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Pre-Season Game 6: Habs/Bruins

  • Here’s hoping that the “other” Montreal Canadiens can figure out special teams tonight in Montreal – because last night in Halifax was pretty ugly… at least it was for those who watched. I saw only the 2nd period and was very willing to turn the game off after watching the Habs look pretty awful against the Bruins. I’m fairly certain that we’re all sick of the pre-season – watching a roster with 8 or 9 actual NHLers each night. I fully understand the need to both: find what our young players are capable of doing at a higher level of play, give veteran players a chance to ease into the season without playing the 8 games in 10 nights that the preseason covers – but damn I want real hockey.

    The pre-season doesn’t matter – win or lose. And although certain players find it important to their job-security to play at a high level, until the puck drops on opening night, its all pretend.

    That said – the Habs weren’t pretending very well last night. And they didn’t treat the thousands of Haligonians in attendance to any triumph over the happy fans in Black and Gold.

    Puck drops at 7:30 tonight. RDS and Team 990.

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