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Sinking Ship

  • Let’s quickly summarize last night’s games to give you an idea of what’s happened to the Canadiens.

    Boston: 2 points
    Carolina: 2 points
    NYI: 2 Points
    Toronto: 1 point
    Tampa Bay: 2 points

    MONTREAL: 0 Points

    This has been more or less a nightly occurrence for the past several weeks. The Canadiens getting no points and their Eastern rivals winning, or managing that extra point in an OT loss.

    On the contrary, the Canadiens get shut out at home to a nearly 42 year old goaltender and a non playoff team.

    There is a very real chance that one team misses the Playoffs by a single point. Should the Habs miss the playoffs you might look at last night as the night that cost them.

    Were the Canadiens awful? Arguably. The least you can say is they did play a better game than the two against Ottawa.

    Ed Belfour stood on his head as he has now earned the title of Hab Killer along with Erik Cole and Justin Williams and several others. The Habs hit several posts and couldn’t find a bounce all game including a 5-3 in the dire minutes of the 3rd. Is that good enough? Of course not. Not for a team that wants to be in the playoffs.

    There is certainly some disturbing numbers on the Habs right now. I’ll share just a few…

    They’ve allowed the first goal 9 games in a row. The Canadiens don’t win when they don’t score first. Their confidence tanks the minute a goal is allowed.

    Their first line doesn’t produce, and worse than that they allow goals like their going out of style.

    Saku Koivu is -16. When your first line Center and your Captain is that bad, what does that say about the team? The most troubling thing is Koivu’s expression on the bench is lifeless, tired, cold. Not characteristics of a Captain leading his team back on track.

    Michael Ryder is -21 . 6th WORST +/- in the entire NHL.

    Chris Higgins could not score on a soccer net at this point. Since his injury he hasn’t been the same. In recent games he’s looked like the Higgins of old but can not bury one and get the monkey off his back.

    Pause for a moment and look at the Standings. The Canadiens sit in 8th place. Isn’t this where they are supposed to be? Isn’t this where they always are? Are we expecting too much of a rookie coach, a rookie starting goalie and a team that’s generally low on skill?

    Look at the last few years:

    05/06: 7th place.
    03/04: 7th place.
    02/03: 10th place.
    01/02: 8th place.

    One could argue we are right on track, and lucky to be there. The bitterness and frustration comes from knowing not long ago the Canadiens held the 2nd highest point total in the East and routinely beat or challenged teams like the Sabres and Thrashers.

    What next? The Habs play tonight in New Jersey. The chances of winning, very slim.
    If you are a betting man you could safely bet the farm tonight on a Canadiens loss. They have won once in NJ in close to 20 games. If they have so much trouble with the Panthers they will certainly have their hands full with the Devils who are rolling along.

    Stranger things have happened, and maybe a good dance with Devils will put them back on track. More likely, the Canadiens will miss out on 2 more points.

  1. #1 BarrieHabFan says:
    February 16, 2007 at 12:17 am

    R habs 4 Real, there are all kinds of fans of teams other than Toronto in Ontario. You just don’t hear from them because we’re not as loud and stupid as Leafs fans. Seriously, there are a ton of habs fans north of Toronto especially in the large areas that are francophone. CBC has done it’s best to slowly convert everyone to the Leaf nation by refusing to show Ottawa or Montreal games for the last twenty years.
    In these parts it’s amazing to watch the habits of the typical Leaf fan. When they lose a few games in a row they think they’re great. When they win one they plan the Stanly cup parade route.
    Remember, when putting down the Leafs, differentiate Toronto from Ontario. Most of us outside of Toronto are actually decent people and fairly hockey knowledgeable.
    You mentioned earlier that your sister didn’t like Barrie. Most likely because Barrie has a huge influx of people moving from Toronto. They have a very different attitude than people who have lived in this area for most of their lives. Almost an “I’m more important than you and Toronto is the center of the universe” kind of attitude. Sad to see that happen to what was once a beautiful little town.
    And you mentioned the zoo, we actually live jsut a few houses south of it.

