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Sergei Samsonov

  • Sergei Samsonov hasn’t made the best first impression in Montreal. When he was signed as a free agent over the summer there was excitement that Samsonov would come in and be a scoring machine with his speed and skill mixing well with the Montreal offense.

    Kovalev and Samsonov together??? Oh my! The creativity!

    Not only has he had a rather lackluster beginning with the Habs but now he is complaining to the media about his lack of ice time and his role with the team.

    Samsonov played less than two minutes in the third period in Monday’s loss against the Sabres and now he has been ‘demoted’ to the fourth line.

    Samsonov then proceeded to whine to the media about how he is overpaid to sit on the bench and maybe he’s not needed in Montreal. All this after a whole 8 games.

    What happened to the days when a coach could send a message to his players? Bench him. Sit him. Scratch him – without the player crying in public.


    The fact of the matter is Samsonov’s play has not warranted him tons of ice time and a real player plays the role given to him by his coach.

    This is another example of ‘me first’ thinking and not team thinking which will quickly kill your likability with the Montreal mob.

    Who knows? If Samsonov concentrates on playing well and not complaining he might be surprised by the potential success of playing with Begin and Murray. How many fourth lines can compete with the speed all three of those guys can exhibit? Begin and Murray’s roughhousing might just give Samsonov the room he so desperately needs to create plays.

    The Habs are in Beantown to take on the Bruins. The Habs had much success against the Bruins last year (7-1) and Boston isn’t off to the start they hoped for. As always Divisional games are always crucial even early in the season.

    Huet shut out the Bruins three times last year. Goalies remember those things. For that reason alone he should get the start. He needs a couple wins under his belt to get confident again and on paper it makes sense against the Bruins.

    If he should fail to get the W the scrutiny on him will keep increasing.

    Guillaume Latendresse has a chance on the second line, and most likely a little more PP time. It’s time for him to get some points and prove they made the right choice in keeping him.

  1. #1 Habs#1 says:
    October 27, 2006 at 3:58 pm


    -The Boston Globe, talking to Sergei Samsonov’s agent, suggests that the Canadiens LW might prefer to be moved right out of Montreal after his recent demotion to the fourth line. Samsonov is still getting power play time, so his ice time hasn’t been totally wiped away. Rookie Guillaume Latendresse has been the biggest beneficiary, getting more quality ice time, but he has yet to register a point through nine games.

    Make what you want out of that.(Once again I bring up the Chicago option, read blog entry 47 in the ‘Sabres Still Perfect’ section).

    And will everyone please wake up and smell the Vodka. Rivet is not the problem, goaltending is not the problem, Souray most definitly isn’t the problem and Samsonov wasn’t the problem but unfortuanatly he looks to be as good as gone.

    KOVALEV IS THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!! This guy’s ego could rival Terrel Owens! He thinks he’s bigger than the team(all the dumb penalties he takes), he never(And I mean NEVER) puts in even a 100% effort, and he never takes responsibility for his actions(His comments about his ejection after the game). Do you really want this 33 year old, self-centred, lacksidazical S.O.B. on the team for another 2 seasons after this one at 4.5 million? Com on.

  2. Montreal is already clear 3rd in the conference, with at least 1 point AND 1 game in hand over 4th place followers. Of course, it’s still very early in the season and many different things could happen. The team could either take-off (in a good way) or stay put (slow down and rely on status quo, earlier results). For them to take off and explode the first thing to do would be to get some discipline and perfect a relentless system of play like Buffalo has. It’s not so much about individual figures, don’t blame it on Kovalev alone if things go wrong or something. It’s about the team as a unit, as a whole organism. That is the coaching staff’s job.

  3. Has anyone noticed how the press keeps insisting that Samsonov was demoted to the fourth line, even after the game? Anyone who saw the game and has any clue knows he was put in the third line, and even got powerplay time.

  4. #4 Jack Tornton says:
    October 27, 2006 at 4:56 pm

    Some of you guys just critisizes other hab fasn comments…Instead of doing so just add some comments to theirs. C’mon it just gets boring reading the same things afetr every 2 comments “only 10 games have passed ad theres 72 left”The fun is when we actually talk about trades. And in my opinion we should trade samsonov,niniima and plecks for a a power forward that can playt center. That would be wicked. Just imagine 1st line: higgins-koivu-ryder 2: kost(lats)-marleau(or whoever)-kovalev 3: Johnson-bonk-perz 4: downey-begin-murray

    That’d be wicked!

