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Raitis Ivanans

  1. Help what?

    Help Montreal dentists make their car payments?

    I hope Dick Pound doesn’t see that pic. Holy Hans & Franz.

  2. “dick pound”

    C’mon man, go by Rich or Richard.

  3. Ever since I saw this picture for the first time in the montreal gazette (shortly after the cheap shot by chara), I’ve been waiting for him to return to the habs to get his vengence.
    He might actually help us out a bit. sometimes a good hit or something can get a team fired up and that’s exactly what he’s ment for. I forget which team it is but one of the teams we played recently has been starting their checking line of the first face off to get the rest of the team going. Maybe it’ll work for us as well (I think it was Calgary but don’t hold me to that.)

  4. My word. He looks like he should be playing in the Super Bowl.

  5. Who they really need to call up is Ivanans score Raitis in the net! Muscle doesn’t put points in the win column.

  6. #6 Good Move says:
    January 25, 2006 at 6:03 pm

    Even though Ivanans will probably not put the puck in the net, his mere presence will have a positive effect on his team mates. Its amazing what one can accomplish when you have someone to stand-up to the bullies and let you concentrate on what you can do best and without fear. The addition of Downie will also help. I truly believe that we will see a difference. Remember back a few years when Toronto bullied Ottawa around? can’t do that anymore…can they. Same difference!


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