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Playoff Scenarios

  • With only two games remaining you’d like to be able to say the Canadiens have or can clinch a spot with a win tonight. Not necessarily the case.

    If the Canadiens manage to extend their lead over the Leafs to two or more points, they will be eliminated. Simply because even with a win on Saturday and a situation where both teams are tied, the Canadiens will advance on more wins.

    For that to be the case, the Islanders would have to win tonight. That would give the Islanders two points with 2 more games remaining. One against the cellar dwelling Flyers. Still within reach.

    You could break your head in half calculating all the potential situations and outcomes. The one thing everyone knows is, if the Habs win their last two games – they are in.

    Hopefully that’s all they are focused on.

  1. #1 R habs 4 real says:
    April 7, 2007 at 12:45 pm

    Ninnimaa is out for tonight, and Perezhogin is in, and on the 1st line. Huge mistake putting Perez in tonight, and on the 1st line? Carbo again, has no idea what he’s doing. What great things has Perez done for us this year? Oh yes, he’s been a healthy scratch many times(before he was injured), because he’s done NOTHING and can’t score. Besides, I doubt he will even be back next year. So what’s the point? And Streit is back on D. Personally, I think Streit should remain as a forward, put in Georges on D, and remove Bouillon and Dandenault, because they are simply horrible! Their claim to fame: turnovers! Oh well, what’s the point. You could put Gretzky in, and it wouldn’t help this team.

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