  2. It all makes sense now, like Kovalev said, his elbows been bugging him two and half months, no wonder the team got into a slump because of Kovalev’s elbow…okay, now it is crystal clear…it has nothing to do with Sakku’s great back to back penalties that saw the habs go from power plays to going three against five, yes, that was because of Kovalev’s elbow. Or how Johnson in his kamikazi rushes one man show blitzs all but give the puck away, that’s all because of Kovalev’s elbow. Or Carboneau’s line juggling so none of the Habs know each other anymore…that’s all because of Kovalev’s elbow?

    Or how Gainey tried but heard Alexei say, oh no, Bob, it’s just my elbow, don’t get Foppa and Gainey says Okay Alexei….or upon asking Souray whether he wants to be traded for Aucoin says no Bob you can’t do that what’ll happen to your power play? Yup and Bob says Okay Sheldon, duh…..which way did the puck go George, which way..duh….it’s kinda like hey that concussion Bob got in the last stanley cup series, heck, its come back….or when Gainey asks Sakku why he gets those penalties I can just hear Sakku say Gee Bob its leadership, cause of our great power play and leading short handed leader Souray that I take a penalty for the benefit of the team, and I can just hear Bob and Guy Carboneau both shake their heads in eager agreement, Yes Sakku that is real leadership….oh ya, or Johnson saying, gee Bob maybe you should send the rookies down cause I got the slack, I can pick up the slack Bob, send Kosty and Grabby down cause, hey I’m hot, that’s me Mike Johnson, I can pick up the slack, and Bob saying Okay Mike whatever you say…..

    These bastards are leading and taking advantage of our very special friends with the 90 IQ levels known as Bob and Guy…..Yup, it’s all Kovalev’s elbow, and we don’t need to trade cause in three weeks Alexei is gonna come back and rescue us….ya right….

  3. And it gets even more ridiculous, talk about being heavily into denial. You have Begin talking about the rest of the team like they are great losers who have been on teams of losers and have real loser experince….Yes Steve the C in the jersey now stands for Charlie Brown and doesn’t Gainey have a Snoopy nose….this from the habs own site:
    “This isn’t the first rough patch we’ve been through and other guys in his room have been through worse stretches with other teams,� reasoned Begin.

    Man Gainey can really pick those losers can’t he?

  4. Hey Alexei, I know you read this blog religiously. Guess who pays for your salary? Yup, the complainers that you don’t care about, like you said on TSN yu don’t care. Its obvious, its not your elbow its your attitude, I guess you pulled the funny bone in your arm, cause your sense of humour sucks Alexei.

  5. #5 bossdj420 says:
    February 16, 2007 at 4:00 am

    HALAK’s coming up!!! Finally… i know Huet’s hurt(poor baby), but Guy should have brought this guy up last month. He was scratching the snipers, shitty D and power forwards. It’s time for the goalies to take a seat. Can’t wait to see him in action, hopefully against the canes on saturday.

    Let’s all subconciously pray for a better 2nd half of Feb. and get out of this slump we’re in. Need to pass those make-me-laffs in the standings.


  6. #6 bossdj420 says:
    February 16, 2007 at 4:09 am

    Oh hey Frank! GO F-YOURSELF! What are you doing on a habs blog anyway? Shouldn’t you be with your gay leaf buddies on their site? Make sure you read this when the season’s over and the Habs are in the playoffs and the Leafs aren’t… ok… start watching baseketball, the raptors are your only chance at a championship.

  7. So in the new N.H.L. here’s the system they installed to reward fan involvment.If a team is in the old south area of the U.S.ofA WHERE THE MAJORITY OF ICE IS FOUND IN ONE’S FRIDGE,and the inhabitants could care less about HOCKEY,such as in nashville , then they get a power house team and a possable trip to the big show finals plus are well set up for future years. Tampa Bay and Carolina are past examples of said system. If the team is the fabled Montreal Canadiens , big parts of N.H.L. history and a member of the origanal 6 and in a city were the team is their 2nd religion, well ,they can go to hell. And for the kicker,after the riot and the fans give up in montreal and perhaps don’t go as often to the games as often or at all ” A LES EXPO’S” then they pull the plug and move the team south in the U.S. of A. DAM YOU BETTMAN !!!

