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NHL Trade Deadline Closing in

  • The Canadiens take on the first place Carolina Hurricanes tonight on home ice. The trade winds are blowing and the first big name deal of the year is done sending Doug Weight to Carolina. There were a number of teams in the market for Weight as he is to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of this year. Carolina solidified their stature as a real contender with the addition of Weight. One of the biggest surprises of the year just got better and they are in town tonight looking to showcase that against the Habs.

    Now that the first deal is done the doors are open for more. The Trade deadline is roughly 5 weeks away and the time for team’s that are going to make moves is drawing near. A lot of teams will be making decisions over the Olympic break on where they stand, where they need to be and how to get there. Will the Canadiens be among them? All signs point to yes but your guess is as good as anyone’s in to what will happen or who will be involved.

    Gainey addressed the need for a solid defenceman, goaltending has been an issue all year but has Gainey or the team acknowledged it. Of course not, talking about trading your goalie is not generally a good thing to do while he’s still in your net. Does that mean Gainey isn’t actively and ‘secretly’ shopping him around? I still think Gainey is a firm believer in Theo and the likelyhood of him going is slim but Bob Gainey’s surprised us before.

    The Boston Bruins just smoked the Senators 5-0. The same Senators who mocked the Montreal Canadiens recent effort. The Bruins goalie is no longer Calder Trophy winner Andrew Raycroft but a 31 yr old guy named Tim Thomas who is so old school he’s still wearing a mask from 1985. Well Timmy hasn’t played much in the NHL but was given the chance and now the Bruins are climbing out of the cellar and banging on the Bell Centre door. Do the Canadiens have a similar player? Cristobal Huet could fill that exact role for the Canadiens. Given consecutive starts he has shown promise and at this point of the year I think many feel just as confident with him in between the pipes while Theo is parked on the bench or on a plane to the Western Conference.

    Theo gets the start tonight. A win would be a nice surprise but certainly isn’t favorable. The Canadiens still hover around 8th spot and after tonight’s game they have an old fashioned Adams Division home and home with Boston and Buffalo.

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  1. #1 regmabe says:
    January 31, 2006 at 12:14 pm

    The Habs need to change the chemistry on their team. I don’t think one big trade will turn them around, but it is a good starting point. Playing hockey for 60 mins a game is not something the habs have done to well this season. Keeping our top players fired up for the whole game will make all the difference.

  2. I agree with the whole Theo thing. There was a time this season that I thought he might be (and hoped) on his way out but that time has past. Unless someone makes Gainey an offer that he can’t refuse, Theo will be sticking around and I don’t know why but I am begining to think that Theo can still turn his game around (I know that sounds crazy.)

    It was nice to see that the Sens got what was coming to them…those smug bastards. It makes it even better that it was a weaker team that did it to them. I know Boston and the Habs have their rivalry but there is a difference between having a rivalry and having no respect for the oposition.

    On a final note, congradulations to Selanne for his 1,000th point

  3. Your bang on vis a vis, the Gainey/Theo assumption.
    I don’t think the Habs are going to succeed tonight. The jury’s still out on the question of team chemistry. Not enough wins to base (a newly found) team confidence on.
    5-3 Carolina. (but don’t beat me over the head with it if the habs win :)
    Weight is way over-rated. He’s a middle-of-the-road player at best. Kind of like Tony Amonte (both yanks and Ranger originals). Their stock was high then, but they ended up being lacklustre for the most part. I can’t see the mystique or understand why the media maintains that kind of focus on these and other similarly skilled players.
    Good Luck tonight,.. and prove me wrong.

  4. #4 begin#1 says:
    January 31, 2006 at 4:38 pm

    I think this is the last chance both Zednik and theo have to prove they are worth keeping. I have seen them play through out the whole season, and last game agaisnt Toronto was the first time I see Koivu and Kovalev this happy. This might be what we needed,a sense of team spirit and the relief and joy of winning a game as a team. As for Zednik and Theo i would be glad to trade them for one or two decent D mens. As wierd as it may seem to many of you, I think Bonk, Dandy and Ribero are giving their best (or almost), contrarily to Zednik. Furthermore, I think bringing Perezhogin back is a good decision.

    P.S: even though my B-day is on wed 1st, I do hope the Canadiens can give me a pre-birthday gift and retake the 8th position, especially against Carolina. If we win tonight I think its going to open the eyes of alot of the players, showing them we can even be part of the best.

  5. #5 theo sucks says:
    January 31, 2006 at 10:49 pm

    its a blowout again someone needs to wake up fast. Hhow much longer can this go on

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