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  • The Canadiens have a 12 game regular season winning streak Vs. the Boston Bruins.

    A streak in today’s game, that borders on ridiculous. How long can it last?

  1. #1 Chrisman says:
    November 14, 2008 at 10:03 am

    Wow what a stumble last night? Is it just me or are the Canadiens looking too much like their old medicre selves? Is the pressure getting to Carey Price…..Are expectations too high for the Habs and affecting their play?

  2. First of all… this it in here now….is there a place where there are hundreds of postings and comments like the old blog site? Do I not know how to find anything on this new site or does no one come here anymore? Someone please tell me.

  3. Yes

    Post away…

  4. Thursday night sent cold shivers up my spine. Looked like the Habs from 2 years ago…not last year. This team has been playing like this for the last 5 games or so now (excluding against OTT)…but they’ve squeaked out victories or single points so it went somewhat unnoticable. Well after that embarassment it stands out now. There a problem here again gents…anyone know what it is?
    Where does the chemistry from the 1st line disappear to in less than a year? Theres no confidence out there and its showing…BIG TIME !!
    Out played, out hustled. Bruins had more desire, Price was brutal, D men were brutal, forwards were brutal. Fenandez had the best seat in the house to view this travesty.
    Listen, teams lose games…dont think thats what Hab Nation is upset and embarassed about…its the the way this team held themselves throughout this whipping. No hits, no ruff play…Jesus, get fired up, send a message for the next game. After getting knocked around, beaten on the boards, and then Komi getting manhandled by Lucic, AND the reaction by Lucic…this don;t make you angry????? This dont make you wanna go out there for the last 10 minutes and make a few things right??? Instead, lay there and take it like a bitch…and the best part is…the message you send ONCE AGAIN is yuou can do this to us and we’ll do nothing back.
    Habs fan for 20 plus years now and first time I can remember being this embarrassed. Laraque in the lineup has changed nothing…still the same bunch of pussies from last year. Kudos to teams like Bosten and Philly for having hard nosed guys who can also score….still the number one asset to any team over finesse girly-men.
    We’re going the same direction as our early exit last year cuz we got no toughness again. Just a bunch of ladies…frightened to play a hitting game or take a lump in front of the net. F**kin joke of a team again…..grab your purses and wipe your vaginas ladies,,,we got Philly next…get ready to bend over and take it again ya bunch of no-shame, gutless, joke of the league fairies !!! Not even interested in watching Sat night…though I probably will, for another laugh. BULLSHIT !!!

  5. #5 IHateLucic says:
    November 14, 2008 at 1:06 pm

    Price is running hot and cold too often… Getting run over 3 times by the Leafs didn’t help. Lazy puck handling by the entire team board is to blame IMHO… What’s up with AK27?


  6. #6 habsfreak says:
    November 15, 2008 at 1:33 am

    Vote habs! And yeah does nobody come here anymore?? I have not seen Pactum Servera or something in a while…

  7. Well…

    The past several games have certainly left something to be desired. Price has looked average at best and the team as a whole has looked sluggish, and arrogant, almost as if they’re expecting to win every night by putting in the minimal amount of effort. But perhaps this is the result of their third period comebacks early in the season – could be habit forming.

    That said, the word is out on this team: punish them physically. And it’s working. Other teams have begun to run Price (without a whole lot of resistance) and push key players around, and the Habs have promptly responded by cowering and subsequently losing their motivation to win hockey games. Didn’t we get Laraque for a reason?

    Anyway, are the expectations for this team too high? I think it’s too early to tell. I feel that Gainey went out and addressed the missing ingredients from last year’s team (for the most part) in an effort to make this year’s team one worthy of the hype of a centennial celebration, but I also think that you have to find a way to use all of your players, your talent, effectively, and so far Carbonneau hasn’t managed to get the most out of this roster.

    What looks fantastic on paper doesn’t always look so fantastic in reality. If it did, Brasil would have 6 World Cups. :-)

  8. Oh, and Donnie, I feel your pain. They are playing like a bunch of girls in a men’s league. Embarassing.

  9. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS TEAM????? A win against St.L….but a very ugly one. This team can play better than this. 0 for 10 on the PP….are we missing Streit this much??? If so, we got rid of the wrong D-man cuz Markov is playing brutal.
    We have a bunch of passers…someone has to SHOOT the puck too dummies.
    We have a team put together for speed, open ice puck movement and sharp passing. And we’re playing along the boards….our guys are too small and weak to battle for pucks along the boards for 60 min…we get flicked off the puck with one arm and usually end up off our skates. Our team is not made up of hard-nosed scrummers…and when we play that game….we look pathetic.
    Gotta find the spark again….everyones lazy, not skating, not shooting (even in the slot most times).
    Gonna need a shake-up soon….we play hard the last 5 mins of every game…not good enough. Eeking out pitiful wins against teams like St.L is one thing…but we;re gonna play teams alot harder than that…and if we dont gt it together, they’re gonna embarass us like Boston did Thurs night past.
    Boring and pitiful hockey Habs…not a nice 100th year present huh? Keep it up and not only no cup this year…no playoffs period.
    When you don’t have a physically strong team…playing a physically strong style of dump and chase and board scrumming is NOT gonna work, and we gonna look just like we looking now…foolish.

  10. #10 markymark says:
    November 18, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    Wow-_that was like watching the 1972 Russian National Team against a high school team. Totally embarassing.

  11. Sad sad sad…something really wrong in Montreal folks. Whatever it is that sends a 1st place teams into a spiral where they play like juniors better be fixed quick. We havent started playing the top teams yet and we cant keep up with the bottom ones. 1 goal a game???? Are you serious??
    Gonna be real ugly when we start meeting Boston, Pitt, Wash, and a few more in the west.
    Carbo isnt a good coach….keep sitting Laraque…trying to rotate 25 guys to keep Begin and Dandanault playing…its not a weekend pickup league Carbo…they dont belong in the lineup.
    This is it guys…..time for a move or 2 to Hamilton….or time to get rid of some low quality players or yes…even our coach…he dont seem to be inspiring the troops at all.
    Just a thought..but sad, brutal, pathetic hockey from this team is for sure. Shake up time !!!

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