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Troubled fan crashes Canadiens practice

  1. The man in question was 28. He might have been addled, but hardly senile.

  2. i don’t think habsblog ment that he actually couldn’t see properly

  3. Senile means old – if you say someone’s senile you’re saying they’re losing it because they are old.

  4. I changed it for you 😀

  5. sorry, i was thinking of something completly different. you’re right, part of senile is being confused, forgetful, ect. especially in the later years of life. however, it was probably still wasn’t ment literally. more so along the lines of ‘what was this guy thinking?’ even if he did score, i still don;t think that the habs would’ve given him a job. maybe it would’ve worked in a disney movie but unless a team is very desparet then not in real life

  6. lol, there you go

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