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Michael Ryder finishes off consecutive road games

  • What can you say about a guy like Michael Ryder? If you don’t know how I feel about him refer to my past posts and getting him re-signed in particular. This guy is the real deal. Michael Ryder finished off the Bruins and the Rangers in less then 24 hours.

    The Canadiens left what should have been a put-away game up to the last minute. The Habs leading 3-2 had 2 5-3 powerplay chances and failed to bury the insurance goal they needed to secure the game.

    Rookie Chris Higgins and Alexander Perezhogin both put away the first NHL goal of their careers. Higgins a Long Island native spent $1250 on tickets for family and friends and it’s great to see him score his 1st career goal in front of them.

    Another note, Sheldon Souray. It didn’t take binoculars to see that Sheldon Souray was struggling out there. He was as big and as slow as an elephant. He was on the ice and directly involved in the first two Ranger goals. On the 5-3 Powerplay he had several chances to tee it up from the point and he elected to dish out a pass each time. This leads me to speculate that something isn’t right with #44. Perhaps the pre-season injury he suffered was more severe than lead to believe?

    Mathieu Dandenault also seemed out of place tonight while Andrei Markov can make an early run at the #1 D spot. He was solid once again seeing tons of ice time to start the season.

    Marcel Hossa put a moment of doubt in every hab fan as he scored vs his ex teammates early in the 1st period.
    It seems he may have a real chance to play and develop in New York.

    Did anyone happen to notice Tom Poti’s weak penalties? The new NHL might have no room for a big slow lumberjack like Tom Poti.

    2-0 on the road to start the season, the Habs are in good shape. 1st overall has a great ring to it.

    Next up, the Mats Sundin’less Maple Leafs.

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