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Super Sunday

  • Enjoy the day.

    Go Habs! Go Giants!

  1. I was just thinking ,what If mtl went on a huge loosing streak to miss the playoffs? that would get the whole country upset! I would almost kill myself.

  2. I agree with Habman on this one. Although giving up a 3-0 lead at home to the worst offensive team in the league in a big game was brutal….we got something else ouuta this game….our boys can take hits and dish them right back to a team of giants. THIS is what we needed to see if this club could do…and they did it. It’s not a time to frown Habs faithful, its a time to rejoice…this element is needed badly for playoffs, and alot of people were questioning if we could handle it. Well, we did….with honors. To quote Habman ” now we got a team” is right. Just hope we don’t run into the Rangers in the playoffs…they do seem to have our number no matter what the lead or the circumstances.

    Still got a big game coming up Tues, night with the Sens…this is gonna be the test. Hoping Kovy don’t get the suspension some of these sports analyists are saying he should get. Very bad time to lose your offense, esp. considering what happened this time last year. Because its evident now I think, the Koivu/Higgins line aren’t gonna pick up the slack in Kovy’s abscence.

    I don’t believe we’re gonna see Ryder by this time next month wearing a Habs jersey anymore. It’s s shame, and still burns me a little that he’s the only one from this line be punished. Higgins can’t find the net from the crease, and he’s far from standing out or producing. But, I’m sick of arguing this point, so, forget it….Ryder moving on is a done deal now so to speak….I just hope whatever deal Gainey is cooking up is a good one that benefits us, and we don’t get some useless acquisition like Yelle from Calgary.

    It would be nice to see someone who can do something with the puck AND crack some skulls if necessary, although this is rare today. We do need a bouncer to take care of business and the proof lies in yesterdays game. I know we’d never get them, but imagine someone like Bougaard or Laraque in this lineup….hit our young guys from behind into the boards then, Hollweg. Great pride this guy must have huh? Big guy like that picks out the smallest, youngest guy we got and runs him….lowlife.

    Anyways guys, see ya all here after the Sens game…lets hope all the blogs are good ones. GO HABS GO !!!

  3. Halak Has been sent down, But that means Montreal needs a back up. Carey Price obviously, but what is taking the announcement sooo long!!! MTL did out hit the rangers but not even komis check on Jagr was huge. We have a great shot but I think we have to do what Anaheim did and have a large amount of fighters. For me I think Derek Boogard would be fine.

  4. Jonathan Ferland for Boogard?

  5. 49 habman
    Posted on February 3rd, 2008 at 11:20 pm. About ‘Super Sunday’.

    Again…HABMAN says PRICE will be back in time for playoffs…and if he isnt i wont blog here anymore…..its all on KOvalevs team blog…
    When you right your right i guess…..lets say that witha big YEAH!

    So any other predictions out there?

    By the way that was obvious that Price would come up. 2 shutouts in 10 games! Let’s calm down though OK habman? I will learn from you :)

  6. Ferland fights but is like krusty…always loses but still brings energy to the team. But Boogard is more like an enforcer. so I don’t know how any team would reject. Ferland even has a scoring touch.

  7. Gainey was seen talking to Waddell at the Bell Center yesterday, and it wasn’t about Ryder. It was about bringing Hossa to Montreal. atlanta wants Yemelin. He supposed to be another Markov. But because we’re desperate to get a winger for Koivu, I’d do it.

  8. I wouldn’t trade Emelin for Hossa. He dissapears and cowers in the playoffs and frankly the Habs don’t need a player like that. Put Sergei as the permanent other winger on Koivu’s line and throw Ryder and Ferland at Risebrough for Boogard. Let’s see Hollweg do what he did while he’s got Boogard’s fist in his mouth. He’s the most physically intimidating force in the game(yes more then Laraque) cause unlike George, Boogard is a nasty sob with a mean streak which the Habs could surely use.

  9. Plus since the Habs look like they could use another vet on the team to bring some leadership for the young guys, I could see Gainey talking to Waddell not about Hossa, but for Bobby Holik, a UFA at season’s end who wouldn’t cost too much.

  10. no holik is not scoring and he’s their captain. It’s like how Gainey will never trade Koivu. You know they are not that bad of a SECOND LINE.

  11. #11 habman says:
    February 4, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    The boyz may be a bit to bruised up to swing a hard physical game tuesday, i think they put the “K” brothers out for a couple extra shifts..maybe kovalev gets 9 oor 10 shifts..not 15 tuesday…if ryder plays hell be with higgins and lapierre i think…Boulin played well ..he gets extra shifts also..brisebois..well i put him with Kovalev on the short shift …Gorges and Striet ..theyll get extra time again tues with a “C”less Ottawa team..its speed against speed a 4 point game…Ottawa may attempt to try a physical first period to see if they can downplay the tempo of the Montreal “bruising” thye got sunday…so the vets get a well deserved rest and Carbo will see if his ‘Hitler Youth” will come through and give the ol boyz a rest…Montreal loses a close one tues 5 to 3 empty netter by Ottawa late third…Plakenic may score tonight S.k should get another…higgins the third goal

    just a prediction folks..not “word”

  12. #12 habman says:
    February 4, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    by the way..ill be watching the game on live sports broadcasting via the internet stream..go to it and watch all your games on your p.c…also movies and other great sports…ill help you get there if you need too…

  13. do you have to register? and does it have all the habs games?

    Look at the link. Is that really Eric Lindros’ mother? Bet not.

  15. #15 Donnie says:
    February 5, 2008 at 11:59 am

    Big game tonight boys. Lets all pull together and put these Sens away. Lets change the mind games around full circle and get these guys wondering if THEY can beat US the next time we meet. Let Komisarek pound the piss outta Spezza and get him off his game….then its only a one-hipped Alfie we got to worry about, if he plays at all. Win this one guys, get the full-hiuse into the game early with some good scoring chances are hard hit. With the loyal legions of Habs faithful screaming to the rafters, they’ll help with the momentum and the big 2 points. 1 point behind after tonight Ottawa…..can ya feel that hot breath on the back of your necks….thats us, coming for the Eastern crown. GO HABS GO !!!

  16. we need to win tonight, because the word is both Alfreddson and Heatley will be in the lineup on Saturday. oh BTW, Hamrlik is out for tonight due to the flu, so Briseshit(boo) is probably in. So we must try and win despite his presence.

  17. We are going to get beat down,we’ll see what we are made out of this game.Time for the cream to raise to the top…go habs…This might be the wrong game to have recalled Price,just a bad feeling…hope I am sooooo wrong!

  18. #18 Ice Man says:
    February 5, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    Price is not playing. Huet is.

  19. If the pressure chokes up Huet and Price gets thrown into the fire.

  20. hamrlik is a maybe

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