  5. TO Habs#1:

    I was not stating RIvet was the problem I was just saying he is low and does not fit our style of play. ANd really what problem, I did not realize we had a problem. I am happy with what we have. As for trading Kovalev, that is a bit of a mindtwister. SO we have had problems getting the puck in the net. SO lets trade of more offensively gifted player. Sure he only shows up when he wants but heck that is better then throwing in another rookie. Remember last year what happened, we strted to lose when we had a couple of injuries on forward (Kovy, Koivu, Zednik) WE lost becasue we did not have depth at that position.

    WE dont have a problem so please everyone stop saying we have to trade offensively gifted players for draft picks. Why does everyone want to win the cup in 2011 so badly. What about this year????

  6. #6 Habs#1 says:
    October 27, 2006 at 4:59 pm

    There is no way in hell the Sharks will ever trade Marleau. They’d trade Thornton first.

  7. Hey JT;

    Marleau would be a dream come true. San Jose does not even take advantage of his skill set. Heis rotting there. IN my opionion he is one of the top three centers in the NHL.

    Hey maybe if the sharks GM is as negative about his team as some Habs fans are about their’s then maybe we could get Marleau for one prospect like Ben Maxwell.

  8. Does anyone else think that TUcker really got off easy last night? Other then the massive dent he got to his dignity. Although the whole dignity was lost a long time ago. Will he go for Kovy? Will Souray respond with a massive beating?

    ANyways I would have liked to have seen McGratten take him out for good last night. I will laugh if he gets more then 2 million a season for the role he plays. JFJ will probably give him 5.5 per.

  9. KOVALEV is NOT the problem!!! On RDS last night they clearly showed 2 boston players try to take him out at the knee.Cameras don’t lie.I’d be pissed off.I challenge anyone to tell me differently.Rivet plays to his ability.Not the best but I believe he gives it his all every game and is at least consistent..He also is also slow to anger.And NO one in the league wants to fight this guy.I have never seen him loose a fight.

  10. #10 PACTUM SERVA says:
    October 27, 2006 at 5:58 pm

    I wonder if we could steal modano out of dallas.Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. #11 Snake says:
    October 27, 2006 at 6:02 pm

    Modano for Kostisyn and Rivet.

  12. while your at it bring Iginla and Sakic for Ninimaa and Downey.

  13. how about resurecting Richard and Beliveau too?!

    I agree we need a trade, but not an offensive one. Offense is liable to grow, but defence is needed all the time. If there was to be a trade it would have to be defensive minded. An defensive forward perhaps or just an out-and-out defenseve vet to get the D in gear.

  14. #14 joshtm says:
    October 27, 2006 at 6:58 pm

    Man, talk about being hypocrites…first you crap on me for suggesting something and then you turn around and do the same damn thing!!!!

    I think on the other posts people have noticed that Souray is definitely doing more than his fair share of giving away the puck. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize his wrist is like a flat tire. It’s only good for choking the other guy or slapping that puck, it ain’t no good for stickhandling around the rookies of the league, heck I bet some of your granmas if you laced them up would be able to take the puck away from Souray….hey he is a defenseman, he is supposed to defend. Maybe instead of trading Sheldon Carbo should promote him to one of the wing positions, that is Souray’s strength now, he plays more like a forward than a defense. But then he can’t stickhandle worth crap..though. That was my only conclusion is Souray would probably have a lot of takers and you could probably get a decent defenseman in return or a power forward.

    I’m a habs fan through and through and it pisses me off to see someone like Souray who has capacity just basically playing like some overpaid union guy.

  15. Maybe we could trade the sabers for the Habs and throw in a 3rd round draft pick a Howie Morenz jersey and a signed photograph of YOUPIE!

  16. And yes i do like to be hypocrite. Its very fun.

  17. I don’t mean to crap on Gainey but he’s made some really bad choices.
    Here is a list of some over paid players:

    Radek Bonk 2.3 M
    Samsonov 3.5 M
    Rivet 2.47 M (Souray is paid less at 2.43 M. Are you kidding me??)
    Huet 3.0 M (Aebischer is at 1.9 M)
    Ribeiro before the trade for 1.9 M

    I still don’t understand how Bob can pay a goalie 3 million for a 30 games performance.
    Didn’t we learn the first time with Theodore? I mean seriously 3 million.
    I would have told him to talk a walk and offered him a 1 year contract.
    Prove it to me for 82 games than we’ll talk.
    Bryzgalov is only making 1 M.
    I said it when we signed him, we don’t need Samsonov.
    All that money should have been offered to Redden, Chara, Blake, Pronger etc.
    WE NEED A HORSE ON D not another overpaid Russian.

