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  • It has been less than 6 months since the Philadelphia Flyers defeated the Montreal Canadiens ending their 2008 playoff run.

    The bitter taste remains.

    Another one sided road victory wouldn’t make up for last year’s playoffs, but would certainly feel good.

    Any victory, and the Habs begin with 5 out of 6 possible road points. A near perfect start and some early season confidence to take to the home opener on Wednesday.

  1. this is it everbody, great hockey onn tonight!!!!

  2. I cant believe how tough the flyers are when we dont have big George in the line up…..I mean really…two guys going after Kovy at the end of the period?…..hurry up George….

  3. #3 habknot says:
    October 14, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    I’m with you, Izzy! Hartnell and Downie, but reall the whole Ph@#$n’ team skating around like they’re the toughest thing on ice. I’m actually surprised and happy that we came back like that without George and Frankie. Can’t wait to get them back for Bos and Philly especially!

  4. #4 habknot says:
    October 14, 2008 at 5:48 pm

    Couldn’t Chipchura play wing instaed of Dandenault, that would give us a bit more size and toughness?

  5. Great game against Philly and Toronto. We’re playing well and again it’s exciting thinbking of the possibilities already. Gotta ask though…..what is wrong with Koivu? He’s an NHL team captain, and is invisible most of the time…a non-factor. He’s playing with no intensity or drive at all…you can see this in his game and in his face when the camera goes on him. Just a blank slate is what his face is….like he’s off somewhere else all together. Think of some of the other team captains around the league….they’re into the action, in the spotlight, doing something thats visibly helping.
    This problem with Saku goes back to last year…is he not inspired anymore?? sick of it?? just don;t wanna play??
    Whatever it is…I’m not really sure he should have the “C” anymore…doesn’t seem to be leading anything anymore…..and he’s definitely shouldn’t be taking Lang’s place as a 2nd line center….Lang can still do it…get him off Kostopolous’ line…put Koivu there…somehwta of a checking role is all he can really do anymore(not that he ever blossomed into the offensive star he was supposed to.
    Sorry guys…I know most of you swear by Koivu, and I liked him as a player for a long time too….but it’s time something was said…the guy is just not producing on the ice in any way shape or form, and spends most of the game without his name being mentioned at all…those aren’t captain qualities….you’re a great guy Saku, but it may be time to give up the C…or not to be signed at all next season, as sad as that sounds.

    Big one tonight against the B’s…lets goooooooooooooo Habs gooooooooooooo !!!!!

  6. I agree about Koivu, glad someone else sees what I have been saying for some time. Lang is the big centre that we have needed. He is in the mix and he goes to the net. That is how he scored both his goals that I saw. I said it last year Koivu is only a 15-18 goals at the most per season. His faceoffs were terrible in the late season. He did improve somewhat in the playoffs. However, if you noticed against Phily when he went up against the big centres he lost almost every faceoff. He is the third line centre like I suggested the minute we obtained Lang. In fact, based on his FA status at the end of the year I would trade him if the right player was available.

  7. Even with out George, we were able to handle Phily’s size because we had Lang up front, Obryne on defence and a healthy Komisarek. The one thing that worries me though is Philly still seemed to control the front of our net at times and some of their goals were directly due to this control. That is why I believe we need another steady experienced defenceman

  8. Guess I shoulda badmouthed Koivu earlier…the last 2 games have been the best he’s played in years….finally got the Saku we were supposed to get years ago… life with Tanguay I guess…lets just keep Higgins away from him now….keep it going Koivu, don’t die off now. GO HABS GO !!!

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