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Oilers visit Habs

  • The Canadiens look to go 3-0 against the Northwest division tonight as they take on the Oilers at home. The Habs are 2-0 against the Northwest with victories over Calgary and Colorado both at the Bell Center.

    The Oilers don’t get out here much and it’s always an interesting Canadian match-up. The Oilers are livid after their last game which brutal officiating cost them at least a point and cost Craig MacTavish a nice fine. They will be ready to play.

    Guillaume Latendresse gets his shot on the first line. Agree with it or not, the time has come for him to prove himself and he’s being thrown right in the mix. An opportune goal will get the fans and media ranting about him all over again. A bad game and even the most ardent Latendresse fans will start questioning him.

    Will the Higginless Canadiens still be the same team? Higgins alone has 18% of the Canadiens 43 goals thus far. The Habs will have to pick up the slack offensively, and scorers have to score.

    Ryder, Samsonov and Kovalev can’t be silent if the Canadiens expect to win.

    David Abesicher gets the start tonight, he has a career record of 8-3 against the Oilers.

  1. No offence (at all) to Habs coaching staff, but I truly think that the Russian line (or whatever you want to call them) is actually the number one line for the Habs. They simply haven’t produced like a team’s top line, yet. Is this because of good opposition checking? … no, probably more a lack of cohesion and effort.

    No matter: they’ve got something to prove. After a few games to feel each other out, now’s the time to step up with Higgy out of service. By the time Higgins returns (hopefully the next game), the Canadiens should have 2 solid “threat” lines.

    Hey … I’m always an optimist, but it’s not a stretch, is it?

  2. I did not think Latendresse was ready for the NHL and was not a fan of his being brought up to the big squad. However, I absolutely concur that he is a big part of the future of this organization, and since he is here, I greatly look forward to seeing what he can do tonight with THE captain. I believe Kovalev and Higgins are hurt more than anyone is revealing and, just like last season, the time has come for some of the other players on this roster (Perez, Plex, Ryder, et al) to make a difference. Since the wife is a big Edmonton fan (originally from Red Deer), this is always a big game at our house!

  3. #3 tricolor true says:
    November 7, 2006 at 1:15 pm

    Just heard very very bad news for habs. HIGGINS WILL BE SIDELINED FOR 6 WEEKS!This could cost us making the playoffs! we simply don’t have the depth for goal scorers! Gainey needs to make a trade, NOW! No time to waste. after the game tonight against the oilers, we go on a 4 game road trip. Higgins is our best player. This will cripple the habs if we don’t add another scorer.This was my concern during the offseason. a big injury, the habs can ill afford. He is as well our most cosistent player. I’m not panicking, but you must admit it causes big problems. Every other player must now step up his game,an give an extra effort, to take up the slack. If latendresse is ever going to make his presence felt, now would be the time!But just the same, I think a trade would be in order, unless there is an unrestricted player still available. I’m not sure if we have enough cap room for such a move, but most definitely a trade would more scoring punch to our frail output.

  4. Higgins injuiry is HUGE! GO figure that something like thise would happen to MOntreal. A player starts playing great and boom. Like Koivu in 96-97. OR savage in 99. Happens everytime. NOw if Kovy picks up his game then he will get hurt, if he is not already. Thats what happens when you play the Devils, you can always expect an injury. Good job Claude Julien. You got your revenge.

    ANyways this injury will not prevent us from making the playoffs but it could stop us from being a dominant force in the conference for now. Christmas will bring good things I hope. Boullion and Higgins.

  5. #5 jovogonch says:
    November 7, 2006 at 1:58 pm

    ouch!!!…. and guy has 0 pts and a team worse minus 6… time to turn it around guy

  6. Speaking of the Devils and injuries inflicted to our key players, do you remember the last game against them last year. We were on a major role (8Ws in a row) and played new jersey on a sat night at the bell centre. Game summary –> Brodeur outstanding and begin suffers knee injury. We sputtered a little after this to close out the regular season and definitely missed Begin against carolina – even though he came back (at xx%??) for the last few games of the series.

  7. I remember that game very well. NJ clamped down and clogged the neutral zone big time. Begin was gang tackled in th 1st period. MOntreal outshot NJ 13-6 in the 1st, yet were losing 1-0 at teh 1st intermission on a freaky goal by Gionta. NJ then sat back and waited for turnovers at their blueline and built a 3-0 lead in teh 3rd. Habs fought back to make it 3-2 and almost tied it with less then 5 secs left. Brodeur made a big save with his tummy to win it.

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