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Pre-Season Game 3: Habs/Sens

  • The Habs are in Ottawa tonight to take on the Senators in the third game of their pre-season schedule. RDS isn’t showing the game, but I’ve heard that Game Centre will have an Ottawa broadcast so their should be online feeds.

    The lineup will contain these players:

    31 PRICE, Carey G
    35 LAWSON, Nathan G

    11 GOMEZ, Scott C
    24 HENRY, Alex D
    36 AVTSIN, Alexander RW
    37 DUMONT, Gabriel C
    42 TINORDI, Jarred D
    45 BLUNDEN, Michael RW
    46 KOSTITSYN, Andrei RW
    48 DESIMONE, Philip C
    52 DARCHE, Mathieu LW
    59 TROTTER, Brock C
    61 DIAZ, Raphael D
    63 ENGQVIST, Andreas C
    68 WEBER, Yannick D
    72 COLE, Erik RW
    73 GALLAGHER, Brendan RW
    74 YEMELIN, Alexei D
    75 GILL, Hal D
    76 SUBBAN, P.K. D – although I’ve heard PK has a sore back, so he may not play tonight.

  1. do u know the matchups for tomorowws gam? just a link is find :-/

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