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Philly Weekend

  1. #1 groundworking says:
    February 16, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    Big weekend, Big week: Philly (Sat), Philly (Sun), Rangers (Tues), Penguins (Thurs)!

    4 wins and things start looking pretty good for these Habs!! Any predictions?

    I think Philly is going to come out gunning tonight–they are on a losing streak and losing both games to the Habs would really, really hurt them!

    Fingers crossed.

  2. #2 groundworking says:
    February 16, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    Just heard on Sportsnet that Hossa has asked to be traded to a cup contender in the curren year–he doesn’t want to sign with anyone, apparently, until the off-season.

  3. #3 Don Carnage says:
    February 16, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    We will see

  4. #4 habs mojo says:
    February 16, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    Price’s 1st shutout .. Good for him

    Go Habs Go


  6. #6 Don Carnage says:
    February 17, 2008 at 12:35 am

    lol yeah ok … dream on bud

  7. 2 nicknames for Price: Mr. Right, or the Ice man. which is more fitting?

  8. #8 Don Carnage says:
    February 17, 2008 at 1:26 am

    Ice Man he is too cool for school !

  9. #9 Ice Man says:
    February 17, 2008 at 1:26 am

    Hey !!!!!!!!!!

    I’m the Ice Man………..

    But It would gladly give it up to Price.

  10. Big win gang….Price played like he can, and like he is gonna in the future (weather near or far).
    Isn’t it amazing how the absence of 1 or 2 players can make this team look so different on the ice? We played a more sound game last night without Begin or Brisebois on the ice, maybe coincidence, but I don’t think so. I’ve been saying all year and continue to say that these two dingbats should be used when and ONLY when theres injuries to other players because their skill levels are not as high as players who would be sitting so they can play. Hopefully Guy has seen the light on this, but I doubt it very much. But the truth is, we play a better game without either of theses guys in the lineup.
    Still don’t understand why Smolinshi gets PP time either, but there was no damage done last night, so we’ll leave this alone for another day.
    All in all, great game Habs, was a joy to watch, another biggie tonight with Philly again so keep on rollin…..GO HABS GO !!!

  11. I figure that young Downey is exactly what we need ,a real spark plug he is !Other than that ,fun game to watch ,Price won the game for us .Bring in Halak and let the Trading begin…

  12. Does any one know any other site to watch Hab games on? I know about p2p but The flyers game isn’t on there!!!

  13. lol Nevermind. Anyways. Lets see how good Price does tonight!

  14. #14 Don Carnage says:
    February 17, 2008 at 9:27 pm

    Well well what are we going to say now that Ryder and Koivu have scored in the same game !!!!

  15. lol Good going Ryder and Koivu, keep it up and we’ll have 2 good lines!!!

  16. #16 Don Carnage says:
    February 17, 2008 at 9:41 pm

    For a 1 line team we sure are good , one of the best in the east imagine that …

  17. Now lets go kill those Rangers!!! Ottawa won’t beat Philly on Tuesday, I just know it. Philly has lost 7 in a row and is due for a win. Now lets get ahead of these Ottawa Senators!!!

  18. #18 habsalltheway says:
    February 17, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    Tied for tops in the east ,,,GO HABS GO :)

  19. O h yeah baby!!!!!go habs go…

  20. Im begining to think the only reason the sens and leafs beat us was because of Hamrlik missing.

  21. Did everyone notice Ryder shooting! I like it. Ryder always holds on to the puck for way too long but last night he showed his shooting. Only got 1 goal but he did have some good shots though. I still think It’s too late, for Ryder will be gone come trade Deadline.

  22. #22 Quattro55555 says:
    February 18, 2008 at 11:11 am

    Ryder played a great game on Sunday. He was shooting from all angles, doing good. Bégin played great, at least delaying the need for a goon. Philadelphia was not a team as collectively tough as the Habs.

    If we trade Ryder now, it would be a shame. But in order to trade him, you need to show him off. And now that I honestly think his slump his over…and that during this slump he’s been learning to skate two ways…I think he will get out of it being a better hockey player. It’s a shame it’ll be elsewhere….

    I fear the Rangers because of Solid goaltending, but think we can bet the Pens.

    Go Habs Go!