  18. ROb Blake would be a huge mistake at this point. No thanks. AS for Rivet being paid more then SOuray. OUCH. Im guessing it was A Savard who signed Rivet to that contract. If Rivet wants to stay in Mtl and HE has said so himself he will have to sign a one year contract around the 1M mark. IF some team out there wants to offer him something lucarative then hey it will free up salary for us to do the same with someone else. UPGRADE!

  19. Oh and by the way I love Rivet’s grit and desire however he does not fit our style of play. When we start a rush he will jump in and just dump the puck in? Why jump in the rush if you are not planning to help the rush. Numerous times we have had odd man rushes at the red line just to see him dump it in and not recover the puck in the zone. SOuray will at least cross the blueline before he lets one rip. CHase SOuray outta town and you might as well leave town.

  20. #20 Habs#1 says:
    October 28, 2006 at 12:12 pm

    I’ll just ask you guys this question straight up. Who would you rather have on your team: Alex Kovalev or Shane Doan?

    I’d take Doan any day of the week.

  21. #21 Habs#1 says:
    October 28, 2006 at 12:37 pm

    Montreal Gazette- Dave Stubbs reports Samsonov’s outburst on Thursday “irked” head coach Carbonneau, who is trying to light a fire under the winger to bolster his play, which has been disappointing thus far. Red Fisher believes Samsonov will bounce back but believes the real problem with the Habs lack of second line scoring this season is ALEX KOVALEV.\

    Looks like I’m not the only one who’s catching on here!

  22. Shane Doan is one of the most overated players in the NHL. And well Wayne Gretzky is a big fan of his so that pretty much tells us he sucks. THere is absoulutely no comparison in skill but Doan has more heart. But then again DOan dislikes french people. He is a biggit.

  23. P.S Chasing our most offensively gifter player out of town is not the answer. Remember we dont score enough goals as it is. What happens if Higgins or Ryder go down with an injury. Think about that buddy. Remember when we traded Turgoen , that worked out real well for us.

  24. #24 Habs#1 says:
    October 28, 2006 at 1:34 pm

    Hey if Red Fischer believes that Kovalev is the problem then I’m willing to take his word on it.

    And if you don’t like Doan just because of what he ‘suppositly’ said(he outscored Kovalev easily last year) than how about Glen Murray?

  25. #25 Habs#1 says:
    October 28, 2006 at 1:58 pm

    Snake, my point is this. While Kovalev is easily the most gifted offensive player on this team, does he put up big numbers? No.

    Now while you say Shane Doan is a Biggot, maybe your right, maybe your not. We may never know what he really said. He has consistently put up bigger numbers than Kovalev the past 2-3 years. Even Ryan Smith, A guy with marginal talent at best, has outscored Kovalev with ease the past few seasons.


    Because a guy with medium to minimal talnet but someone who put’s in 110% every night will always score more than someone who dosen’t care. Ask anyone around the league and they will tell you that Kovalev could be one of the top 5 players in the league if he gave a damn. But HE NEVER WILL. So he will never score as much as a should.

  26. #26 Snake says:
    October 28, 2006 at 4:22 pm

    Okay but we have alot of guys who give 110% every night. I am not saying it is okay that Kovy slacks of at times but he is very gifted. SOmetimes its nice to have a guy on you team that can get that big goal with a flick of the wrist. Plus he is huge in the playoffs. The last two april’s he has been at the top of the scoring leaders when we were eliminated. I still hold him responsible for the 3 games to one comeback in 2004. Plus it is nice to have a guy who has won a stanley cup!!!!! CUOld go on all night but will not.

  27. #27 Snake says:
    October 28, 2006 at 4:22 pm

    Pretty soon you will start mentioning guys like Tyler Arnason and Peter Shaeffer.

  28. #28 Snake says:
    October 28, 2006 at 4:23 pm

    As for Glen Murray you would have to put him with Koivu or it would not benefit to have him. HE NEEDS a great playmaking center.

  29. #29 Habs heartland 1 says:
    October 28, 2006 at 5:17 pm

    we will never go far in the playoffs because of Kovalev. he is by far the most selfish player I’ve ever seen. he is a prima donna with an attitude. it’s me me me . he whines when he doesn’t get his way. it doesn’t matter how much talent he has, because he only uses 10% of it anyways. look at koivu: not the most talented player, but the heart of a lion, and he gives 100% every night! Give me a less talent, but harder working player, any day of the week!The best 2 players we have are: Higgins and Ryder. I love those guys! They give 100 % every night! They don’t whine and don’t complain. They do what’s good for the team, not for themselves! get rid of Kovalev, and maybe then we’ll have 2 scoring lines. I’m sure there are alot of teams that would love to have him. For example, the rangers?or maybe Florida, and give us Bertuzzi!

