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Samsonov wants out!

  • Good Riddance!

    Sergei Samsonov and his agent aren’t pleased. Not pleased with how he’s been treated in Montreal.

    Well roll out the red carpet for Mr. Samsonov because he’s certainly earned it, hasn’t he? He should be calling the shots right? With his performance he’s earned the right to demand what he wants, earned the right to flap his gums to the media.

    Samsonov will never recover from this. Should he NOT be traded, the taste he’s left in the mouths of Canadiens fans is bitter. Very bitter.

    Who in their right mind will take Samsonov and his salary? The big rumor is Chicago. Gainey will have to pull some strings to come out ahead on this one.

    Congratulations Mr. Samsonov, you’ve brought no class to an organization built on it.

  1. STEVEJUR, I was just pondering the two upcoming games against the Sens,when you mentioned the Leafs,now I gotto lye down,not feeling to good.

  2. Pactum:

    I have always respected your posts, but I have been watching Sid for the last five years. You guys really don’t have any inkling what you are up against! Not even a clue!

    This is all going to sound a bit weird (even biblical), but…

    Last Sunday will be a dark day in the history of the Montreal franchise. Please remember in the future that Sid did not declare war on the Habs; the Hab faithful declared war on him! Your fate is sealed for the next decade. You are doomed to follow in the foot steps of Flyers fans, Derrien Hatcher and Ken Hitchcok, the former coach of the Flyers who also said, “Crosby is no different from any other player out there.” Well, at least, until he was fired earlier this year.

    This kid actually destroys anyone who decides that they are against him. He doesn’t mean to; he is just competitive in a kind of super-natural way. Think Maurice Richard, only meaner, tougher and more talented. You guys that call Crosby a wimp and a diver are totally misguided. This guy has often taken a high stick in the mouth from Hatcher; picked up his teeth off the ice, and continued skating around him like a pilon. All in the same play.

    You will see what I mean. If I were you I would remember two words, Respect Crosby. Give him a standing ovation next time he is in Montreal, bring placards of him in a Habs jersey. Hell, set him up with your sisters, daughters, mothers, wives in Montreal if you have to. You will do it if you know what is good for you.

    Montreal fans have angered the gods and must make amends. If you don’t believe that, have a good laugh and get on with your lives, but don’t ever say that I didn’t warn you.

  3. #3 doggone R habs says:
    February 7, 2007 at 2:14 pm

    Hey Rob; are you gay? because I think you are truly in love with Crosby!
    you think this guy is the Messiah; can he walk on water? Maybe he can part the red sea, right? Get over him, or send him a love letter or maybe flowers.
    I know, you can become a groupie for him. Dude, he’s just 1 player, and there is alot of fish in the sea! get a grip! Mabe you should just move to Pittsburgh to be close to him.

  4. #4 Iceberg14 says:
    February 7, 2007 at 2:39 pm

    What the hell happenned to huet?? he is your number 1just cause the guy starts playing “normal” instead of stealing games for us with 45 saves we never should of won is not a reason to put in don’t see raycroft kipper roloson or luongo lose their job after losing a few…you yank the goalie and it sends a message to the team that it’s the goalies fault and not the teams play…you continue to play him win or lose, and the rest of the team gets the message its time to show up and play as hard as huet and huet will get his confidence back we ruined carbo with unreal standards and now we are doing it to huet…who you gonna blame now..sammy is gone..and you still got ryder higgins koivu and kovalev u don’t see them lose icetime..carbo lost his dressing room anf without huet as your backbone we might as well fold the tent now

  5. Some body better tell Sidney he’s got a stalker and his name is Robert Miller of Nova Scotia, you’ll know him when you see him,look for a DICK HEAD!!

  6. The Leafs are playing well because they are a better team. Their players have defined roles and they do their best within that system. You don’t see Belak getting moved to the 1st line any more than you see Sundin on the 4th. And their goaltending is finally up to snuff. The reason they suffered early on was inconsistent goaltending while Montreal feasted on strong special teams. Now that each has evened out it’s clear that the Leafs are just better. It hurts to read that but it’s true.

  7. #7 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    February 7, 2007 at 3:12 pm

    Rob – Oh my, buddy I think you better take your Meds… The voices in your head aren’t Sidney speaking to you?!!? LOL He is a Hockey player, Not the Lord our Savour! Your right we got our laugh.

    by the way the Habs must have pissed the Gods off long ago because they haven’t been in true form in over ten 10 years! May it was the Curse of of the almighty ROY…

  8. It was the curse of hubris over Roy. Without him Montreal would never have won the cup in 86 or 93 and he was treated shabbily. Time to pay the piper 😉

  9. #9 ROBtths NOT A HOMO ! says:
    February 7, 2007 at 6:32 pm


    tthhhidney crotthhhby eh robet!!! heetthh my favourite peetthh of penguin there ittthhh!

  10. #10 joshtm says:
    February 7, 2007 at 7:23 pm

    hey countNY_HabsFan that link opens to an empty box. What gives? Red Fisher is a well respected columnist, while it is okay to disagree with what he has to say, to say it in those terms is just really disrespectful….maybe you were drunk, or maybe you too are going senile, or both perhaps….

  11. Weird,something went wrong with the”Samsonov clears waivers blog”,hum,virus perhaps,well I’m sure it will be fixed for the Sens games.With the Sabers beating the Sens 3-2 tonite ,they should be nice and tired,”thank-goodness”for tomorro’s game.This was quite the day today on the old Habs blog.It started with a defection of a fan to another organisation,then the passing of a long time Habs fan,a strange Red Fisher story stating CROSBEY got traded to the habs,Samsonov making up with Gainey and Carbo,Brother Hab fans going at it and at each other and Big H.B. getting upset at his bloggers…WOW,NOT bad considering no game today,lots going on…on the Bestest Blog in Town!!!

  12. Actually, joshtm:

    There was a Red Fischer story originally with that link, and it was about Sidney Crosby (OF ALL PEOPLE) and the Habs trying to acquire him. It had a bit a slant against the Canadiens though because it implied that all that the Candiens could offer the Penguins was a Zamboni driver and a couple of the other “broken down” acquisitions.

    Obviously, the Gazette wisely pulled the plug on the link because they thought that Red Fischer would be labelled gay for speaking the truth, and obviously, the Canadiens faithful cannot handle the truth. If you thought the curse that befall you when you traded Roy was bad, wait to you see what happens after you dished Crosby (previously, a loyal Habs supporter.) Philly fans did the same last year; look where they are. Really, I did warn you. Next Pens-Habs game, Crosby will actually try. 8-2 Pens, and the Penguins will make the playoffs. You have brought this on yourselves for jeering Crosby last Sunday.

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