  23. #23 Stanley says:
    February 18, 2008 at 11:30 am

    Ryder was skating like a man on a mission. O’Byrne was looking like Komisarek#2. Kovalev is on fire. Hamerlik makes Gainey look like a trading genius(we are only starting to forget Ribeiro). Price is starting to challenge Huet. Give some credit to Carbonneau for being tied for first place!!!!

  24. #24 pricefor#1job says:
    February 18, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    beat malkin you mean right? We are on a roll right now…maybe we can win both

  25. Ribeiro is now in 10th place and 10 points out of 1st in N.H.L. SCORING, I can’t forget or forgive that ,even worse when we got Niinamaa in the swap,f@cking-bull$h1t.

  26. Wow, this team can play some great hockey…everyone played well last night, you can tell they’re all playing for something that they want now. Ryder played his best game of the year last night and it was all due to hard work, moving his legs and shooting sooner…those few shots he had were traces of last year…amazing what hard work will get you.
    I’ll even give Begin credit, he played well also. He’s been a healthy scratch a few times this year….I guess he had a few demons he wanted to shake last night also. If he keeps playing this way and stops with the really stupid penalties and going minus 3 every game, keep him in. I’d never thought I’d be saying this about this guy, lol….but can he keep playing like this? Also, I really don’t see a justfied spot for Brisebois back in the lineup with the team we have right now.
    I’ll tell ya whats bugging me today though…and it has nothing to do with any aspect of the Habs game. These english speaking sports stations just refuse to give the Habs any love….I believe they honestly try to keep any Habs highlights as brief as possible. I checked out Sportsnet, TSN and The Score last night looking for some props for the Habs for what they have achieved so far. Now that they have caught the Sens for first…thats big hockey news isn’t it??? You’d think a little blurb on Montreals great play would be understood now wouldn’t ya? But apparently no… mention that they’re tied for first, no talk or anaylsis of Kostitsyn’s “Ovechkin-like” goal the other night, no mention that Kovy is probably one of the top performers in the NHL right now. They mention that Jersey and Pitt are tied for first in their division AND that both teams are only 2 points for Ottawa, but nothing about another Canadian team that are getting it done…its goddamn ridiclous. I am an english speaking Canadian who is a major Habs fan and its like these stations assume that all english Canadian hockey fans are Leaf fans, and giving Montreal any props is the last thing they’re gonna do…its so obvious now that its sickening. If this was the Leafs in the Habs spot, you think they would be so obviously ignorant about their achievements. NO….they’d have the standings posted on TheScore for 24 hours just so we could all see how good the Leafs are. Gimme a break with this….I’m surprised that these stations even show highlights now when the Leafs don’t play, or, when they do what they do so well….LOSE. Just getting tired of it, when one of our other Canadian teams are playing great hockey and hitting milestones and these stations refuse to recognize them because they don’t wear a blue shirt with a friggen leaf on it.
    Keep on rolling Habs, you do have very loyal followers outside of Quebec, and we’re all behind you….beat these Rangers Tues. night and finally shake that ghost…and keep breathing down the Sens neck and let em know that first in this conference isn’t gonna be a walk in the park OR a race between just the Sens, Pens, and Devs. GO HABS GO !!!

  27. #27 Quattro55555 says:
    February 18, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    Donnie: I was telling myself the same, about the poor coverage of the outside-of-Quebec media coverage, but here’s what we need to understand:

    1) Leafs marketers want everyone outside of Quebec to cheer for the leafs; the media never was about ”let’s give the Habs fan outside some reporting services”, but more like: ”let’s convert those Habs (or any other given team’s) fans to Blue and White madness). I live 2 hours from Toronto and am always amazed at the fact that the Air Canada center would be full every night even if the team playing in would be last in the east coast league standings. Give credit to the marketers..

    2)The NHL so called ”intelligentsia” from the States (ESPN) reporters (a certain Burnside guy) are not about to brag about the fact that they were way off in predicting Montreal standings. Talking about the Habs and making their Mea Culpa would show everyone in the hockey world that they know less then nothing about Hockey (you know, that sport that gets 5% of ESPN’s attention ) anyways. First thing every real hockey fan learns and then knows, his that you do not win Stanley cups on ”paper”, but on the Ice.

