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Revenge of the Barf

  • If the Habs lose one more game I think I’ll get the flu. I may not get the flu but I’ll definitely puke.

    Blame it on the flu or blame it on playing badly, either way the results are the same. The Canadiens are hurting bad and they need to stop the bleeding.

    The Habs are in serious need of a win to end their streak and get things back on track before sliding down the slippery slope that is the Eastern Conference.

    How will they come out? Slow, sick, tired, weak……or vengeful of their most horrid showings of the season and ready to punish Atlanta?

    Tonight won’t be an easy start against the Thrashers. The Thrashers traditionally never did that well in Montreal but they are an all together different beast these days. The Habs are 7-2-0-1 in their last 10 against Atlanta.

    Radek Bonk was injured in the Rangers game and will miss his second consecutive game, which breaks up the Canadiens best defensive line and will force Chris Higgins to play with Mike Johnson and Tomas Plekanec. Even Higgins is struggling lately seemingly not being able to find the right fit.

    Will it work? No one knows but at this point but Carbonneau has to mash up the roster to get something going. There are far too many underachievers and idle players.

    Carbo used 19 different line combos in Sunday’s loss, perhaps tonight we’ll see 20+.

  1. #1 habs phan says:
    January 11, 2007 at 1:21 am

    sammy for duncan keith, done!!!!! thank you very much, have a great day. and by the way; why the hell would the management send down grabovsky??? he’s obviously proved himself to be an assett to the team. then you send him back down again!!! come on!!!! he has an insane amount of energy, and when the rest of the team see’s him skate, i’m sure they all think “i guess i better pull up my socks or this kid is gonna steal my spot” seems like common sense. oh well, i’m sure carbo and gainey know what they are doing, after all i am just a die hard fan on my computer right now. good luck against the flyers, should be a cake walk but hopefully the habs don’t treat it that way. every game is a stepping stone to get closer to the sabres. go habs go!!!!

  2. Oh right Chicago did show some interest in Samsonov but other then their young D men there is no one of interest to us. CHicago has said that would not trade Seabrook or Keith. Seabrook has a bright future but at the moment i cant see him really helping our squad. Although Sammy and Rivet for Seabrook and Smolinski would be a great deal.

  3. #3 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    January 11, 2007 at 10:11 am

    habs phan – the up & down with Grabby and Lapierre is a case of Cap space. Everyday these guys are up on the team it eats away at the remaining cap space. The last time Lapierre was up it was queoted in the Gazette it was costing them $3k a day (not per game per day), and I suppect equally as much for Grabby if no tmore, so lets say $6k a day. Also say there was 60 days left in the season it would cost the Habs $360,000 to keep them… sending down Murry, Nimmi, or Begin would not help us unless someone else were to pick up their contract on waivers to fufill there contract obligations toward the Cap.

    You might say “don’t they have the $360,000 to spend”… The answer is Yes, but the money is needed in case of an emergency loss of a goalie at league minimum. A back-up goalie is an absolute necessity, while Offense and Defense -men are replacable.

    So if we want to see these guys on a consistant basis we will need to trade to free some $$$$$$$$ The spoils of the New NHL! Not just about playing your best players, its about spending the wisest!

  4. #4 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    January 11, 2007 at 10:36 am

    What we need in the front office is to find an accountant to do some creative “book cooking” or sketchy lawyer to find “Loop-Holds” in the rules…

  5. Another reason Grabovski may have been sent down is cause Carbo wasn’t happy with his defensive play, which is understandable. He probably has flaws there cause he only just came over to North America this year and they don’t exactly preach defence in Russian hockey.

    If you play for a defensive coach you better know how to play defence. They probably told Grabby that his #1 priority down in the minors is to work on his defensive play to improve himself into an all-around player.

  6. #6 high 4 habs says:
    January 11, 2007 at 12:05 pm

    Someone should tell that to Rivet and the resr of our D men.Having said that, I am a very strong proponent of keeping Souray, and getting rid of Rivet, because Rivet adds no value to this team. he has no shot, shoddy defense, and his offensive skills are diminished. With Rivet, Samsonov, Downey, Murray, and Ninnimaa gone, it would certainly free up cap room to sign Souray and add a center.

  7. PRoblem solved. Markov and SOuray stay. RIVET, Ninimaa, murray gone.

  8. Well if Carbo wasn’t happy with Grabby, heck Grabby sure worked hard to knock down shooters in front of the net, he even actually cleared the puck out of the zone, more like the rest of the overpaid, underworked defense complained that Grabby, the slave, made them look bad and not only that made Carbo’s crappy defense look like it truly is, a non-defense….where else on any NHL team do you see defensemen stand around while the other team skates circles around them, shoot a million shots at net and get the rebounds and then Montreal’s defense has the courtesy to give the puck back cause hey they didn’t score on Abby or Huet…..sad.

    Carbo and Gainey, the basics of defense are: you stop the other team from rushing in to take a shot, you clear the offense from in front of the net, you clear the puck out, and you hit, hit and hit….but if you are Markov, Rivet, Souray, Streit, your job description under Gainey and Carbo is: Make sure the other team skates in, make sure they can shoot the rebound, make sure you don’t clear the puck, and most of all make sure you give the puck away…..

    Honestly, I have never seen defensemen work so hard at doing nothing and getting paid millions while rookies who actually play like real hockey players keep getting sent down when the produce…

  9. Simple answer to Gainey and Carbo, don’t spend money on sorry arse players! Why are we making excuses for lousy trades? HMMMM?????

  10. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Habs. They are having a slow period. It will only make them stronger. Teams that don’t have slow time in a season rarely make it all the way in the playoffs because they do not know how to face adversity as a team. We had good examples of that with the Sens and Wings last year. They dominated all year long and didn’t know how to get back from a loss. Remember that every team lose all their points on the first game of the playoffs so it doesn’t really matter if we are first or eight.
    With that said, it is now time to see what Carbo and the leaders of the team have in them. Will Koivu and Souray be able to help the youngster step up? Our team is very young with about 8 guys in their first 5 years in the NHL not even counting Lapierre. It is time for them to show what they got.
    Regarding Samsonov I believe that he had a very slow first quarter but in the second quarter of the season he proved that he was willing to play Carbo’s way bringing his stats +/- way up. He is not perfect and he is certainly not the kind of offensive player we were hoping for. But Samsonov is playing in a team that focusses on defence first and he need time to adjust.
    By the way, LA is looking for a goalie and we are looking for a strong center for the Kovalev line. Dereck Armstrong could be a very good addition to our team. He knows how to distribute the puck to his winger and he is exactly the type of player that would fit in the team since he is a good defensive player. He doesn’t have a very shinny past but he is doing very good this year. Obviously Gainey is a great GM and he knows what he’s doing so let’s wait and see if he will move before the end of the season.

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