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Sergei Samsonov

  • Sergei Samsonov hasn’t made the best first impression in Montreal. When he was signed as a free agent over the summer there was excitement that Samsonov would come in and be a scoring machine with his speed and skill mixing well with the Montreal offense.

    Kovalev and Samsonov together??? Oh my! The creativity!

    Not only has he had a rather lackluster beginning with the Habs but now he is complaining to the media about his lack of ice time and his role with the team.

    Samsonov played less than two minutes in the third period in Monday’s loss against the Sabres and now he has been ‘demoted’ to the fourth line.

    Samsonov then proceeded to whine to the media about how he is overpaid to sit on the bench and maybe he’s not needed in Montreal. All this after a whole 8 games.

    What happened to the days when a coach could send a message to his players? Bench him. Sit him. Scratch him – without the player crying in public.


    The fact of the matter is Samsonov’s play has not warranted him tons of ice time and a real player plays the role given to him by his coach.

    This is another example of ‘me first’ thinking and not team thinking which will quickly kill your likability with the Montreal mob.

    Who knows? If Samsonov concentrates on playing well and not complaining he might be surprised by the potential success of playing with Begin and Murray. How many fourth lines can compete with the speed all three of those guys can exhibit? Begin and Murray’s roughhousing might just give Samsonov the room he so desperately needs to create plays.

    The Habs are in Beantown to take on the Bruins. The Habs had much success against the Bruins last year (7-1) and Boston isn’t off to the start they hoped for. As always Divisional games are always crucial even early in the season.

    Huet shut out the Bruins three times last year. Goalies remember those things. For that reason alone he should get the start. He needs a couple wins under his belt to get confident again and on paper it makes sense against the Bruins.

    If he should fail to get the W the scrutiny on him will keep increasing.

    Guillaume Latendresse has a chance on the second line, and most likely a little more PP time. It’s time for him to get some points and prove they made the right choice in keeping him.

  1. #1 Alestar says:
    October 26, 2006 at 11:23 am

    Not impressed with Samsonov’s play this season…he’ll learn quickly that the Montreal media will crucify him for these kind of outbursts. He looks like he’s going at half speed most of the time.

    Latendresse: I read about all his great games he played in the pre-season this year and last, but I’ve never actually seen him do anything special on the ice. I hope playing with Kovalev and Plecanek creates a spark.

    Huet is looking like the Huet I watched play a few games for the Kings a while back. He’s gotta find that magic and stop with the soft goals…that was the beginning of the end of Theodore.

    I’m happy to see Souray back in form…seems he had a talk with his stick company, they don’t break as often!

    Anyway…that’s what I think.


  2. #2 lavaman says:
    October 26, 2006 at 11:27 am

    Latendresse is slower than Ryder last year! He needs to improve his speed 25% to be effective in the new NHL. He won’t last on the second line and I even question if he’s ready to play in the NHL at all this year.

    Huet is dissapointing as well. He looks shaky and that doesn’t bode well for the Habs.

  3. #3 smiler2729 says:
    October 26, 2006 at 12:18 pm

    Betcha Samsonov is back on the 2nd line by game’s end in Boston. Carbo’s just trying to light a fire under his ass, make him mad and diminishing his return to Boston will surely piss him off. As long we win! Montreal 5 – Boston 2.
    PS. I’m so tired of all this Huet-bashing. He’s not playing terrible like Theodore did but since he’s not superhuman amazing everyone’s on his case. Everybody just relax as we enter game 9! of a 82 game season!!

  4. I wonder just how Samsonov is going to get himself up from this mess? Should he rebute his comments of stand his ground? Either way he has lost a lot of support, confidence and fans in one swift comment.

    As for Latendresse i really hope he proves he is a good player. All we hear about is Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin, Ward, Stall (of which i think Ward and Crosby are WAY overated). It would be nice to add Latendresse to that list, but saying that the last time we had a decent Rookie in Ryder, they blew the award and gave it to Raycroft (who infact should not have been classed a Rookie after playing 20 games previous BEFORE his ‘Rookie year’?!). Still it has yet to be seen wheter he can compete at the top of his game, and i only hope that these two key rival games will boost him, the line, the team – and most importantly, the fans.

