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Sabres still Perfect

  • The Sabres are still undefeated after coming in to Montreal and winning 4-1 against the Habs.

    The sad thing about this game for the Canadiens is they were as good if not better than the Sabres for long periods of the game but failed to finish and failed to stop the puck when needed.

    The first fluky goal set the tone for the game but the Canadiens kept up with the Sabres. IF Chris Higgins buries the puck after undressing the Buffalo defenseman, IF Sheldon Souray’s point blast is 2 inches lower – then it’s a whole different game.

    The thing with Buffalo is there are no IFs or buts. That’s what separates a good team like the Canadiens from the league’s best in the Sabres.

    Andrei Markov coughs up the puck, Chris Drury takes it in and buries it with authority. No if’s there. He does it. The game changes completely.

    The Sabres are really in a class of their own right now. Even if they have a momentary lapse their goaltender is rock solid. The Habs goaltending was less than stellar to say the least.
    So far this season Huet has been hard to watch. The first goal was absolutely brutal and he certainly didn’t look strong on the third. But he did make very difficult saves on harder shots which is puzzling and frustrating to watch.

    The Habs have six more games against the Sabres and it’ll be interesting to see how they will matchup. The Habs have been the team to give the Sabres the hardest time thus far, but not hard enough.

    The Habs have to put it behind them now and focus on three upcoming Divisional games against Boston , Toronto and Ottawa.

    The Northeast picture will start to develop over these next few games and the Habs can’t afford to drop many points if any.

  1. The more that I think about this Latendresse/Samsanov issue, the more that I think that this move doesn’t smell like Gainey at all. This move has rookie coach all over it.

    It is absolutely unfair to Samsanov to put him on the fourth line, but what’s worse, it is unfair to a completely, unproven nineteen year old kid who now has the weight of the world on his shoulders to perform. This is the kind of high risk move that could tear the heart out of a team and cause a lot of long term damage!

    All I can say is good luck, unproven, French kid. No pressure at all. Just remember that if you fail, you are out of the family! You must understand that all the years of crap about Brisebois being the next Bobby Orr or Ribeiro needing just one more season to mature have left me a little jaded. I cannot bear to watch! Somebody tell me what happended when it is over!

  2. #2 Gino29 says:
    October 25, 2006 at 9:56 pm

    Here’s the deal IMO. The problem with the second line is that all three are guys who like to play around with the puck a lot and don’t shoot often enough. Latendresse is the exact opposite, his game is more physical (I’m not saying he’s done it yet, I’m just saying that’s what his strength is) and he’ll go park himself near the net and screen/pick up rebounds. Do I think it’s waaaaaaaaaay too early for him to get this promotion? Hell yes. But there is some reasoning behind it. Plus, Samsonov simply hasn’t performed to his potential, and change was definitely needed on that line. The top line is producing too well to be messed with. The third line has been playing well so they’re unlikely to be changed as well. Therefore, we have two choices here: switch centres Plekanec for Begin or switch Samsonov for Latendresse. Begin can hustle with the best of them, but he has no business on the second line. Notice I didn’t mention demoting Kovalev, as putting him on a checking line is sheer lunacy considering his atrocious defensive play. This was the only move possible without messing up the 1st or 3rd lines. I 100% agree with Habs#1 that moving a shooter like Ryder to the second line with Plekanec and Kovalev and sending Samsonov to the 1st line with Higgins and Koivu would make more sense then Latendresse being promoted without having shown anything. But, you don’t mess with success, and the first line has played too well to be broken up now.

    As for all the Plekanec haters, this guy has tons of talent, don’t forget it’s his second season in the league (not to mention he missed a good portion of last season due to injury). He provides a bit of defensive ability on a line that usually features none and has great hands. Has he played well so far? Absolutely not. I think with time he can be a good 2nd line centre, but he might’ve needed a bit more time on the 3rd line to find his place.

    As for starting Huet, well, the man needs some confidence, and he owned the Bruins last season, plus playing in Montreal while struggling is no easy task (see: Theodore, Jose), so giving him this road start makes sense. But Aebischer has been the better goalie and deserves the start against the Leafs, but I suspect that would be a whole other post.

  3. Guys sometimes I can talk shit cauz I aint know what Im saying. Im just losin my time while losin oyurs reading my comments. Canadiens suck! GO Jamaica GO!

  4. Guys sometimes I can talk shit cuz I aint know what Im saying. Im just losin my time while losin yours too while youre reading my comments. Canadiens suck! GO Jamaica GO!

  5. Bob Marley for life

  6. The answer is to move higgins to second line center. Montreal needs a quality player at that position to balance out the team. move somebody up with koivu he can make anybody look good.

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