  30. #30 Jack Tornton says:
    October 28, 2006 at 8:01 pm

    Listen to all those( who I call “idiots”)! You guys don’t know a damn about this club. Check the sats before Kovalev joined this team…Goooooo.Check it and then read the rest of my comment.

    If Habs have confidence in their game its because of two mthree amin guys “Koivu,Kovalev and ryder—I can strongly add Higgins to that list too—”

    If we lose one of those guys then you knw what???
    We’ll be that same shitty team as we were before he joined this club. First of all, we never put him with an experinced and skilled player befoore except for Koivu and this mighty samsonov. If our youngsters are p;layer with so much confidence it’s because of his leadership and yes……..leadership guys.
    Who says he never gives up 110% of his game?Then you check any game he plays and you’ll notice he is the player the most defended by the oppoisite team.

    Now if we combine all what I said, I can conclude that if Kovalev is so much defended then one of his wingers should always be ready and posioned perfectly for a pass since there’s always atleast two Dman on him.

    As a result we’ll have 1 guy that will always be be open!

  31. #31 Habs heartland 1 says:
    October 28, 2006 at 10:08 pm

    hey, Jack Tornton-read the papers! see what carbo said about kovalev:”what kovalev did was inexcusable! he can’t do that again!” now, here’s the quote from his TEAMMATE koivu:”what kovalev did was wrong. he hurt the team. we all get slashed at. you just can’t let your temper get the best of you. WE ALMOST LOST THE GAME BECAUSE OF KOVALEV’S ACTIONS. he hurt his team. he can’t do this!”These are quotes from his teammate koivu and his coach! (refers to the incident in the game against BOSTON). so I’m not making this up. KOVALEV hurts his team. he is SELFISH! he always tries to do it by himself. The last time I looked, hockey was a TEAM sport! it’s not tennis. hey, that’s an idea. maybe he should be playing tennis, so he can get all the glory; yeah, just forget about your teammates, Mr. SELFISH!Mr. WHINER! Mr. prima donna!

  32. #32 tricolor true says:
    October 28, 2006 at 10:48 pm

    Oh Yes! KOVALEV NEVER GIVES 100%! also, it’s a quote from the broadcasters, so you don’t have to take my word for it. So you think Kovalev is a leader? Ha HA HA Ha Ha! I just had a good chuckle! How many leaders would put their team into penalty trouble or cost their team a game? Or not be a team player?He has never been a leader. he cares only about his own stats! The letter i is not in team! Yes, without him, WE WOULD BE A MUCH BETTER TEAM!Has he gotten us a stanley cup? NO! have we finished in 1st place with him? Have we gotten to the finals with him? So can you say we’re better with him? Moronic statewment! even his teammates are pissed off at him. nobody wants to play with him. don’t you get it? 10% effort, or showing up only when he feels like it, IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! His teammates depend on him, and he constantly lets them down! He takes stupid and undisciplined penalties, without thinking about the repercussions! He’s definitely a CANCER!

  33. #33 Habs#1 says:
    October 28, 2006 at 11:47 pm

    THANK YOU. Jeez.

  34. #34 Jack Tornton says:
    October 29, 2006 at 4:54 pm

    The game Montreal played against Boston was the only game I havent seen so far. And everyone is talking about his penalty which caosted Montereal a goal I think. Can someone tell me what did he actually do?

    But I still keep my word, Kovy is the player we all depend on, and keep saying negative comments about him is not going to help him.

  35. #35 Snake says:
    October 29, 2006 at 7:34 pm

    Great idea, lets trade Kovalev for Bertuzzi. That will solve that problem. Crap, and for awhie I thought some people here knew what they were talking about. Talking hockey for you would be me trying to talk about engines. DOnt know sh*t all.

    Lets complain about anything and everything. LEts bring up problems and answere them with even worse solutions. SOunds like Rejean Houle. Is that you Rejean? How have you been? How is Mario Tremblay?

  36. #36 habs hearland 1 says:
    October 29, 2006 at 10:58 pm

    Remember, this is a blog, and everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, right or wrong! There are no correct answers, it’s whatever you think! everyone should RESPECT other’s thoughts! It’s too bad, there is so much uneducated and self deprivating comments. If you don’ agree, don’t shun others. either stay quiet, or let other voice their opinions. If we all agreed, life would be dull, right?

  37. #37 Snake says:
    October 30, 2006 at 5:55 pm

    True enough. Its not the uneducated commments that bother me its the haters. SOme people are negative all the time. SMILE and enjoy life. IF you really are a HAbs fan then enjoy the excitement every night. DOnt whine and complain and bring down others with your grumpiness.

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