  8. #8 smiler2729 says:
    February 16, 2007 at 7:41 am

    More idiotic drivel from joshtm, retarded Leaf perspective from moronic Frank and a whole lot of whining that Nashville’s better than the Habs because of Bettman…
    The Preds are good BECAUSE they have stuck to their plan from DAY ONE in 1998, they have stayed with the same coach and the same system and are now seeing the benefits of staying the course as are the Buffalo Sabres… see that? THE SAME COACH AND GM!!! Even through the rough times THEY STUCK WITH IT!
    I’m so SICK and TIRED of reading here how it’s all Gainey’s fault or Carbonneau sucks and should be fired, YOU SO-CALLED FANS ARE TOO FICKLE AND WAY TOO SPOILED, there’s nothing wrong with this team that an attitude change can turn around and maybe a few minor moves (some energy from Hamilton and/or a trade for a talented center who’s ready).
    BUT NOOOOOOOOOO, YOU all want a fire sale, gut the team, waaaaaaahhhhhhhh. That’s bullshit, Nashville and Buffalo are proof of that and it’s time you all started seeing things IN THE BIG PICTURE instead of the here and now. So if we miss the playoffs and get a top 10 pick, it won’t be the end of the world because it’s only a frickin’ game people and there are peaks and valleys SO START DEALING WITH THE VALLEYS LIKE TRUE FANS, NOT LIKE LEAF FANS!

    In Habs We Trust…

  9. HAHAHA Leaf fans are delusional? You guys thought that this sorry excuse for a team was a Cup contender! Wake up! You guys are in 10th place and two of your ‘stars’ are fighting with each other in the dressing room.

    And Toronto is full of drunk Italian transvestites? I thought that their capital was Montreal.

    Enjoy the early tee-times, the course should be pretty empty.

  10. guys….look, I know we’re in the shitter but, it’s really not over.

    we’re two points back, but we still control our own destiny.

    from now until the end of the season we play carolina once, islanders twice, toronto three times, rangers three times, buffalo twice, boston four times,and pittsburgh once.

    there are a few games in between with the likes of washington, etc that we should win.

    look…..cross your fingers guys..lets make the best of it…we’re not happy, but we’re still habs fans

    and you know what, as much as we love to hate the leafs and sometimes their fans, lets let them have their due. They are playing great right now.They have fought their way from being out of a playoff spot to being in the race. I still think the habs will make the show, and may beat the leafs out for that last spot. Too many games left to throw in the towels and lower the life boats.

    I know I’m gonna get it now, but go ahead…do your thing.

    until they are eliminated mathematically, I’m bleeding red white & blue.

  11. #11 stevejur says:
    February 16, 2007 at 9:51 am

    There done Izzy give it up already.
    This team has made a mockery of the CH crest.

  12. I actually agree with Izzy. The Habs are tied for 8th and have over 20 games left. Show some faith. I thought that Habs fans were ‘the best in hockey’. You guys sure aren’t showing it.

  13. Three hockey fans were on their way to a game when one noticed a
    foot sticking out of the bushes by the side of the road.

    They stopped and discovered a nude female drunk who had passed out.

    Out of respect for the lady, the Montreal Canadiens fan took off his
    cap and placed it over her right breast. The Senators fan took off his cap
    and placed it over her left breast. Following their lead, the Maple left
    fan took off his cap and placed it over her crotch.

    The police were then called and when the officer arrived, he
    conducted his inspection. First, he lifted up the Habs cap,
    replaced it, and wrote down some notes. Next, he lifted the Sens
    cap, replaced it, and wrote down some more notes. The officer then lifted
    the Leafs cap, replaced it, then lifted it again and replaced it. Finally,
    he lifted it one more time, and replaced it.

    Meanwhile, the Leaf fan was getting upset and finally
    asked,”What are you, a pervert or something? Why do you keep lifting
    and looking, lifting and looking?”

    “Well,” said the officer. ” I’m a little confused. Normally when I
    look under a Toronto Maple Leaf hat, I find an arsehole!”

  14. Frank…you can change the order of the hats in the joke to suit your own purposes if you like…I just thought it was a good laugh for a friday morning.

  15. #15 PACTUM SERVA says:
    February 16, 2007 at 10:07 am

    I had a girl once tell me to kiss her where it stinks so i took her to toronto.