    The Montreal Canadiens marketing team should not shy away from their fans outside of Montreal. I know a guy in Creston B.C. that got his subscription with RDS (not speaking even the slightest of French) only to follow the Habs games; that’s a Fan. I think he deserves more recognition, along with all of the Habs Fan outside of Quebec.

    So TSN, Sportsnet, CBC sports (I’ve given up on ESPN)….I know you are paid to cover the Leafs, but a little more coverage (when deserved, as is the case here!) would not hurt your credibility in the slightest of ways.

    Best way to make them look bad…is to earn that top spot in the standings!

    I’d love to see the English Canada sports media try to avoid the subject after that…….

  28. #28 Jaker1 says:
    February 18, 2008 at 3:01 pm

    I agree with you Donnie. I actually sent a complaint into the CBC about their Saturday night broadcasts. I live in Atlantic Canada and unless the habs play the lowly leafs we do not get a Montreal game on CBC. Fortunately I have RDS and do not have to watch the Toronto games. Imagine Montreal plays Philadelphia and Ottawa plays New Jersey and CBC airs Toronto – Boston. I guess once CBC comes down to reality and sees the make believes are not going to make the playoffs they will have no choice but to air good hockey. I stand corrected , on Super Bowl Sunday They showed Montreal and the New York Rangers along with NBC. My buddy asked me why I was watching the American broadcast and I told him I will either watch RDS or NBC. I will not watch CBC if I have an option.

  29. #29 Don Carnage says:
    February 18, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    The season is not over and it is very tight in the east, they would like nothing better than to see the Habs take it on the chin… We need more games like the last 2 that’s for sure …

  30. I think Vincent Leclavier is the french connection the Habs need. Lets face it, the guy is as talented as they get. You put that guy on the ice with Kovalev and what we will have is a serious cup contention.

  31. #31 Don Carnage says:
    February 18, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    Dont think Vinnie will happen this year , Tampa has been sold so they will do something but not before the new owners have a chance to get involved…So I would be shocked if TB dropped Vinnie this year..

    Do we all want Vinnie here of course we do !

  32. #32 Quattro55555 says:
    February 18, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    I love Vinny, but what would we have to give up to get him? Enough so that the Lightning would be more then halfway reconstructed?

    But you gotta admit, Geez…Vinnie with Kovalev and one of the Kostitsyn Brothers, then Plekanec, the other Kostitsyn and Higgins……then Koivu (insert trade-off for Ryder here), Streit….who cares about the remaining trios, really?

    With solid Goaltending and the Defense we already have…and we would see a parade on St-Catherine no later then this June…..

  33. #33 jessef says:
    February 18, 2008 at 7:58 pm

    is price injured? because i was going to pick price for my fantasy team on but it said he was injured.

  34. #34 Don Carnage says:
    February 18, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    Strange thats the first I hear of that ..

  35. #35 habsalltheway says:
    February 18, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    Just not updated for when he was brought up from the bulldogs

  36. #36 habsalltheway says:
    February 18, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    If you look you will see that it does not show the RED CROSS beside HALAK but he is now down.

  37. #37 groundworking says:
    February 18, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    I really hope we don’t end up trading Higgins for Hossa. Higgins is a good young player.

    The more I think about the apparent price for Hossa, the less popular it seems. Ryder and picks won’t cut it, so the question is: what can Montreal offer. I’d rather watch the young Habs grow together into a dominant team than to improve the team’s chances for this year. My guess is that well all probably feel the same.

    According to the Fourth Period, Higgins’ name is in the mix for Hossa. Just rumors, of course, but that’s all there is for now.

  38. #38 Don Carnage says:
    February 18, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    Sometimes you gotta give to get, and Hossa would be here for a few years, they will not trade a guy like Higs for a short term fix, so if they do trade Higs its because they will ink Hossa to a 5-7 year term.

  39. Martin Havlat is what the Habs need,and for those who say he is injury prone,now he’s not injured and Koivu used to be called injury prone,get over it.And even though Ryder played like Ryder of old last nite I believe the Black hawks would be interested in him.I also believe Carbo’s benching of Ryder gave him his will to play back,so good trade for all.

