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Opening Night Victory

  • The Montreal Canadiens start their season with a W after defeating the Boston Bruins 2-1 at the “TD Banknorth Garden”.

    This escaped me until now, being the first time I heard the new name of the Fleet Center. TD Banknorth Garden? What the hell is that? Wow it just rolls off the tongue.

    Back to the topic at hand, the Canadiens came out with 2 pts on the road in their opening game. Did they deserve it? Questionable. After what can only be described as a brutal 2nd period the Canadiens came back LATE in the 3rd with a Michael Ryder powerplay goal. Jan Bulis opened the scoring with a brilliant effort fending off a Bruins defender as he drove the net to chip a shot over Andrew Raycroft’s left shoulder.

    Jose Theodore let in what can only be considered a soft goal, and on numerous occasions looked out of place and confused in goal.

    The Canadiens scored the winning goal on a powerplay given in the last minute of the game. The NHL said they will enforce the rules and it appears they are after awarding a powerplay so late in a close score game. I’d like to point out this goal, because the real rookie of the year Michael Ryder put it behind the fraudulent Andrew Raycroft.

    What was really disturbing about the night was the childish bruins fans who hurled the NHL’s gift to opening night fans, mini Stanley Cups. Maybe this is indicative of the respect the Bruins fans show for the Stanley Cup and explains why they are never close to winning it. As someone who respects the Bruins organization, this was just a distasteful disrespective act on the part of Bruins fans.

    In an unrelated story, the First shootout of the season took place between the Senators and the Leafs. Eric Lindros made a surprising strong impact in his first game scoring what looked like the winning goal late in the third. Daniel Alfredsson crushed Lindros’ hopes of being the hero by tying it up late in the 3rd. The Sens went on to win in a shoot out and ended Eric’s debut.

    The Habs travel to New York to face the Rangers tommorow night.

  1. #1 superfan says:
    October 6, 2005 at 10:27 am

    i always thought boston was a classy organization…but as for the fans? how about a bunch of sore losers. go litter the ice with replica stanley cups when your teams lets in a goal with 12 seconds to play. bostonians – a bunch of cry babies… and guess what?! the RED SOX lost as well!! GREAT!!

  2. The new name for the FleetCenter sucks. There’s no easy way to abbreviate it, and I’m sure as hell not calling it “the Garden,” because that was torn down and killed.

    The mini Cups were not the only things thrown- there was beer and other concession items. For as many drunks that threw their Cups, two hardcore fans kept theirs. Please don’t classify all Boston fans as childish or disrespectful, because it is not all of us. We might be volatile in our behaviors (sigh. I too, wish they’d get some maturity), but we are just as loyal to our team as you are to yours; stating that Boston hasn’t won the Cup in so long because of the fans is a little presumptious. But I agree with your comment that throwing the Cups was disrespectful and distasteful. I said as much last night at the game to the people I was with.

    Superfan- it was not the goal they were disputing. It was the second call on Fitzgerald. Also, I thought you said this was a hockey blog and to keep the Red Sox out of it?

  3. I love the Habs/Bruins rivalry. It was upsetting to see that but maybe its a trend to come this year. Unhappy or pissed off fans when the new rule doesn’t go their way – coupled with a year of frustration about the lock out = unruly behavior.

  4. It does. Unfortunately, Boston jumps to that behavior all too quickly. Drives me nuts.

    If it had gone to a shootout, and we’d lost, I suspect the same thing would have happened. Maybe not on as grand a scale, but… oh well. Can’t change it.

  5. #5 soumako says:
    October 9, 2005 at 4:05 pm

    I wonder how the management got rid of Brisebois and kept Rivet, unless Patrice asked to go.

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