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The Gainey Foundation

  • MONTREAL (May 2, 2007) – Mr. Bob Gainey, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens, and his children Anna, Stephen and Colleen, announced the creation of the Gainey Foundation at a press conference this afternoon at the Bell Centre.
    Established in honor of Cathy and Laura Gainey, the Gainey Foundation will support community-based charitable organizations, especially those committed to causes that reflect Laura and Cathy’s interests in education, arts and the environment.

    More information:

  1. #1 PACTUM SERVA says:
    May 2, 2007 at 10:09 pm

    Say what you want about bob, this guy will always be a classy man in my books.

  2. #2 alestar says:
    May 3, 2007 at 12:54 am

    One of the classiest gentlemen in all of professional sports.


  3. #3 nigelski says:
    May 3, 2007 at 6:26 am

    Thinking of forming my own charity. The Nigelski Memorial Fund. 50% of all revenue will go towards getting cancers like Kovalev traded, via secret payoffs to other team owners, so they’ll take him and any future disturbances off our hands. The other 50% will go for administration costs, and to provide me with a better lifestyle. One befitting the behind the scenes man who’ll make it all happen. Free boat tethers to the first 100 donators.

    Those interested in donating should have their heads examined.

    Still want to help? Call 1-800-782-5377.

  4. #4 DIE_HARD_HABS_FAN says:
    May 3, 2007 at 8:18 am


    Smarten up……….

    This is intended to be a serious topic here.

    Why don’t you show a little class…………..

  5. #5 nigelski says:
    May 3, 2007 at 10:13 am

    I am serious. The last thing I’d want to do is hurt anyones feelings. My point is, there are tonnes of charities already dealing with any number of worthy causes. I could create my own charity for drug abusers or suicidal thinkers. Why? My brother died of a heroin OD, and my dad killed himself. I don’t have the Gainey fame to back me, so it would likely fall on deaf ears.

    Why didn’t I make such a charity, regardless? Because there are already thousands of Foundations that deal with these things. Worthy and trusted organizations where my donations would get to those in need of the money. When we start forming charities that have no real focus, the money gets diverted and loses its umph. I also have no need to aggrandize my own name in such a manner.

    Sheena’s Place here in Toronto was named after Sheena, a woman who died from an eating disorder All proceeds fund a house where women with these issues can go to get help. Places such as these are the backbone of the kind of necessary work to be done in our society.

    A charity for art, education and the environment doesn’t exactly inspire me. Such vague and elusive goal oriented charities only serve to take the cash away from more altruistic and far more necessary foundations. Like the Heart and Stroke Foundation as one example.

    I’d have been far more impressed with a public donation to the Cancer Society(in the memory of his deceased wife), coupled with an effort to increase public awareness about boating safety. Through government advertisements, lectures, or such.

    All too often, million dollar current and former athletes form charities in their own name, and ask their fans to support their causes. The irony is, they have the money to effect real change more than any thousand of us.

    Additionally, special interest groups get their hands on a staggering amount of charity funds. Especially in the fields this charity has been designed to support. There is no knowing if that will be the case, but as I said, there are plenty of established charities that accomplish the same goals as set out by the Gainey foundation; and they have proven track records of success.

    It’s self serving, in my mind. If that’s classless, than I guess I am.

  6. Yo nigelski,don’t fret man,we live in a self-serving society ,every-one is guilty of it and that’s why other people’s from other countries try and catch us and use us for the video decapitation of the day,lol. And I dare say it is self serving of anyone who disagrees with another’s viewpoint or humor on a Blog site,something short ,power hungry ,control freaks tend to try and do,screw them ,they need to grow up and get real and relax ,heck we’re heading into another beautiful Canadian summer !” even though our useless hockey team sucks and missed the play-offs and got beat by the Maple leafs on the last game of the year for a play off shot, which we would of crashed and burned in, lol”Oh, by the way, my old man did the same,but in front of my brother and sister,which caused lots of future problems for my family as well,so message to suicide seekers,who are you trying to hurt?Re -visit your thoughts and seek help,if not for yourself do it for others !!!

  7. Well,well,well…..another team of big pro hockey players destroys the smaller team”CanuckleHeads” ,suprize,suprize,suprize !!!So sorry if I offend any one by saying this,but I have too cause I loves my Hockey team”Habs”;if any Habs fan hasn’t figured out by now a small player or even worse a group of small hockey players ,in most cases ,has no business in the N.H.L.,THEN DO ME A FAVOR AND STAND ON SOME TRAIN TRACKS UNTILL YOU ARE NO MORE, STUPID !!!

  8. #9 Playoffs says:
    May 8, 2007 at 6:42 am

    As early as October I predicted in my head, and quite possibly also in this blog, that the finals this year would be Anaheim vs Buffalo. It looks like it might happen. What are your thoughts about this?

    I predict:


  9. #10 habs4ever says:
    May 8, 2007 at 7:13 am

    eah cuz, the sabres are really struggling with they’re small players, canucks lost because you can only ride a great goaltender so far. THeyre team isn’t all that good, Luongo is the ONLY reason they even made the playoffs.

  10. habs4ever,lets just see how the small sabers do against theBIG AND TOUGH SENS, OTTAWA in 6 and buffalo in hospital.If you like small guys in sports you can watch other sports like : Golf, Curling,Baseball,Bowling and midget wrestling !!!LOL.

  11. #12 habs4ever says:
    May 8, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    Shows really how uneducated you are..

  12. dear Nigelski.
    first of all im sorry to hear about your father & brother, however you have to understand that most charities are a business, ie: WWF, cwf, unicef etc…
    i’m not rich however i have donated to several charities in my life with regret & some without. at least with the GAINEY FOUNDATION you can trust that Mr. Bob Gainey & family A: dont need the money, B: would never screw you for a dollar, C: you can put a name on the charity (who you can give hell too, if they do).
    Bottom line is you need a famous name to start a chairty or you need alot of money to market it in wich case it’s usually a business that makes alot of money in the name of that charity.
    sincerley: sam
    GO HABS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS: Mr. Gainey if this foundation is a scam, shame on your name.. but I know it cant be, because i still believe in good people & helping them.
    PSS: All good father’s need to show support for GUY LAFLUER !! because if, I understand the news & situation I would protect my son too!!!
    (dont have a son, but I have a daughter 15 months old daughter)

  13. dear Mr. Gainey
    we realy need a goon on the team!!
    someone who cant realy score or defend, but can realy fight!!
    thats my opinion.
    PS. you and Guy C. (cant spell his last name/ the coach) have done an amazing job!!

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