  5. #5 smiler2729 says:
    October 26, 2006 at 12:27 pm

    Does anybody miss Bruin-killer Richard Zednik?

  6. #6 PACTUM SERVA says:
    October 26, 2006 at 12:59 pm

    I was always a big zednik fan but i knew his time was up here.

  7. When was the last time you remember Kovalev crossing the blue-line into the other team’s zone without the puck on his stick? I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t. From what I can remember watching Samsonov (esp. with Bruins) he’s a similar type of player that likes to have the puck on his stick. Even though they speak the same language, maybe they’re just not right together.

    Speaking of 4th line ice time, if there weren’t so many penalties I’m sure there would be much more equality amongst forwards in terms of ice time. Samsonov needs to keep his clapper shut and work. Who knows, with a couple crashers like Begin and Murray, Samsonov might find that he’s better able to contribute to the “team”.

  8. #8 Les Habitant says:
    October 26, 2006 at 3:54 pm

    I would like everyone to read the SECOND BLOG on the Sabres still perfect posted two days ago. 2 days ago I wrote that Latendresse should be brought up from the 4th line to the 2nd line. Its almost like they read these blogs… You can call me Nostrodomous!!!

  9. Not impressed with Carbonneau’s handling of this.

    This might become an impediment to ever signing any quality free agents in the future in Montreal.

    It is not even like Latendresse has done anything to deserve a promotion.

  10. The whole success of the second line now depends on Alex Kovalev. Do you think he would rather play with Samsanov or Latendresse? Watch tonight to see whether he puts in any effort!

  11. Not to go against the grain of the postings here but, Does anyone have an update on DOWNEY?

  12. #12 PACTUM SERVA says:
    October 26, 2006 at 5:51 pm

    I think this move will make us or break us.If this works we will all think carbo is a genius but if not welllllllllllllllll lets just hope it does work lol.I still think its early in the season to be pushing any panic button.

  13. Jay, on CBC it just says that he is sidelined indefiantlly. That could be anytime really but love to see him return – hopefully the fans will welcome him back when he does.

  14. #14 tricolor true says:
    October 26, 2006 at 7:55 pm

    1st period is over, and the habs defence already gave the bruins a goal!Komisarek obviously never played junior hockey! or he would know, “YOU NEVER NEVER EVER MAKE A CROSS ICE PASS WITH AN OPPOSING PLAYER NEAR!!!!!!!!!What a bonehead play! He is just a horrible, defenceman! He always takes bad penalties, or GIVES THE PUCK AWAY!When will we ever have a good defence?Not this year!


    :) – sarcasm rulz

  16. Kovalev just got himself kicked out of the game — see post #10. Habs are done.

  17. #17 johnnyhab says:
    October 26, 2006 at 8:46 pm

    The Ref’s in the NHL must be dealt with these calls have got to stop. There is so many missed calls and an obscene amount of bad calls…the Ref’s must be held accountable for their mistakes made during the game!!! the Ref’s are deciding the outcome of the games and not the players.

    go habs go

  18. I really like the line changes. Samsonov is much more visible playing with Bonk and Johnson, and Perezhogin is ok in the 4th line. Latendresse hasn’t seen the puck too much, partly because Kovalev Never passed him the puck.

    Kovalev out of the game now for undisciplined trash talking.

  19. #19 tricolor true says:
    October 26, 2006 at 8:52 pm

    WE HAVE NO DISCIPLINE!!!!!!!All those penalties! Trying to give away the game? I guess so. KOVALEV- HE’S THE PROBLEM! After watching 2 periods I have observed, that Kovalev is the reason the 2nd line isn’t clicking! Nobody can play with him! I’m watching the game on NESN, and the announcers said that Kovalev, (Whose so talented), only uses 10% of his talent! What a waste! Also, I am convinced he is THE MOST SELFISH PLAYER I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!He is the player that needs to go. The penalties he took,( and it’s not the first time he has done this to his team ),were totally unrational and just plain selfish! What is he thinking? he is hurting his team! Get rid of him! CANCER ON THE TEAM!

