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Northeast Division Looking Good

  • As the free agent frenzy begins to settle down, taking a closer look at the Northeast division reveals a couple things.

    Montreal is in better shape then they once were. Additions to the blueline and securing Kovalev up front without doubt already make us a stronger team.

    What other Northeast teams are looking good? The boys in beantown, our arch rivals.

    Boston loses Sergei Gonchar but replaces him almost instantly with Brian Leetch, Leetch being a yankee and from the area, he will have no problem fitting in from the start.

    Securing Glen Murray, additions of Bras Isbister, Alexei Zhamnov, Shawn McEachern, Dave Scatchard, The Bruins are making a serious go at it. This should make an intersting 8 game battle with our northeast rivals, all beginning in Boston October 5th.

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