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The Aftermath

  • Ok.

    It’s been a couple days since the Canadiens took a pounding from the Ottawa Senators in which they gave up 8 goals, 6 of them coming so quick and compounding so hard that it left no other choice to pull Cristobal Huet on the same day he was announced an All-Star.

    The Canadiens played an awful first period with many defensive lapses. Throw in a few bad bounces and the Sens had an insurmountable lead early in the game. Ugly. No way to start Hockey Day in Canada.

    Did the Habs play poorly? No question. Are there defensive concerns on this team? Absolutely. Is the whole season trashed and burnt because of one bad loss? Not even close.

    When you’re being beaten badly your coach will tell you to go out and ‘win the period.’ The game might be over but win the period and leave on a good note. The Canadiens woke up in the third and although it was much too late, they did ‘win the period’.

    There is some concern when you lose 6 of your last 10 and prior to that have never lost more than 2 consecutive games. It hurts extra being beaten by 5 goals while on National TV coast to coast, but in the end it’s one game and professionals can move on from a bad game.

    The fact remains that a season is based on 82 games and not 1. Or 2 or even 6 or 10.

    Even the Leafs managed to score 10 goals in a game this year and the Leafs have about as much chance making the Playoffs as Tomas Kaberle has growing a beard.
    “Trade him”, “demote him”, “call him up”. That is all most people can manage to say when they are frustrated with the team.
    Could a move help? Certainly.
    Speculating on every single player and transaction possible is futile, if a good deal can be made to improve the team then Bob Gainey will make it. Bottom line. You don’t know what it will be or when it will be especially with Bob.
    milky creamy tomas kaberle

    Do you think Bob Gainey doesn’t know Sergei Samsonov is a bust? Do you think when they see Yannick Perrault named an All Star and has more goals than Michael Ryder, Sergei Samsonov, or Alex Kovalev they don’t think back?

    The Habs are still in good position. This is where coaching and leadership have to come in and take over.

    Is it going to be easy? Of course not. The new NHL is all about parity and all about any team winning on any given night. Since the Christmas break some of the hottest teams in the league are the Coyotes, Blues, Canucks and Blue Jackets.

    Would anyone have predicted that? Could anyone have? That’s what makes hockey great to follow and great to watch.

    Is it going to get worse before it gets better? Two things the Habs have struggled with badly are afternoon games and back to back games. The Habs don’t play this afternoon but they do go to Motorcity to take on the Red Wings before coming home to take on the Canucks.

    Mathieu Dandenault’s first trip back to Detroit after spending most of his career a Red Wing.

    The Habs play so rarely in Detroit it’s hard to know what to expect. Will Carbonneau shake up the lines or take any drastic measures? Find out at game time.

  1. I gotta say that the stupid comments on this site are getting worse daily. Far, far too much negativity for a team sitting in fourth place in the East and much just plain insanity.

    Trade, trade, trade. Fire Carbonneau, Fire Gainey. Call up all the teenagers in the system, and beat all the players, equipment people and zamboni drivers too.

    Sounds good to me; maybe, we can get Mario Tremblay back while we are at it. Mario can coach and joshtm can be the GM. Xhabsfan, maybe you can get a job with the organization too with joshtm running things. You can make sure he takes his Lithium on schedule.

    Wow, surprise, surprise.. the Canadiens narrowly lost to a top five NHL team on the road who just happen to have one of the best goaltenders ever to play hockey. I guess if they lose their back to back game against Luongo tonight, we should all pledge our allegiance to the Leafs.

    Anyways, it appears that there are only a few fans with any perspective at this site. It is very sad that ?Habs fans like joshtm say the things they do about Gainey because joshtm one day you will get what you ask for. Gainey will leave, and the team that picks him up will be all the happier for it.

    It’s been a slice, guys.

  2. Right on Rob.

  3. Do you want fries with that Rob? Go back to Walmart Rob, and don’t forget to grimace when you smile eh?

  4. #4 high 4 habs says:
    January 16, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    Actually, Rob, you entirely missed the boat! When a team gets blown out, has the habs did on Saturday, and the following game they don’t show up, what does that tell you?It tells me, they don’t care about winning, and that maybe Carbo has lost this team. In other words, they have decided to TUNE OUT their coach.That is a very bad sign. this isn’t just 2 losses. it’s now, losing 7 of their last 11, and a repetition of what happens EVERY SINGLE YEAR! the same SH#@*%^T! We’re tired of it! we’re not willing to settle, yes settle, for that same M E D I O C R I T Y anymore! So, wise up you hohum fans, start thinking with your head. This is a team that won earlier with alot of luck, NOT TALENT, and luck takes you only so far! This is by far, the LEAST talented habs team I have seen in a long time. Where is their talent? Plekanec, Bonk, Murray, Johnson, Downey? If Koivu(who’se never scored more than 25 goals), Higgins(not playing up to his potential, or maybe a flash in the pan), Ryder(not playing up to his potential), Kovalev(who NEVER plays up to his potential), Latendresse(potential, that’s all, and mostly hyped up by media), and nobody else! Even if these few showed up, that’s equal to 1 line. There isn’t any 2nd line! Why do you think Carbo plays a 4th line center(Plekanec), on the 2nd line? Last night he tried Johnson(a 3rd liner) on the 1st line. Carbo HAS NOBODY DECENT to put on his 2nd, and 3rd lines!! No SKILL, NO TALENT, NO HEART,=NO WINS!!!!!!!!!! I think some of the people who come on this site, can’t spell, don’t know how to speak, can’t verbalize, are total idiots with nothing of value to say, don’t understand the game of hockey, and certainly haven’t followed the habs for 40 years, as I have. So you people who CONSTANTLY say, it’s only a loss, look behind you, because a freight train is coming , in the form of Carolina, Ottawa, TB, Boston, NYR, which will habs(if lucky) in 8th place!

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