  20. #20 cote11 says:
    October 26, 2006 at 8:54 pm

    Samsonov being put down to a lower line is something that I agree with 100% but by replacing him with latendresse who has done nothing this season is bullshit. I’d rather have a skilled player that can handle the puck on my second line then a kid who is only there because he’s french.

  21. Yep, he is on the second line, but the same result. French kid has – 0 goals – 0 assists – 0 shots – minus 1 for the game so far.

    There is still a period to go, but I say that we now promote him all the way to the first line based on this below average performance. Maybe we can all vote him in as a write in candidate for the all star game too, and piss Chris Higgins, an anglophone, off next.

  22. #22 habsfan says:
    October 26, 2006 at 9:25 pm

    don’t worry about huet, aebesher is playing very well.

    i think samsonov will try really hard to earn a place on the 2nd line again. latendresse might not be able to keep up with kovalev so samsonov may return soon.

    habs off to good start. habs vs. leafs on saturday, go habs go!

  23. LoL.. last second of play and boom! we take it.

    They said that the fans started throwing sh*t on the ice after the goal, but the idiots in the tv room didn’t show any of it! Just some close-up shots of some faces. Why are they covering it? Idiots. Does anyone know what was thrown on the ice? The game had to be declared over when there was still 1.2 seconds left on the clock due to all of this.

  24. #24 tricolor true says:
    October 26, 2006 at 9:44 pm

    Does anyone out there agree with me on Kovalev? is he not the most undisciplined and selfish player? he took a slashing penalty on Saturday night that took away any chance of us getting back into the game; tonight he took 2 undisciplined penalties that cost us a goal, and because of his temper tantrum he received a match penalty, which has now cost us his services for the next game! what a stupid player! Plain stupidity!!!

  25. I read in a Boston paper where Kovalev was quite vocal in his protest on the demotion of Samsanov to the fourth line. Kovalev has always been the kind of player that if you cheese him off, he stops playing for you.(period) He is an absolute prima donna when he doesn’t get his own way. Putting Latendresse on the second line ain’t gonna work out because there is no way Kovalev is going to do all the work, and then let Latendresse get the glory for banging in a crappy rebound.

    Anyways, thanks to the real heros in this game. Higgins (Yank), Markov (Rusky), Ryder (Newf), Sheldon (Prairie Boy), Saku (Finn), and Mike Johnson (Torontonian). No thanks to you, Guillame. You should be back in the QJMHL where you belong!

  26. Can someone also tell me how Chris Higgins can have three points on the night, and Zdeno Chara is named the first star of the frickin’ game! WTF??? Who picks the three stars in Boston? Don Cherry?

  27. The guy who keeps playing crappy games is Niinimaa.. Should be traded. Traded!
    He never does anything good. Just neutral and bad things. Gives away he puck too often.

    Is Kovalev really missing the next game as well because of this? I guess they will have to bring up Laperriere or Kostitsyn if it’s the case.

    It’s true that Kovalev should control his temper a little bit more and that not many players seem to gel too well with him on the ice. That’s because he is so dominant that he wants the puck all the time. He is a great player, and only needs to find a good rhythm with a line. If we had Lang (who was his center in Pittsburg) that would be a huge line.

    Latendresse and Plekanec didn’t do much tonight, as usual.

  28. #29 joshtm says:
    October 26, 2006 at 10:18 pm

    I disagree, Latendrese gave some good hits. Did anyone see the replay of Souray getting out of the way of the shot and screening his own goalie? Before that Souray gave away the puck. I counted the times he gave away the puck, I counted at least 12 definite passes to the other team. It looks like Souray wants to be traded, I don’t think anyone is picking this up.

    Ninima is no good, he gets pushed over. Samsonov gave away the puck on one of the goals. Between Kovalev, Souray and Samsonov and Ninima being a wimp, its a wonder Carbo doesn’t just trade this bunch or send them all to Hamilton.

