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Striking Distance

  • There is a reasonable chance that by this time tomorrow the Canadiens are 1st overall in the Eastern Conference.

    Just writing that feels a little strange.

    Depending what happens between Ottawa and Florida tonight combined with a Canadiens victory over Toronto, the Habs could tie or pass the Senators for 1st overall.

    On paper the Canadiens should destroy the bottom dwelling joke of the Eastern Conference who were embarrassed by the Panthers to the tune of 8-0 two nights ago.

    However, Leafs and Habs games never go down as they appear on paper.

    Carey Price gets his first start in goal since returning, the first major difference. How he’ll play is anyone’s guess, but his 3-0 record against the Leafs this season should at least have him in the right frame of mind.

    Anything but a decisive victory tonight would be a major disappointment and you’d expect everyone on the team is fully aware of the situation.

    All of this leads up to another showdown between Montreal and Ottawa on Saturday where things could really start to get heated.

  1. #1 Jaker1 says:
    February 8, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    Did anyone else think that Koivu was playing without heart last night. He seemed to be in the fog on a couple of plays. Even on Tucker’s empty netter any player would know where the puck was and be expecting it, Koivu seemed to be running from it. I think it is time for Carbo to show some guts and put your Captain in the pressbox. This will definately send a message to the rest of the team. They have to get a second line or they will be in the same situation they were last year going down the stretch. An injury to Kovalev and this team will be toast.

  2. #2 Ice Man says:
    February 8, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    Hey groundworking:

    I bet Ryder can kick your sorry Ass. Your are probally overpaid Burger Flipper.

  3. #3 Ribberman says:
    February 8, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    No one ever mentions this: Koivu probably never recovered from his eye injury a few years back. Now, especially now when he’s tired, burnt out, and most likely fed up, the eye injury is affecting his game.

    As for Gainey, if he doesn’t sign Huet by trade deadline, he has to trade him. I woulnd’t trade for Hossa. Wait, take this team to the playoffs (with or without Huet)and whatever happens, happens. Up to now, the Habs are exceeding everyone expectations. Use the Habs record to encourage players to sign here. As for Koivu, I would trade him this summer (not now), it’s time for a new captain and direction.

  4. Hamrlik is OUT for tomorrow’s game, which means Brisecoughupthepuck is in, which means a LOSS. damn it! I wish Briseshit could be put on a 1 way ticket to Siberia.


  6. I wouldn’t put Kovalev captain because he probably will turn out bad next year. I’m guessing 60 pts. I think Komisarek, Higgins and If Plekanec could talk more and stick up for his team, he would be a good pick.

  7. Just so frustrating isn’t it……waiting all these years for a half decent playoff run…..we actually got a squad who could do that this year, and all we need from Koivu is what he has done in his other 11 years in Montreal….he never was a great star, and we don’t need him to be….just he same old 70-75 pts is all….and this is the year he doesn’t show up.

    Alot of us come in here and vent frustrations after a loss when one thing or another sticks out as a contribution to that loss…..a player, coaching, stupid penalties at the wrong time. This frustration stems from wanting our team to suceed…and its amplified this year because of how great we’ve been playing…we feel we can win every game. And every time they take the ice I honestly feel that THIS is the game that Koivu snaps outta this and starts playing like he can….starting to lose faith that this is gonna happen this year though. I’m thinking that some of you guys are right….maybe it is health or a nonhealed injury…just hope its nothing serious, the guy is a class act and an asset of how players should act in this league. If it is one of these 2 though, should he even be playing? Should he be out there hurting himself and the team?

    Anyways, we’ve gotta take on a FULL Sens squad tonight….a little nervous here after the last one where we JUST beat them without Heater and Alfie…but lets see what unfolds. With no points tonight we go 5 pts back again, with a win we’re back to within 1….a loss here tonight gents and that 1 point margin we had with the Sens is the closest to overtaking em we’re gonna see for the rest of the year. Big chance here to bounce back after a disheartening loss to the Leafs, and prove to themselves and the fans that we can play with the Sens….huge game tonight, biggest of the year for so many reasons….all thats left to say is GO HABS GO !!!

  8. The habs are gonna die tonight but The next time they play us montreal will kill them with Hamrlik in the lineup. Hamrlik is underrated. He’s a solid defencemen. Even when Brisebois with him! If MTL pulls it off tonight I’ll happy cry!!!lol

  9. Heatley AND Alfredson is back. Could things be any worse? :(

  10. Gainey needs to do what he did with kovalev…Tell him to pick up the slack.

  11. I was talking about Koivu.

  12. Hamrlik used to be conidered a Lidstrom. Too bad he’s defenseive now

  13. considered**

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