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Max Pacioretty: Severe concussion and fractured 4th vertebra

  • Its the same old song around the NHL today as another player is severely injured by a careless play. The NHL responds by saying that there will be no further discipline. This is utter failure.

    Talking heads are falling all over themselves to rationalise the play one way or another. Frankly – none of it matters. I don’t care what Chara did or did not mean to do. I don’t care what would have happened if the hit occurred in a different spot on the ice. Whether Chara has a history or not is entirely irrelevant.

    That is what Chara did, where he did it, and whom he did it to.

    The puck was long gone – chipped by Patches before the Canadiens blue-line. Contact was made half way down the Bruins bench and continued until what we see above.

    You can try to swing it anyway you want but the truth is on Youtube and posted on a million individual sites across the internet.

    The bottom line is that we are all accountable for our actions in life. Sometimes things go the way we plan. Sometimes they don’t. I doubt Chara wanted to put someone’s life in danger when he strapped on his skates. But through his incredibly reckless play – he did.

    As far as Max Pacioretty is concerned – his season is over. His injuries are severe and will require extensive healing and re-rehabilitation in order to simply live a normal life again – let alone play hockey. While NHL talking heads fall all over themselves to offer useless commentary such as “I don’t think he meant to do it”, or “sometimes things happen that you wish wouldn’t” – I sincerely hope that at some point the NHL is able to see that they will NEVER be able to categorically prove whether or not a player intends to hurt another player or not. Furthermore it is irrelevant. Chara’s actions directly lead to a brutal injury. Just because hockey is a contact sport doesn’t absolve him from responsibility for his own actions.

    Here is hoping that other people are as sick of seeing plays that have happened to guys like Paul Kariya, Marc Savard, Sidney Crosby, and now most brutally to Max Pacioretty. Enough is enough. Because if this play isn’t enough – someone could seriously be killed. The NHL has utterly failed not only Max Pacioretty, but ALL of the other players who have been victimized by other player’s carelessness.

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