    At least Huet made an effort but you can definitely tell he doesn’t have the same flexibility as last year, the late season muscle injury he suffered must have been worse than the coaching team lets on. I think they are trying to make Huet look good so they can include him on a trade package, possibly Ninny, Souray and Huet… just know with the way Carbo said what he said that there has been words said. Those words probably came from the traitor Habs Souray and Kovalev…

  29. #30 PACTUM SERVA says:
    October 26, 2006 at 10:20 pm

    Huet got the first star

  30. #31 PACTUM SERVA says:
    October 26, 2006 at 10:22 pm

    Why dont we just trade the whole team(end of sarcasm)

  31. Where are you going to find all these stupid team owners that are going to trade at this time of year for all of these lousy Habs players that you guys keep talking about? There is currently only one Wang in this league, and I think that he is currently busy working on the next 25 year contract for his Islanders. I believe that it is for his backup goaltender who turns out is better than DiPietro.

  32. Pactum:

    Huet got the first star? Says who? According to the Box score of the Montreal Canadiens website ( The three stars were:

    1. Zdeno Chara
    2. Mike Johnson
    3. Andrei Markov

  33. According to RDS, the stars were: 1-Huet 2-Higgins 3-Markov
    But, seeing the game, I think that Chara was in fact the most important precence on the ice. He scored a goal, but that doesn’t matter that much. He got over 30 minutes of ice-time. Boston is a different team when he is on or off the ice.

  34. Thanks, Razz.

    I like the RDS choices better — although Chris Higgins (1 goal and 2 assists) should have been #1.

  35. I thought Latendress was going to play tonight???

    Ur right ROLF sarcasm feels good to !

  36. #37 joshtm says:
    October 26, 2006 at 11:06 pm

    I know I think we need a trade if only to kick Souray in the pants or out finally…Ninny is playing like the Ninny he is….at least Samsonov looked like he was trying…it would be neat to team him up with Ryder….and Souray…and get a goon…Chara pushed everyone around like the Habs were some junior leage team…oh wait arent’they though? Are the habs playing like some triple A prospect team? Not passing and trying to score so they can get promoted…oh wait someone forgot to tell the team this is as far as they get….can’t go any higher..

  37. Hey JOsh , no offence but;

    Souray hater = Idiot

    You want to talk about defensive giveaways we will talk about Rivet. Rivet puts SOuray in very difficult situations. Open your eyes. Are you a leafs fan? Cause if I was a leafs fan SOuray and Higgins would be the two I would criticize. Not because they have wekanesses but they would scare the crap outta me. Trading SOuray would be like trading Pierre Turgeon, Conroy for Corson and Murray Baron. Oh wait Rejean Houle did that. Jay are you Rejean Houle???????????????????? Because you are making as much sense as he did as GM.

    In this new NHl there are alot of giveaways and yes I did notice Souray fan on a pass once but no harm was done as he battled Primeau and won the puck back. He also moved when Chara shot but like his heavy shot could not be stopped either way. Souray is the 2nd best d man we have(markov if he plays like he can is #1). Boullion and Komi are solid too. But please before you let this babble come from your mouth you must think. I notice 10-15 mistakes from Rivet a game yet I still have confidence in him. ALthough have you ever seen Rivet skate with the puck? Every time he dumps it in, never looks to make the pass. Everytime!!!!!

    If you want to hate on a all star defensemen (3rd star of the week) go to the leafs site and talk with those fools!!!

  38. Souray haters deserve a punch in the grill. Better yet spit in their grill.

  39. After watchin’ the Leafs game its safe to say there confidence is somewhere in shit city and if we don’t take advantage of this, along with all out blinding teamwork and feeding off the fans, whats not to say WE could beat them 7-2 in our house?

    Oh and on a total unrelated topic, Dave Lewis is Hitler. No question about it. 100% replica.

  40. Hey Snake ,
    I think your comments above were directed at JOSH whom not only seems to be a Souray hater…but maybe even a habs hater!