  16. Not bad Izzy.

    Here’s another one:

    A 12 year old is in the park playing with his younger sibling when a rabid dog appears and starts towards his brother. He picks up a rock and runs to intercept the dog. Just as the dog is about to get his little brother the 12 year old clobbers the dog in the head and kills it.

    A passing reporter see the action and rushes to talk to the kid.

    “Hey kid, that was amazing, can I get your picture? I can see the headline now ‘Young Maple Leafs fan saves sibling”

    “sorry sir, I am not a Leafs fan”

    “no problem kid, I just assumed that living in Toronto you would be. Ok, how’s this: “Young Blue Jays fan stops rabid dog”

    “actually, I am not a Blue Jays fan either”

    “ok kid, who are you a fan of?”

    “The Montreal Canadiens”

    “Oh I have the headline now “Little french bastard kills beloved family pet”

  17. You can switch that one around too Izzy…a laugh is a good way to start the day. Especially when you are in 10th place.

  18. lmao….good one Frank

  19. ckac just reported that koivu and markov are gone?….heard this on team 990?

    caller just said he heard it.

  20. #20 smiler2729 says:
    February 16, 2007 at 10:40 am

    Holy! I started a rumour I thought was a good trade by stating Montreal should trade Saku Koivu (waive his no-trade to be with his brother among other reasons to play for the Wild) and Andrei Markov (UFA, but I would prefer making Sheldon Souray a rich millionaire Canadiens captain) to Minnesota for Pierre-Marc Bouchard (have you seen this guy?) and Stephane Veilleux (a hard working Steve Begin-type)…
    Now I hear on the radio that indeed Gainey’s been talking with Risebrough about a Koivu-Markov for Bouchard-Benoit Pouillot swap!

    Or maybe they were just talking old times…

  21. I know eh? Smiler only feels comfortable when the ship is swaying violently and headed for the rocks, that is Smiler. He doesn’t want the habs to be on a winning streak, oh no, we can’t be having Champions!

  22. yup, now they’re saying p.m. bouchard and Pouliott

    team 990 guys say they nothing about it.

  23. Hey Smiler big difference between what Nashville did and what Gainey and Carbo are trying, big difference. The Preds had a play style they did not waiver from, a hard hitting offense and a punishing defense that they observed regardless of who was on the ice, and they had fighters.

    The habs are nothing but limp wet spaghetti under Carbo. What are we gonna have, five years of “stay the course”, well five years of finding the weakest, injured has beens who couldn’t check their way out of a coat rack? Gee, that makes George W and Bob Gainey part of the losing plans doesn’t it?

  24. #24 JohnnyD says:
    February 16, 2007 at 11:25 am

    What do you mean koivu and markov are gone??

  25. #25 smiler2729 says:
    February 16, 2007 at 11:47 am

    So josh, go cheer for Nashville or Buffalo if you’re so upset with the Montreal Canadiens and everything to do with them. You hate the team, the management and the rest of the fans so take off, eh.

  26. Smiler Smiler Smiler, you got it all wrong, Forget-abud-eet, swim with the fishes won’t you?

    You pay these millionaires big money to produce, what is this, Welfare for European Has beens? Get outta here you freeloading scum! This is Montreal, where hockey is king.

    Shame on you Smiler for being happy with shite!

  27. #27 joshtm says:
    February 16, 2007 at 9:54 pm

    Hey Smiler you were the one that came out with The Preds Have Stayed The Course Look At Them…geeze Smiler why don’t you go to the Preds blog site? Oh yes, I forgot, they don’t have hockey fans in Nashville, so the players can play more comfortably, so of course they don’t have a fan blog site….hahahahaaa!!!!!Watch out you might break your hip reading this!

  28. I am beginning to believe in the rumor of the curse of the old Indian Burial grave which the bell center was supposedly built on,rumors are anyone associated with the bell centre once molson center will have bad luck and story is that they will never win the stanley cup ever again in that building,story was told by some one that works there by workers,all the bad luck thats been happening around the team and building makes one realy think if there is truly a curse going on,anyone hear of this story?

  29. any one hear of the old indian burial grave curse which the bell center was supposedly built on ?

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