  40. #40 Senet 1 says:
    February 19, 2008 at 1:02 am

    Well I think we should see if tampa would be interested in a Huet packaged with a defenseman and a draft pick for Leclavier. Tampa needs goaltending and defence plus give them a first round pick as well. I know all you na sayers say there is no way vinnie can come to the habs but if what they said about him wanting to go to a high market team is true then I think we should take a shot all they can do is say no. Kiovu could also be packaged, he has too high of a salary to be a third line centre. We also need to find someone who can win faceoffs. If you watched the Phily game how many face offs did we win, not many. Believe me that is going to kill us come playoff time.

  41. #41 groundworking says:
    February 19, 2008 at 2:09 am

    I can’t seem them trading Koivu b/c I don’t know who would wear the C if he left. Kovalev perhaps. But Markov’s English isn’t too good, and much of the team is quite young. Kovalev has really turned it around this year. Anyone else notice how he smiles now when he scores a goal, whereas he never used to do that? He’s definitely a team leader this year.

    I think if they can ink Hossa to a long-term contract that he’d be a good addition. Higgins isn’t taking much cap space, though, and I think he’s a RFA before he’s a UFA. He’s also only 25 to Hossa’s 30. Even so, long-term Hossa would be nice, I agree.

    I don’t like the hometown Lecavalier. The pressure would be incredible; he’d have the weight of his team on his shoulder, with piles of old friends and family putting probably even more pressure on him. My bet is that he might not want to come here.

    But can you imagine, just imagine, if Montreal ever got both Hossa and Lecavalier?! Imagine the lines!! Mind you, we’d only have 2 lines because the Habs wouldn’t be able to afford any other players, but what a two lines they’d be! We’d have the best first period hockey team in the NHL! And we’d have draft picks again beginning in 2015, so we could rebuild by the time Hossa and Vinny hit 40 years old.

    Seriously, though, I’d put money on a team that could put Higgins, Hossa, Lecavalier, Kovalev, Plekanac, Koivu, Kostitsyn 1 and 2, Markov, Komisarek, Hamrlik and Price on the ice in the same game. Holy crap I’m getting myself excited. It would be like the Habs of old.

    Being old, though, it’s nice to see that the days of disaster, the late 1990s, are behind this team. Gaigney is clearly moving in the right direction–sometimes we think otherwise, but only when we forget about how poor the management was in the 1990s. Just think of the Rajean Houle days. Who’d we get for Patrick Roy? We drafted Terry Ryan before Iginla! Turner Stevenson before Brodeur!! Jason Ward before Marian Hossa!!! Eric Chouinard before Simon Gagne!!!! Ron Hainsey before Alex Frolov and Justin Williams!

    Since Reajan Houle left in 2000, we’ve drafted Komisarek, Higgins, Kostitsyn, Chipchura, and Carey Price!

    Things are getting exciting again!

  42. I really don’t think montreal Is getting Hossa. He sucks in the playoffs. and we would have to give up some players also.Higgins,Ryder etc. I’m ok if they’re saying Ryder, but not for Higgins. Bob Gainey has done some stupid stuff in the past but he won’t get Marian Hossa, I hope they don’t. I know that they are getting someone, but I really son’t think Hossa is in the mix for the Habs(thats a good thing!)Tanguay,St.Louis,Marleau,Perrault etc. Lets just see what happens.

    I don’t think Gainey is going to wait till the last day!

  43. #43 Jaker1 says:
    February 19, 2008 at 9:49 am

    According to Jim Kelly on CTV Sportsnet that Al Stracha on CBC Hotstove Satalite’s take that Vincent Lecalvier wants to go to a contender is totally false. According to Kelly when Lecalvier was asked about Stracha’s comments, he said they were not true and was not looking to be traded. A little closer to the truth is that Jay Feaster is trying to shop Brad Richard’s huge salary so he can re-sign Dan Boyle. Quite frankly I thought Brad Richards was never worth that huge salary when he got it, so to think Feaster will get players in return as well as dumping an overpaid player is a little ridiculous. That being said there may be General Manager out there that might be desperate (Philadelphia – no Forsberg,injured Gagne. 7th in the east and dropping fast) Its possible.