    Last night I feel that the combination of Horrible “kerry fraser-style” reffing and a huge LACK OF DISCIPLINE almost did us in. Had it not been for
    1. some good solid goaltending by huet
    2.The fact the we were playing one of the worst teams in the league and
    3. Some luck
    We would have walked away discouraged and pointless!And this blog this AM would be filled with trade suggestions! and “Off with their head chants!!!”

    There are some major problems with this team but I just can’t put a handle on them.. Some nights they look like Stanley cup contenders and others they look like they all belong in Hamilton!!!

  41. Oh yeah..I wish those vintage jerseys were the actual road jerseys…THE LOOK AWESOME!!!

  42. it honors me that the laff fans come to this site to make comments. At least they are watching a class team:=)Jay love the road jerseys.Oh last nights game could have easily gotten out of hand..It has to be frustrating when you know other cheap shot players go for the knees.Boston has an over abundance of them.

  43. I have to agree with Snake I never liked Rivet.
    If you pay close attention to his play he looks lost and very slow.
    He’s always taking stupid penalty’s at the wrong time ala A. Kovalev

    We have enough guys to make some key trades and get that second/first line centre.
    Rob Blake is struggling in L.A, he might be available ?
    Centre Scott Gomez is in the final year of his contract ?
    How about giving Chipchura a shot for a couple of games ?

    There are options.
    Pretty excited I just got my Higgins jersey, man is he the real deal or what.

  44. #45 Habs#1 says:
    October 27, 2006 at 12:48 pm

    Who does Kovalev think he is? Seriously. After the game he started complaning about his ejection. Your not above the rules you moron. Shut your mouth, don’t slam your stick(you to Rivet, and would you people stop bashing him. He’s the second best leader on this team and he’s one of the only two or three defenceman we have) and play the game. And try to put in some effort once in a while.

    Toronto will either be mad and come out and play like there’s no tomorrow or they’ll play like the last two games. Like crap.

  45. Yeah steve;

    NOt that I want to hate on him but Rivet does make me ery nervous in our defensive zone. HE is very slppy with his clearing of the zone. Last year he shot it over the boards for a penalty lke 10 times. NOt yet this year. ALso when he gathers teh puck in our zone he ver looks to make an outlook pass. HE just banks it off the boards. Everytime it goes directly yo the point man of the opposition and they practically get a one timer out of teh pass. Watch this. HE has great leadership and a good team guy but I cant help but think he would make a better Assistant coach then player.

  46. AS for Jay, I noticed I accidently wrote your name in a previous email, I meant that Josh fool. Sorry I know you woud not hate on Souray.

  47. #48 PACTUM SERVA says:
    October 27, 2006 at 1:01 pm

    Ya its so funny to see leaf fans come here and pretend to be hab fans lol.I think they must of got sick of watching the laffs get pounded once again lol.I think hamilton could beat the leafs lol 4 REAL

  48. Man those Leafs get a lot of pounding.
    I Hope Wellwood and Sundin are using protection.

  49. @ EVERYONE!!!
    About 6 weeks ago or so I was at MARLOWE’S a little bar on the West Island! Oddly enough Carbo was also there. (favourite hangout for a few habs and cie) Myself and these 2 guys started talking hockey, and although 1 of them was a habs fan (the other was from boston but wouldn’t say he was a bruins fan)or maybe he did and the JD and coke filtered that part of the conversation for me (THANKS JD!)But the 2 of them started going on about how the team will SUCK this year and how HUET was a won time lucky run, and that all FRENCH (From France)will never put up once they get paid! ETC…ETC…ETC…Being a TRUE HABS fan (I’ll talk about the canadiens from MAY ti’l September!)I got a little pissed off! and Basically said that by DECEMBER Montreal will be in the top 3 of their division and with’n the top 5 of their conference! If not I think I have to buy rounds of drinks for I don’t remember how many people!? (THANKS JD!)Huet aside…I Still feel confident with my statement… Anyone think my confidence is well placed or should I start saving some cash now!?!

    Go Habs Go!

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