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The Canadiens Problem



    What number sticks out to you?

    Ok I circled it, but could you see it on your own?

    What 3 important teams have a significantly higher number than Montreal? Ok I underlined them but can you tell for yourself?

    Of course, you can.

    It’s obvious to see that the Canadiens are suffering from a familiar problem. Goal Scoring. Or lack there of.


    The 3 other competitive teams in the Northeast have significantly outscored the Habs. Ottawa for example has 41 more goals than the Canadiens and have played 1 less game. "But That’s Ottawa" you say. Fair enough. At this point did you think the Sabres would have 19 more goals? "19 goals isn’t that many" you say. Well the Sabres are 6 wins ahead of Montreal. The Canadiens have the lowest goals per game ratio in the Top 8. If it doesn’t change they might soon find themselves in the bottom 8.

    This problem has plagued the Canadiens for several seasons in a row. Alex Kovalev was brought in to alleviate this problem and be a top producer. Up until his injury, he was doing an okay but not stellar job. 1 guy can’t be counted on for all the offense, it’s clear to see if the Canadiens are going to compete they need some people to step up. Michael Ryder is the only consistent goal scorer on the Canadiens this season. Richard Zednik has shown brief flashes of a real goal scoring touch but can’t keep it consistent. Koivu has struggled with injury, Jan Bulis hasn’t lived up to his promise and Mike Ribeiro might be the biggest dissapointment of the season

    If Theodore and the defence are having a very average season, that means it’s even more important to score more goals.

  1. I just wanna add, the Leafs scored **9** goals tonight.
    Ottawa had 8 the other night.

    Tommorow I guarantee we’ll be lucky if we get 3.

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