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Old Men and bad decisions.

  • We are about 2 weeks into the season and some things I thought would be happening are already happening.

    There were several retirements by veteran and Hall of Fame calibre NHL players leading up to the debut of the season. Some players decided to stay, and one of the more famous ones decided to become a coach. Who made the right choice? Let’s have a look.

    Steve Yzerman is already injured after playing 1 single game. A Tweaked groin, but perhaps his withered abused body is just too weak to play a competitve game at a competitive level. 20 plus seasons is a long time. Should Stevie Y have hung up his skates before the season too? Is this the first of many more injuries this season? Or perhaps he’ll go out the way Brett Hull did.

    Brett Hull hung around long enough for suckers to draft him into their hockey pool, and to maybe give Phoenix fans a little something to cheer about. Then as he usually does, he gave up. Announced his retirement. A couple weeks too late Brett.

    Brett abandoned his buddy Wayne Gretzky who’s off to a 1-4 start with the Coyotes. Thoughts of regret may already be floating in the Great One’s head. Wayne isn’t a quitter however, and don’t expect him to bow out mid-season should the Coyotes finish dead last.

    It’s got to be tough to give up the game of their lives at the right time, but it seems at least a few had the strength to do just that and not embarrass themselves any further.

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