, so its not worth a dicussion. Hopeful we can find a great of our own because Pitt or who ever they will become, will keeping him until either every ounce of talent is drained from him or they can not afford him any longer… as they did Lemieux; As Edmonton would have done with Gretsky if he had not fallen in love!
    In any event it is years away! Or you better start finding Crosby some Montreal girls to fall for!

    joshtm likes it when you are miserable because misery loves company!

  35. Wow ,a real come out of the closet Pens fan uncovered in our Blog site,MY HAIRS ARE RISING ON THE BACK OF MY NEAK,FREEKIE.Good luck Rob, watch out for that penguin poop,there be lots there,lol

  36. On the subject of true fans:

    I wanted to let the habs know that their #1 fan has passed away with Interstitial Lung Disease. Bob Everette, at age 62 passed away on Sunday, February 4, 2007. The obituary is in the Ottawa Citizen this week and he will be waked at the Kelly’s Funeral Home on Eagleson in Kanata, Ontario, Friday, February 7, 2007. He will be buried with his Montreal Canadien hockey shirt and his wife and daughter will also be wearing their shirts in his honour. It would be nice if the habs could acknowledge in some way his support over his lifetime.

    – agray at ottawaheart .ca

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