  44. #44 patrick says:
    February 19, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    stop stop stop the lowball offers!
    if we managed to trade huet draft pick + defenseman for Lecavalier, that d-man would have to be markov, and even then its pretty iffy, someone would probably come up with a better offer,

    our habbies would never have: Higgins, Hossa, Lecavalier, Kovalev, Plekanac, Koivu, Kostitsyn 1 and 2, Markov, Komisarek, Hamrlik and Price

    because to get Lecavalier and/or Hossa we’d have to give up many of our players that are good now, draft pick/prospects won’t cut it in today’s competitive trade market

  45. Jaker…..I’m in Atlantic Canada also, we both know how broadcasts and updates go in this corner of Canada….all you have a choice to see regularly while growing up and even now to some extent is the Leafs or Habs. So you pick who you cheer for….luckily my dad is a major Habs fan too, so I ended up following him when I was young and going for the Habs also. Thank Christ…don’t think I could handle the sufferings of Leaf fans, lol.
    Anyways, I watch the Habs play whenever I can, and thankfully this year I have been blessed with being able to see every game so far. In years past I have watched 99% of their games on RDS in french…so many games it got to the point where you start to understand what they’re saying, lol. But these last 2 years I’ve had the Center Ice stations…they’re wonderful…I think I’ve seen all but 2 games this year in english…and lemme tell ta something…these American announcers give the Habs more props than the Canadian ones. But also, outside of being a Habs fan, I am also a HOCKEY fan in general….I’m in pools and enjoy watching great players….these stations are terrific and I would suggest them if you havent tried them. They give more of a variety for Atlantic Canadian hockey fans to choose from..just a thought.

    BTW, we got them friggen Rangers again tonight…our Achilles heel so to speak….get a 3 goal lead again tonight and hold it boys….play like you can and get those 2 extra points….whatta night for Philly to break free and hammer the Sens….lets go team…play hard. GO HABS GO !!!

  46. #46 Senet 1 says:
    February 20, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    I disagree that we would have to give up Markov and Huet to get Laclavier, it is my understanding that he is a UFA this summer and no GM wants to loose someone of his caliber for Zero. Huet is also UFA and would be a good fit in Tampa Bay. Price had a bad start last night but rookies are going to have those nights. We may have to give up a number 3 or 4 defenceman but certainly not # 1 or #2. If that was the case I would never make the trade. Tampa has to start looking to rebuild and restructure under the new cap process so a good draft pick and a reasonable salaried defenceman who can help the team is what they need along with goaltending. Personally I am not sold on Hossa either but I think he would fit in well with Koivu if we keep him. I have been saying all year that Koivu takes too many stupid penalties and what is his faceoff % it must be around 40%. Not too good for our #1 centreman. I have also been saying all year that Ryder is not shooting the puck, and now in the last two weeks he seems to have discovered this on his own and low and behold he is starting to score. Did you see how many shots he took in our 6-5 come from behind win over the Rangers, even the goal they did not give to him was really the mark of his shooting. It makes you stop and wonder, I bet his value just went up quite a bit in the last 2 weeks. Anyway, the one thing I have learned over the years is if you do try you will not make any deals. I trust Gainey to make the right moves without giving away the farm. I think some of you guys are too rough on him, yes he has made a few mistakes, but as groundworking pointed out we are a lot better today than we were before Gainey took over.

  47. #47 Senet 1 says:
    February 22, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    It seems just when we start to write someone off they start playing the way we expected them to play all year. Koivu, Higgins and especially Ryder are prime examples of this. Ryder finally discovers that if he shoots the puck at the net it will go in and so he has started to score. His goal almost helped us pull out another come back last night against Pittsburg. On the other hand Huet did not look good in the net last night there were a couple of pretty soft goals where he just did not control the rebounds. After taking a 4-3 lead we should have won that game, but our defense got a little sloppy where as they should have been protecting that one goal lead in the third. Getting back to Ryder, His market value should have gone up in the last two weeks and maybe since he is a UFA this summer he will have to be moved because after this season I doubt he will want to go through the uncertainty again next year. Hopefully, Gainey can use his good play to his advantage.

  48. #48 billy says:
    March 13, 2008 at 3:04 am

    dogg days are over

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